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Technical Data Sheet
Art. No. 2059
Liquid, curative wood preservative on a solvent base in
small containers for the application by final users
Range of use
For the treatment of wood indoors or in protected outdoor
Curative treatment against
wood damaging insects in furniture and small wood objects
House borer and deathwatch
Do not use on large areas indoors
(2-3 m² at most).
The application on supporting
wood elements must be carried out
by specialised firms.
Property profile
Fast curative efficacy
Preserving efficacy against new
With low-odour solvents
High penetration capacity
Remove old coating by sanding or
stripping and clean the wood surface.
Characteristic data of the product
Flash point:
ca. 0,80 g/cm³ at 20 °C
weak, characteristic
ca. 63 °C
The values above represent typical characteristic data of the product and are not to be understood
as product specifications.
coatings, the exceeding material
should be removed with an absorbent coat so that varnishes or
paints are not damaged.
After drying, the treated wood elements can be finished with Remmers decorative products after one
week at the earliest.
Tools, cleaning
Brush (natural hair)
Clean tools immediately after use
with Thinner V 101 or with Thinner
& Brush Cleaner
Dispose of the remains from cleaning properly.
Packaging / Colours
Approx. 24 hours at 20 °C and
65 % relative air humidity.
Low temperatures, scarce air exchange and high humidity delay
Ready for use.
Application rate
Apply by brush in at least 2 coats.
300-350 ml/m²
If the product is applied with a
syringe exit holes of the insects
without first removing the existing
0,25 l; 0,75 l tin containers
2059 clear
Storage / Shelf-life
Store cool, dry and protected from
direct sunlight as well as frost in
tightly closed, original containers in
well-ventilated rooms and out of
the reach of children. Close
opened containers tightly after use.
Smoking is not allowed in the storage rooms.
2059 Anti Insect_11.16
Remmers GmbH 49624 Löningen Tel 05432/83-0 Fax: 05432/3985
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Further information on safety when
transporting, storing and handling
as well as disposal and ecology is
found in the latest Safety Data
First aid measures
If inhaled:
Remove victim to fresh air and
keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. If symptoms
persist, seek medical attention. If
unconscious, place and transport
in a stable side position.
If on skin
Wash off immediately with soap
and water and rinse well. If persistent skin irritation occurs call a
If in eyes:
Rinse open eyes for several minutes under running water and seek
medical attention. If symptoms
persist get medical advice/go to a
Personal protective equipment
Wear protective gloves made from
nitrile rubber.
Take off immediately all contaminated clothing.
GIS Code: HSM-LB 30
Disposal information
Larger quantities of leftover product must be disposed of in the
original container in compliance
with applicable regulations. Completely empty containers must be
recycled. Do not dispose together
with household garbage. do not
empty into drains.
Biocidal products regulation
Active ingredients:
100 g of this preservative contain
0,25 g permethrin.
BAuA Reg. no.: N-26759
Use biocides safely. Always read
the label and product information
before using!
Wood preservatives contain biocidal ingredients to protect wood
from pests. To avoid risks to humans and the environment, they
should only be used according to
directions and only in the approved
application areas. Avoid all unnecessary contact with this product.
Misuse may harm health and the
environment. Open containers
carefully and use the contents with
care. Do not eat, drink or smoke
when working. Wash hands before
pauses and after work. Do not use
on wood that will come in direct
contact with food or animal feed.
Do not allow this stain or leftovers
to reach aquatic environments, the
ground or sewer system. The
"Code of Practice for Handling
Wood Preservatives" issued by the
German industrial association,
Deutsche Bauchemie e.V., provides comprehensive information.
If swallowed:
Do not induce vomiting, call a doctor immediately! Keep victim in a
quiet resting position.
The statements above are compiled from our field of
production and according to the latest technological
developments and application techniques.
Since application and working are beyond our control, no
liability of the producer can be derived from the contents of
this information sheet. Any statements made beyond the
contents of this information must be confirmed in writing
by the producer.
In all cases, our general conditions of sale are valid.
With the publication of this Technical Information Sheet all
previous editions are no longer valid.
Remmers (UK) Limited Crawley
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1293 594 010
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2059 Anti Insect_11.16
Remmers GmbH 49624 Löningen Tel 05432/83-0 Fax: 05432/3985

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