MM Status
Mostly unchanged
(Feb. 3rd 2016)
• Mildly modified bridges, allowing to actually move 130nm
pickup tools along r*phi
– Turned out to be blocked by cutout at bottom side of the bridge
• New bridge layout is “done” in a first iteration
– Pickup tools have been ordered and delivered, looking good
– Still needs base parts for the bridge, some fine-pitch screws…
Todo List
• Minor modifications:
– Vacuum check lights, possibly with sensing
– Vacuum distribution and source
• Currently available from clean room vacuum, would like to decouple this to so
as to not harm general cleanroom operation due to larger flow from the MM
– Remake mount for cameras + laser range finder
• Currently unstable and without large FOV webcam
– Straight line reference
• Almost ready
• New mount for camera arrived
• Modification to Laser to also hold target is needed
• Major modifications:
– Still hoping to get an interferometer (end of year money)
– New bridges whenever they happen
Thermomechanical Stave
• Stave is currently on mounting table and has been scanned
with the laser range finder on both sides (Monday and Tuesday
• Two Bridges are available for mounting modules
– Min. 4 modules ready to be installed
• No EOS cards for that yet
– The current layout used for thermo cycling and testing has a
feature that prevents the covers from being mounted without
modification – do we want that?
• Still need to run through position numbers for fiducials on the
stave, to allow placement through software defined positions
Thermomechanical Stave
• Glue Pattern: Octothorpe
– Lines: How thick
– Worry about bending due to tooling (pressure points
currently on the outside)
• Add extra dots in all four corner of the module?
• Hand Stave to Graham again before fully loaded for initial
– Needs the EOS to arrive first

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