Review of Penryn Sports Premium Offer



Review of Penryn Sports Premium Offer
OFSTED Ready (Year 2)
What we have achieved
What we plan to do next year
• Observations of lessons and
• PE training at Staff meetings
• Exemplar lessons delivered
• Planning meetings with PLT’s
• ‘Evidencing the Impact of
Sport Premium’ document
completed for your school
• Designed assessment to
support Real PE delivery
• Completion of Your School
Games Mark award (PLT
completed as group)
• Continue support with
curriculum development
• Support the assessment of PE
• Move teachers towards
• Engage learners through
Sport/Physical activity by
identifying individuals to form
‘target groups’
1. Low physical Activity
levels/Low self esteem
2. Underachieving boys
? Use of Sport premium/Pupil
Premium funding
Performance Pathways
What we have achieved
• Fulfilled planned calendar of
events across Key Stage 1 & 2
• Increased opportunities for
Schools to enter A&B teams
enabling schools to access
‘Silver/Gold Kitemark Status’
Additional events
Year 3&4 Sports Hall Athletics at
Penryn College
Year 3&4 Quad kids Athletics
event at Carn Brea track
What we plan to do next year
• Encourage Schools and
prioritise places for schools
to enter ‘B’ teams, thus
increasing competitive
• Increase opportunities for
young people with SEND to
take part in competitive
sporting activity
Participation Pathways
What have we achieved:
Saracens Basketball Academy – 40 pupils attending
trials, 14 selected for HQ coaching. Previous group
now competing in SW League and two selected for
SW Rep squad.
Penryn Football Development Centre – 70 pupils
attending trials, 45 selected for HQ coaching
Extended Primary clubs operating from Penryn
Saturday Morning Programme
New ‘Street Dance’ Programme started Jun 2015
Full holiday programme during every holiday
period with inclusive programme and advertised
across Partnership schools. Huge participation this
year and Summer 2015 offer extremely large and
Junior Hockey Club established from Quick Sticks
League with Falmouth Hockey Club
Termly statistics obtained on SOS and Holiday
Activities of school participation.
What we plan to do next year
• Primary Rugby to be part of
SOS programme from Sept
• Participation Primary clubs
for Basketball/Netball
• Y5/6 Athletics G&T cohort
to be identified and offered
‘Sports Academy’ training
• OAA Primary activities
climbing/archery (TBC)
What we have achieved
• 1 day PE Conference @ Penryn
• Youth Sport Trust subject coordinator training (3 day)
• PLT meetings scheduled
within school day (termly)
• Staff training at Primary
Schools (twilight session).
• Playleader Award training
• Youth Sport trust –’Sporting
Promise’ KS2 training
• Change4Life training day
What we plan to do next year
• PE Training to enable TA’s to
effectively support teacher
• Continue support with
curriculum development in
individual schools.
• Primary PE co-ordinators to
attend Youth Sport trust
Further ideas?
• Primary PE co-ordinators meeting Wednesday
8th July.
• Training needs of staff in your schools?
• Great opportunity to pass these on and
discuss at the meeting

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