Athlete registration/check-in and body marking at



Athlete registration/check-in and body marking at
Athlete Guide
Schedule of Events
Friday, May 18th
 4-7pm: Athlete registration/check-in and body marking at
bathhouse picnic tables down at beachfront.
 7pm-8pm: Mandatory triathlete briefing
 8pm-?: S’mores on beachfront lawn
Saturday, May 19th
 6-8:30am: Athlete and jog/strollers registration/check-in
and athlete body marking. Transition area open.
 8:30-9am: Registration closed, transitions area closed.
 9am: Rat Snake begins!!!
 10:30am: The 3K will be over, some trail runners will be
done. Please hang around the beach area to cheer the rest
of the athletes on for the rest of the trail runner finishers and
the triathlete transition to the bike portion.
 12-4pm: Triathletes will be completing the race on the sand.
Food and beverage will begin to be served. Awards
ceremony for ALL.
 4pm-?: Post-race festivities with friends! Transition area
must be clear of all bikes.
Race Waiver
(All Triathlets/Trail Runners)
In consideration of my participation in The Rat Snake brought to you by ICI,
Inc./PFM Events on 5/19/12 (the “Event”), I, for myself, my heirs, executors,
and administrators do hereby waive and release any and all rights, claims
and causes of action I have or may have against ICI, Inc./PFM Events,
Gilbert Lake State Park, its affiliates and subsidiaries, the State of New
York/New York Department of Transportation, any municipality in which the
event is conducted, and any government entity whose facilities are affected
by the event, or any of their employees or agents working for or on the
event, sponsors, volunteers, race officials, organizers, as well as any other
association connected with this event, its representatives, successors and
assigns (“Event Organizers”) that may arise as a result of my participation in
the Event. I further agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Event
Organizers from and against any and all personal injuries, damages, losses,
causes of action, liabilities and expenses resulting or which may result from
my participation in the Event on 5/19/12 and/or the condition of the
raceway, property, facilities or equipment used for the Event. I also grant
full permission to all Event Organizers to store, use, license and reproduce
the use of my name, likeness, voice, image, motion pictures, recordings or
photograph of me, in any media or in any manner, including any electronic
media for any legitimate commercial or business purposes, including
advertising purposes. In addition, I hereby acknowledge that I am 18 years
of age or older or, if applicable, that I am the parent or legal guardian of a
child under the age of 18 years of age or older or, if applicable, that I am the
parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 18 who I am registering
for the Event. I recognize the risks involved in my participation in the Event
including the following of any and all local, county, and state traffic laws
while riding my bike on the roads regardless of whether uniformed officers
are present or not. I do hereby expressly assume all known and unknown
risks, I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this Event.
(Parent or Guardian must sign if entrant is under 18 years old)
Pre-Race Information
Personal Communication Plan
Prior to departing for Gilbert Lake State Park, be sure to establish
a communications plan with family and friends back home. Share
the race day emergency contact listed below with those who may
need to reach you in an emergency. Even if you are in Gilbert Lake
State Park with family and friends, it is essential that you have a
plan for contacting or reuniting with your group following the
Race Day Emergency Contact Athlete Services 607-432-2114
[email protected]
Triathlete/Trail Run Check-In
Athlete check-in hours are on Friday, May 18 from 4-7 p.m. and
Saturday, May 19 from 6 a.m. – 8:30am. If you do not check-in
during the designated athlete check-in hours you will not be able
Personal Safety
Always train with at least one other person. When training,
please bike and run on the shoulder without moving into the
traffic lane. Please be courteous and aware that the people
sharing the roads with you are people you will count on during
race day to fulfill your physical and emotional needs. Please ride
single file, as biking side by side is illegal.
As you are one of Gilbert Lake’s invited guests, please respect and
obey the traffic laws during your training practices. Violators will
be cited. You are required to carry proper identification at all
times. If you are stopped, you must present your identification to
the inquiring officer. Failure to do so may result in race
disqualification. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Pre-Event Swim Advisement
The swim area will be closed to ALL participants, their family,
pets, and friends on Friday, May 18, and Sunday May 20 as the
beachfront will be closed. On race day, ONLY TRIATHLETES may
enter water as part of their race; NO OTHER TIME. The swim
course is extremely short, and extremely shallow, practice is not
While we make reasonable efforts to inspect the swim entry and
exit points for underwater hazards, the inspection does not take
place until just before the swim discipline starts. Keep in mind
that this is a natural body of water and is subject to hidden
hazards including, but not limited to: currents, underwater
obstructions, tides, rip currents and indigenous marine life.
Race Day Information
Mandatory Bike Check-In
Mandatory bike check-in for The Rat Snake athletes is on
Saturday, May 19 from 6am to 8:30am. NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE,
FRIDAY, MAY 18. While bikes are stored in transition, athletes will
be allowed to cover their seats and handlebars only from
inclement weather. Full bike covers ARE NOT ALLOWED as it
presents a safety hazard to volunteers and other competitors. Full
bike covers will be removed from any bikes left in transition once
bike check-in is over. Shoes and bike helmet may be clipped or
attached to the bicycle. You will not be able to remove your bike
from the transition area until the race is complete by all
competitors. Please arrive in transition on race morning with
plenty of time to set up your gear.
Race Day Parking
Athlete Parking:
Parking is available at Gilbert State Park, either at Brigg’s Shelter
parking, or beach parking for all athletes beginning at 6 a.m. on
race morning. Parking at Gilbert Lake State Park is available on a
first-come, first-served basis. We highly recommend athletes
arrive early in case parking fills up quickly. If the beach parking
lot becomes full, you will be directed to Brigg’s Pavilion lot on the
other side of Gilbert Lake. Please plan accordingly and allow
yourself plenty of time on race morning. We also recommend all
athletes who are camping at Gilbert Lake State Park to utilize the
beach parking lot.
Spectator Parking:
All spectators are also allowed to park at the beach parking lot
starting at 6am on race morning. Please make the effort to arrive
before 9am on Saturday, May 19 race day, as we want as little
traffic on the roads as possible due to runners and bikers. Thank
Race Morning Check-In Procedure
The transition area opens at 6 a.m. on race morning. Remember
to bring your bike and run gear. Bike technicians and pumps will
NOT be available in the transition area race morning. PLEASE
MORNING, 6AM TO 8:30AM. Do not number yourself expecting to
bypass check-in. During the body marking process, athletes are
responsible for ensuring that the volunteers mark them with their
race number and race code on their arms. You will not be
permitted in the transition area on race day without your body
marked. Do not apply sunscreen, oil, vaseline or lotion until after
you have been body marked. The transition area closes at 8:30
a.m. All athletes must be out of transition and headed to the race
start before this time.
Morning Clothes Bag
Prior to the start on race morning, place any
items you may need after you finish your trail run leg of the
triathlon either in the transition area next to your bike, or in the
bathhouse if you plan on changing for the bike portion. The
bathhouse has toilets and showers for your convenience. You will
be able to
retrieve your items following the race. Please do not place
anything of value in your morning clothes bag.
You can drop your clothes bag off at either area any time before
you make your way to the run start.
Aid Stations
You may leave a special needs bag for the trail run in front of the
bathhouse where the guardrail indents towards the water. During
the bike portion, you are responsible for your own fuel and drink.
Bicycle & Gear Recovery
You are required to reclaim your bicycle and gear at the transition
area after the race. You must have your still have your body
markings for entry into the transition area. If you are unable to
personally claim your bike and gear, please inform the race
director or a volunteer. Tell them your race number and who will
be getting the bike. Bike check-out is from 1:30 - 6 p.m. Please
note that you will not be able to enter transition until all cyclists
have finished the bike portion of the race.
Parking Map
Run Course 18K
The start of the Rat Snake 18K trail run will be across the street from
the beach drop off parking lot. The run for both the reverse triathlon
and the trail run will be the same 18 kilometer trail course with many
rocks, roots, dirt, mud, grass, water crossings, and some pavement.
It will be a 2 loop track that will allow athletes to store fuel in a
special needs area so that they do not have to carry all of their
energy needs during the run. With the course being 2 laps, it also
makes it spectator friendly as the athletes will venture out of the
woods 2 times passing the beachfront area where the start/finish
will be located.
It begins with a gradual uphill for about a mile. From there, a quick
right, and a quick left up another hill to Spring Pond. You will run
around the front of the pond and enter back into the woods. From
there, and long decent will begin with some steep sections, a water
crossing, and sharp turns. Please mind your surroundings! Once you
reach the end of the trial, you will make a right toward Twin Fawns
Lake. As you pass this lake, you will gradually rise again for a mile or
so. There will be another decent back into the cabin colony where
you will follow the road that leads to the beachfront. A quarter mile
or so on this road, you will make a sharp right onto the trail that
leads to the Hill Top campground. This windy path is extremely steep
with a special surprise just before you peak. As you reach the
campground, make a left and follow the pavement to the trail that
leads down to Gilbert Lake. The trail will have some steep sections,
with a road crossing before you reach the main trail that goes around
the lake. Make a right at the bottom of this trail and follow it around
the end of the lake. You will make a gradual climb at the end of the
lake, and branch off to the right towards the Large Shelter. Follow
the pavement driveway from the shelter down to the main road.
Make a left. Go a couple of tenths, and make another left that leads
to the Gilbert Lake trail. Once on the main lake trail again, bear right
and follow the trail to the bathhouse. In front of the bathhouse will
be the special needs area where you can pick up more fuel and drink.
Continue in front of the bathhouse, make a right turn just past it
following the cement path. Bear left on the pavement path heading
back toward the race start. Begin your second and final loop.
Trail runners will finish at the beachfront. Triathletes will continue to
either the transition area, or into the bathhouse to clean up and
change for the bike portion. Toilets and showers are available for
your convenience.
Trail Run Map
Bike Course 29 Miles
The bike course will leave the transition area from the beachfront
and out the park main entrance making a right on county route 12
north. This intersection will be controlled by a uniformed state park
police officer. The bike course then proceeds approximately 4 miles
northbound on county route 12. There will be a “T” where route 12
will intersect with state route 51. Riders will continue left onto state
route 51 westbound towards the village of Morris, approximately 4
miles. This intersection will be controlled by a uniformed state
police officer and/or volunteers. In the Village of Morris, bike
participants will now turn left onto route 23 eastbound toward West
Oneonta and state route 205 for approximately 15 miles. This
intersection will be controlled by uniformed police officers. Once
athletes reach the “T” of routes 23 and 205, they will turn left,
northbound, onto state route 205 for approximately 6 miles. This
intersection will also be controlled by uniformed police officers. As
the riders reach the Village of Laurens, they will make a left at the
intersection of the 3 way blinking stop light by the Taylor’s Mini
Mart, into town via county road 11a. This will be another
intersection manned by uniformed police officers. Riders will travel
for about 0.2 miles and make a right at the stop sign onto county
road 11. This intersection will be controlled by race volunteers.
Bikers travel north for approximately 0.1 miles when they will make
a left onto Balantic Hill Road, another intersection that will be
controlled by race volunteers. Riders will bear right staying on
Balantic Hill Road for approximately 2.5 miles until they reach the
intersection with county route 12. This will be a race volunteered
controlled intersection. Riders will turn right onto county route 12
northbound, back toward Gilbert Lake State Park for approximately
2 miles. When the bikers reach the park’s main entrance, they will
turn right to enter the park. Riders will bear right past the gate and
at the first “Y” travelling on the north side of the lake to the beach
front. Here, they will reach the transition area and dismount. The
total time from the first participant on the bike course to the last
participant off the bike course is estimated at 5 hours (10:15am-
3:15pm). There will be a SAG vehicle following behind the last biker
to remove all signage and cones on the course. There will be
minimal cleanup along all routes as there will be NO water stops.
Bike Course Map
Swim Course 26 Yards
The race will proceed to the swim course, which is in Gilbert Lake.
Athletes will run from the transition to the beach area, enter the lake
for a 13 yard out and back swim. They will then continue to the finish
at the beachfront.
Swim Course Map
Local Traffic Laws
Please remember that members of the local community use the bike
course roads. Realize that you are an ambassador for the sport and
the event and the impact of your actions is far reaching. When you’re
out riding the course, please adhere to local traffic laws and go the
extra mile to be courteous and respectful to the residents of the local
community. When training and racing, please follow these
 Please ride single file. This is not just for your safety but
also to ensure local drivers can get where
they need to go without delay and frustration.
 Please obey traffic laws (stop at stop signs, signal when
turning, etc.).
 Please do not use private property as a toilet. There are
plenty of local stores along the way with public bathrooms
– please use them!
 Please do not litter. Keep your energy bar and gel
wrappers with you until you find a trashcan.
 Please ask your friends and family members to refrain from
painting the roads along the course.
This defaces public property and is a punishable offense.
Every time a cyclist has an altercation with a driver, that driver sees
every cyclist on the road as the enemy. Every time a cyclist is
courteous to a driver, that driver will give every cyclist on the road
that much more respect and courtesy in return. Please think before
you act.
Tech Tips & Other Details
Bike inspection is not mandatory and will not be provided at bike
check-in, and technicians will NOT be available. Athletes are
ultimately responsible for their own bikes. However, race officials
may, at their discretion, make final judgment as to the soundness of
the bikes. Prior to bike check-in, be sure your bar-end plugs are in
place and you have no loose spokes, brakes, headsets, stripped
cables, etc. Adjust the hubs and position handlebars correctly.
Ensure that cables and tires are in good condition and sew-up tires
are glued properly onto the rims. Securely fasten all equipment you
may carry with you on race day. To avoid an unexpected flat tire,
wait until race morning to inflate your tires to their proper air
pressure. There will be NO pumps available in the transition area on
race morning so we recommend you bring your own. You must give
your pump to a family member or friend before the race start for
For security and safety reasons, bikes will not be allowed out of the
transition area once they are brought in. On race day, a SAG vehicle
will patrol the course to aid in emergencies and MAYBE simple
Post-Race Information
Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony is scheduled for 4 p.m. (pending final
finisher) in the large shelter by the playground and boathouse on
the beach front. This will be a time for the celebration of
everyone’s participation and accomplishments of the day. The
MAIN purpose of this event!!!
Post-race food and beverage will be open from 12 p.m. until the
food and beverages gone. This too will be located at the large
shelter. Anyone wishing to have beer must present I.D. to prove
that they are 21 or older. THE BEER IS FREE!
Race Photography
We may have a volunteer taking random photos throughout the
race. This photos will be online after the race for your viewing. If
you wish to obtain copies of pictures, the race director will get
you in touch with the photographer.
Best of luck and we’ll see you at the finish line!
Lost & Found
Lost and Found will be at Gilbert Lake State Park office at the park
Medical Facility
The bathhouse hosts the medical facility as all the first aid for the
lifeguard station is there. The first aid area of the lifeguard
station is for athletes only and family members are not allowed.
Overcrowding in the medical area prevents the medical staff from
doing their job. For information on an athlete receiving medical
treatment at the lifeguard station, please wait in the lifeguard
station’s lounge.
Event Sanction and Rules
Rules Applying To All Segments of Race
It is the athlete’s responsibility to know all aspects of the run,
bike, and swim.
 Participants are expected to follow directions and
instructions of all course marshals and public authorities.
 Race officials shall have authority to disqualify any
 Medical personnel shall have ULTIMATE and FINAL authority
to remove a contestant from the race if the contestant is
judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race
without risk of serious injury or death. Medical transport of
any contestant will result in disqualification.
 Fraud, theft, abusive treatment of volunteers, staff or others
and acts of poor sportsmanship are grounds for immediate
disqualification and will result in contestant being suspended
from the Rat Snake in following years.
Cycling conduct and specifications are consistent with USAT
Race officials reserve the right to reject any bike not meeting
safety standards.
Equipment must otherwise conform to all other general rules
for bicycles as it pertains to the Ironman competition,
including no add-on device(s) that may reduce wind
resistance or enhance aerodynamics of the bicycle,
regardless of any secondary benefit.
Participant is required to maintain control of his/her bicycle
and to operate at a reasonable speed so as not to threaten
the safety and well being of aid station volunteers, other
competitors, race officials and spectators. Operation of a
bicycle in a dangerous or reckless manner will be grounds for
A CPSC-approved helmet is required during the entire bike
segment including in and out of the transition area. Any
athlete riding without an approved helmet or chinstrap
fastened will be disqualified.
General Information
1. Unauthorized outside aid/support or escorts are grounds for
disqualification. Handlers must be approved prior to the race
and will work directly with the race director. The expected
conduct of all handlers is consistent with USAT rules.
All athletes must attend a pre-race briefing. Failure to attend
a scheduled briefing may result in forfeiture of a start spot.
Check the Schedule of Events for briefing times and location.
The Rat Snake reserves the right to modify the above rules
as necessary, as long as such changes are communicated to
the athlete in writing or at a pre-race briefing.
Any rule interpretation or enforcement made by the Rat
Snake shall be final.
Anti-Doping Regulations
If you have to dope to compete, you should not compete.
Medical Information
All medical expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the
athlete and not The Rat Snake.
Failure to meet financial
responsibility to local medical facilities will result in suspension of
future participation at The Rat Snake until accounts are settled.
Particular dangers include dehydration, hyponatremia, sunburn,
exhaustion and injuries sustained from accidents. Please ask for
medical help if you have the slightest hint you may need it. You
will not be penalized for receiving a medical evaluation. You will
be withdrawn from the race only if you require transportation, IV
fluids or if medical personnel feel your continued participation
could result in serious harm or death.
During events of extreme endurance, the body’s pain threshold is
raised, and you may be in more trouble than you realize. The
medical personnel will do all they can to keep you in the race and
assure a safe finish. Also, please be attentive when taking water
and sponges from volunteers when you’re on your bike to avoid
the possibility of accident or injury to yourself or another. Please
trim your fingernails and toenails prior to the start of the race to
avoid injury to other athletes. If you spend three months prior to
the event in a climate cooler than New York we suggest you
consider an acclimation period before the race. The chance of
dehydration and electrolyte imbalance can be reduced
significantly by a proper period of acclimation. Stay with your
familiar and proven routine regarding training, nutrition, and
equipment, especially just prior to the race. This also applies to
pre-race dietary intake and medications.
It is recommended you avoid an extreme elimination diet.
Adequate salt intake during training and during the event is
especially important.
If you are taking any medications, or have any medical problem
that may influence your performance or your treatment in the
event of an injury, advise us of all necessary details well in
advance of race day. At athlete check-in, you are required to
notify the medical team, in writing, if there is any change in your
medical status/ condition after your application has been
processed. Failure to do so will result in suspension of
participation in future Rat Snake events. We can never over
emphasize the importance of hydrating prior to and during the
event. We urge you to begin hydrating heavily several days before
the race and drink enough water so your urine is clear, colorless
and copious by race day.
****PLEASE NOTE: Full disclosure of medical condition(s),
general health and surgical procedures within the previous 12
months is required. Medical consultation/clearance may be
necessary from an attending physician prior to participating in the
event. In all cases, the final decision of medical consideration is at
the discretion of the Rat Snake race director.

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