Bindagraphics, Inc. Open Enrollment For Bindagraphics, Inc. Open



Bindagraphics, Inc. Open Enrollment For Bindagraphics, Inc. Open
Quick History
• Started in 1988 by Arden Software, software
company no hardware.
• Employees <200
• ArtiosCAD has been evolving since 1978,
EskoArtwork offers software & hardware
• Employees 750
• This is not about whether ArtLam should or
shouldn’t, but it is about the company as a
whole should do.
As a whole, we combine resources & share
resources that’s our leverage.
When we are on different platforms, software,
equipment, etc… we loose leverage
Combined we drive down the cost of
Areas of Growth & Potential
What area has each of these companies
experienced growth in?
Quality Information Packaging
Art Laminating & Finishing
What Software is being used?
• 80 to 90% of packaging design begins
with Adobe Creative Suite —primarily
Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
Universal File Format
• PDF has been called the Holy Grail of graphic
arts — a universal file format that delivers
output that is the same no matter what
• Arden’s research led them to the Adobe PDF
Library, available from Datalogics. Arden is
using a third party to integrate into a PDF.
Tight Intergration
• In 2002, Esko embarked on an ambitious
market research study to discover trends and
unmet needs in the packaging preproduction
Esko decided to begin offering its proprietary
packaging technology not as separate
software, but as modules that overlay Adobe
Creative Suite design tools.
ArtiosCAD works seamlessly with Adobe
• Formed in June 2002, the GWG (Ghent PDF
Workgroup) is an international assembly of
industry associations and suppliers from
across Europe and the U.S. Its objective is to
establish and disseminate process
specifications for best practices in graphic
arts workflows. Members include: Adobe,
Agfa, EskoArtwork, and Heidelberg among
others but no Arden Software, nor

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