Session 3 E Kazamaki - R Goldmann



Session 3 E Kazamaki - R Goldmann
Support to non-major projects, programme
schemes and horizontal actions
Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten
Head of Smart Development
Ralf Goldmann
Head of Energy and Solid Waste
Brussels, 10th November 2015
JASPERS 2014 – 2020: Expanded function
Geography – Sector – Instruments
Effective advice in
countries of
Reg 1303/2013 Art. 102(1)
IQR support to MS
PSA support to
IPA, CEF, other
exchange in EU28
JASPERS non-major support
JASPERS non major project experience
Borderline projects (i.e. projects close to major)
Non-major but strategic enough (i.e. almost major projects in small
JASPERS horizontal experience
Guidance on CBA Methodology, state aid, climate change,
implementation support for various sectors, guidance on bundled
projects/programs, capacity building, development of good practices,
strategic development i.e. smart specialisation strategies, sector
master plans etc.
JASPERS program support
Assistance to bundled projects under a framework
JASPERS Special Instruments
Pilot/innovative projects – urban development (ITI) /smart cities
Projects via Advisory Hub
Challenge: strategic context/framework vs individual projects
JASPERS Assistance
New challenges, opportunities, issues to consider
Assistance to non-major projects depends on country/sector
Objectives and output of JASPERS involvement to be defined
with MA
No definitive predetermined project thresholds etc. (i.e. non
major projects and programs)
JASPERS support needs to be reasonable and efficient
Support to "horizontal" projects e.g. where ICT is an
enabler for other services (example: smart cities)
Support to other multi-sector/integrated approaches
(example: ITI)
Example: Evaluation of public RDI projects
Latvia; foreseen in 2016-2017
Advisory support to public RDI projects: 5-10 projects;
a total cost of EUR 100m
Request from Ministry of Education and Science to
provide support with evaluation of the projects
Scope of JASPERS support:
Workshops on project preparation addressed to project
Support to evaluation of public research infrastructure
business plans (thresholds individually agreed with the
In-depth analysis of individual research projects of total cost >
EUR 25m  a new project in the JASPERS Action Plan to follow
Detailed analysis of 2-3 project under the umbrella of the
scheme for projects b/w EUR 10m– EUR 25m (guidance note)
Review of common outstanding /problematic issues (through
workshops)  for projects < EUR 10m
PPP Healthcare scheme – Poland
Supporting “blended” health care investment projects
JASPERS support to Ministry of Regional Development
and Infrastructure to date:
 Launching the call
 Advisory
on project assessment
selection of 10 potential PPP projects of a total
value of EUR 350-400m)
Next: Scope of JASPERS support depends on actual
needs of the Ministry / project promoters. It may
 Review of ToRs to select individual consultants
 Workshop on components of analysis
 Review of project documentation
Assistance to develop a smart specialisation
strategy (Romania, Malta)
Example I Romania
Smart specialisation strategy is an ex ante conditionality of the
OP development process
JASPERS provided assistance to identify national priorities for
the smart specialisation strategy
This exercise tied in with lessons learnt through JASPERS reviews
- built on the analysis of the RDI-based growth potential and
- modern foresight methods which were the main inputs for
the national strategy, particularly regarding the selection of
the thematic priorities.
The assignment included profiling of project interventions
The process is linked to the Partnership Agreement development;
monitoring and review to follow at a later stage
Example II Malta
JASPERS to provide similar support; independent review of the
existing draft smart speciliasation strategy document
Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Romania
Preparation of an investment programme for thermal
rehabilitation of residential buildings (large blocks of
flats) built in 1950 – 1990 in large Romanian cities
JASPERS support to the Ministry of Regional
Development and Public Administration:
Developing a (pilot) funding scheme based on ERDF
Advise on eligibility and selection criteria, expected
energy performance, scope of investments and standard
unit costs, economic and financial return, Applicant’s
Guide, tender documents, project management structure,
quality control guidelines
Total size of the funding scheme: EUR 300 million
Implementation in years 2013 – 2015
Pilot scheme is covering all Romanian regions, in total ca.
80,000 apartments
Example: Preparations for implementation
in Energy sector 2014-2020 in PL
Support for implementation of Energy sector activities in
Poland in the 2014-2020 framework.
Request from Ministry of Economy in Poland to provide
support with ex-ante conditionalities for energy sector.
Scope of JASPERS is to support national authorities in
using EU funds for the development of energy sector by
providing expert support, analysis, recommendations
mainly focusing on:
Activities focused on project Pipeline for energy sector
and assistance related with assessment of fulfilling the exante conditionality.
Assistance related with the development of selection
criteria for projects included on project pipeline.
Smart Grid investment support strategy
for the EU funding period 2014-2020
Preparations of an horizontal study on Smart Grid to
enhance the penetration of such typology of projects in
energy sector during 2014-2020 programming period.
Elaboration of countries specific case and proposed
methodology for Poland and Romania.
The general objective of study was the definition of a
Smart Grid assessment framework in order to allow
proper support to national authorities and beneficiary
during 2014-2020 MFF the outcome was:
Characterization of a Smart Grid investment in connection
with EC Infrastructure Regulation No 347/2013 with relevant
smart asset and smart functionalities.
Eligibility criteria and proposed assessment methodology.
Smart Grid assessment tool that can be tailored according
Managing Authorities needs.
Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Croatia
Preparation of an investment programme for energy
efficiency renovation and use of RES in public and
residential buildings, private service (tourism and trade)
and manufacturing industry sectors
JASPERS support to the Ministry of Regional Development
and EU Funds:
Development of an energy efficiency scheme in line with OP
Competitiveness and Cohesion
Advise on eligibility and selection criteria, expected energy
performance and level of renovation based on the cost optimal
level calculations of buildings, Applicant’s Guide,
documents, project management structure, quality control
Total size of the funding scheme (2014 – 2020)
Public and residential buildings (including RE): EUR 432 million
Private service and manufacturing industry (including RE):
EUR 165 million
Thank you!
Eugenia Kazamaki Ottersten
[email protected]
Ralf Goldmann
[email protected]

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