Sunday, 29 th January 2017



Sunday, 29 th January 2017
Parish of Corio/Lara
St Francis Xavier Church, Corio
St Anthony’s Church, Lara
Archdiocese of Melbourne Australia
We, the Catholic people of Corio/Lara guided by the Spirit, participate in Christ’s Mission.
With our gifts we create a Parish that welcomes all people.
With our gifts we29
create a Parish
that welcomes all people.
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A
Sometimes when we hear a sermon our reaction can be, ‘What would
he know?’ ‘If only he knew the complexities of my life, he would soon
change his tune!’ It’s true that some of us have not been sensitive to the
human frailties of the congregation in front of us and we have not been
able to communicate our own frailties in the words we deliver.
The Sermon on the Mount is a model for all of us in every way. When
Jesus says ‘Blessed are you’ he is not being patronising, glossing over
all sorts of tough human realities with, ‘Well done, keep it up, be happy
and we’ll fix it all up in heaven.’
In the Hebrew Scriptures, a blessing is the discovery that God is present
and active in one’s experience, right here and right now. So the
Beatitudes are saying that you do not need to go past your own daily
struggles to find the presence of God. Jesus tells us that if we are poor,
compassionate, mournful, campaigning for a just society and suffering
because of it, gentle, innocent, a peacemaker or a martyr, we are encountering, in a special way, the
presence of God.
The God of the Beatitudes is a companion with us in every experience we go through. God is our
best friend, walking beside us as we get out of bed and meet the days we would rather not face.
Sadly, God-as-friend is a rich image not used as much as it should be. We choose our friends, we
like to spend time with them, we tell our intimate friends things we tell few others. Sometimes, when
we are on top of the world or in a crisis we call our best friends ahead of our family. And we know our
friends like us because they seek us out and want to share our life. Jesus is the best friend we could
ever have, interested in every daily event and he’s there for us at every moment in life. Yet he doesn’t
barge in. He waits patiently for an invitation to enter our lives at whatever level we want.
Jesus-as-friend doesn’t give us old-fashioned sermons, but rather meets us where we are, embraces
us and holds us close when the going gets tough and helps us find the way forward. Jesus-as-friend
is the greatest Beatitude of all. Richard Leonard SJ.
We, the people of Corio/Lara Catholic Parish give thanks and praise
to God the Father. By the power of the Holy Spirit, may we become more like Jesus: listening
to the Word of God and celebrating the Eucharist; sharing each other’s lives and forgiving
one another; respecting creation and taking responsibility for our world. Like St Francis
Xavier, may we offer light to those in darkness, and warmly welcome all people. Like St
Anthony of Padua, may we nourish the hungry with wise words and kind deeds. St Francis
Xavier, pray for us. St Anthony of Padua, pray for us.
31st Jan
8.45am Rosary
9am Mass Corio
1st Feb
9am Rosary
9.15am Mass, Lara
6.30pm Mass,
Rosary, Novena,
2nd Feb
8.45am Rosary
9am Mass, Corio
Beginning Mass
3rd Feb
10.15am Mass St
Laurence Lara
5.30pm Devotion
7pm Adoration Corio
7pm Bingo
4th Feb
9.30am Mass,
7pm Mass Corio
5th Feb
9am Mass Lara
10.30am Mass
4th FEB 2017
7pm Corio
S Clark
K McCarthy
Welcomer- L Sagor
F Moloney
M Delac
A Randall
LARA- G Hynes
CLEANING- S Clark & family
5th FEB 2017
9am LARA
M Titford
M Harris
Welcomer- G Anderson
10.30am CORIO
Piety- F & B Geerts
N Meade
S Jackson
M Robertson
M Cook
P Limsowtin
B Lee
M Leszyk
S Grootveld
R Milocani
J Gundayao
L Pollard
NEXT WEEKS READINGS- 5th Feb – Is 58:7-10; Ps 111:4-9; 1 Cor 2:1-5; Matt 5:13-16
As a community we pray for:
Recent Death: Jim Pollard
Anniversaries: Denis Titford
Sick: Rachael Edrupt, Leo de Grandis, Nicholas Francis
Prayer Intention of Pope Francis for February 2017: Comfort for
the Afflicted. That all those who are afflicted, especially the poor,
refugees, and marginalized, may find welcome and comfort in our
Vocation View: A child’s handful of pulled dandelions will bring joy to a mother. A
small act of kindness will surprise the lonely heart. Who will bring joy and kindness
Parish Office: We will re-open from Tuesday the 31st January with
normal working hours and days.
For those who haven’t caught up with the news, Pauline has
broken her wrist and will be off work for about 6 weeks so Diane
will be in each week until she is able to return to work.
U3A Corio Bay is commencing the 2017 year with enrolments at
'Cobradah", Pettit Park, 7-13 Beauford Ave, Bell Post Hill from
12.00noon to 3.00pm. Courses this year, to be held at Cobradah,
include, Book Club, Bridge, Computers (various levels), Creative
Writing, Discussion Group, Economics, German, Health and
Wellbeing, Mahjong, and Quilting. Women in Australian History will
be conducted at Lara. The cost is $25 which entitles members to
participate in as many classes as they wish. There are no exams
but an opportunity to socialise, to learn new things, to open our
minds to new ideas and to build friendships.
NOVENA to our Mother of Perpetual Help is on every Wednesday with a Rosary at 6.30pm
followed by Novena of Mother of Perpetual Help at St Francis Xavier Church, Corio.
Parish Care Group: Carers are there for you at both Corio and Lara. The Care Group was established to
support members of the parish who are experiencing grief, loneliness or difficult times. If you would like a
carer to visit you please ring the Parish Office (5275 4120). Harry Webb has oversight of the Care Group at
Corio (phone 0418 321 743). Lou Schepers is contact member at Lara, Phone 0413 802 623.
PARISH PRAYER GROUP – Come and share our Parish based Gospel sharing group, held every 2nd Sat of
the month from 3:30-4:30pm at St Francis Xavier Church, Corio. In response to the call of Pope Francis to
share the Joy of the Gospel we gather, praise God with worship songs, Gospel Reflections, community
Prayers, closing Prayers and fellowship.
BINGO: At the Xavier Centre Corio every Friday night starting at 7.30pm. A friendly atmosphere, great prizes
and free tea, coffee, cool drinks and supper available for sale
YOUTH GROUP: Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s from 6.30pm – 8pm in the Xavier Centre, Corio
MEN’S GROUP: Meet on the last Monday night each month from 6.30pm – 8.30pm alternating between St
Anthony’s, Lara and the Ron Lowe Room, Corio. Come along, bring some food to share and your favourite
drink and join in the conversation.
CRAFT GROUP: Meets on the first Monday each month from 12noon – 3pm in the Ron Lowe Room, Corio to
learn a new craft, make something and have a good chat.
ST VINCENT DE PAUL: respond to those in need of food and other household needs. We are looking for new
LEGION OF MARY: assists the Parish in apostolic work such as home visitation, taking communion to homebound sick/elderly, provide catechesis and guidance in receiving the sacraments to refugee families.
PARISH SENIORS GROUP: A gathering of the senior members of
the parish on the 4th Friday of the month, Mass at 11.30am followed
by a shared lunch and activities.
ST ANTHONY’S SENIOR CARE GROUP: A group of people who
visit St Laurence Park in Lara, help with the Communion Service on
a Tuesday and Mass twice a month. Volunteers always needed.
Children’s Liturgy: The celebration of
the Word for Children is held during
Mass in Corio and Lara. Every Sunday.
The Beatitudes cover
a multitude of issues,
but the one that is
poignantly relevant in
our world today is
those who can imagine
peace, who have the
heart and will for it, can
make a difference in
our troubled era.
St. John Bosco - January 31st - St. John Bosco was the founder of the
Salesian Society, named in honour of St. Francis de Sales, and of the
Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians. His lifework was the welfare of young
boys and girls, hence his title, "Apostle of Youth." He had no formal system or
theory of education. His methods centred on persuasion, authentic religiosity,
and love for young people. He was an enlightened educator and innovator.
Gifted as he was as an educator and a leader, Don Bosco formulated a system
of education based on "reason, religion and kindness." In spite of the criticism
and violent attacks of the anti-clericals, he conducted workshops for the
tradesmen and manual labourers, schools of arts and sciences for young workers, and schools of the
liberal arts for those preparing for the priesthood. In 1868 there were 800 students involved in this
educational system. To ensure the continuation of his work, Don Bosco founded the Society of St.
Francis de Sales (Salesians), which was approved in 1869. Also, with the help of Sister Mary
Dominic Mazzarello, he founded the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Auxiliatrix. This great apostle
of youth died on January 31, 1888, and was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1934. Pope John Paul II
named him "teacher and father to the young."
SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM 2017: If you have children
attending local state schools, or know of anyone who does,
who are eligible for the sacraments of Reconciliation, First
Eucharist or Confirmation, please be advised that enrolments
are now open. The children need to have been baptised and
are in at least grade 3. Please call into the Parish office to
enrol from 31st January 2017.
Fr Manoj Mathew
Parish Priest
Pauline Gilmore & Diane Saliba
Bill Geerts
Chairperson, Parish Pastoral Council
Wayne Richard
Principal, St Francis Xavier School, Corio Ph 52751974
Rachel Smith
Principal, St Anthony’s School, Lara Ph 52821415
PARISH OFFICE 143 Bacchus Marsh Road, Corio 3214 VIC
TELEPHONE 5275 4120. Fax 5275 8339 email [email protected] Web:
OFFICE HOURS Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri - 9.00am - 4.00pm (1-1.30pm Lunch Break) Wednesday – Office Closed
WEEKEND MASS TIMES-Saturday- 7.00pm, St Francis Xavier, Corio. Sunday-9.00am - St Anthony’s Lara, 10.30am St Francis Xavier, Corio.
WEEKDAY MASS TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday-9am, St Francis Xavier, Corio, Wednesday-9am Lara.1st &3rd Friday- 10am
Hume Court Lara,2nd &5th Friday- St Anthony’s Lara. 4th Friday- 11:30am St Anthony’s Lara.
SATURDAY DEVOTION: Mass at 9:30am followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every 1st Saturday each
month, St Francis Xavier Church, Corio.
RECONCILIATION-1st Sat of each month 10-10.30am and 6.15-6.45pm St Francis Xavier Church, Corio, 1st Sunday of
each month- 8.15-8.45am St Anthony’s Church, Lara.
Kings Ph 5248 3444

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