PE update 2014-2015 - Moira Primary School



PE update 2014-2015 - Moira Primary School
P.E. update 2014-2015
A brief overview of last year
• Spend £8,350 - 2014/2015 of a total
£8,000 plus £5 per pupil at the school
(approx £8,600) Funding now approved
until 2020 under current government
• Investment into the local North-West
Leicestershire school sports partnership
• (10 year celebrations – Sept 2015)
• Introduction of specialised coaches to
introduce new sports and improve quality
of P.E. lessons and extra-curricular clubs
e.g. Zumba
• Introduction of sports page on school
How has the school sport premium
been used this academic year?
• To introduce a wider range of new and engaging sports and
outdoor activities
• Use qualified coaches to teach/team -teach more exciting
‘sport-based’ lessons engaging EYFS and KS1 children with the
new curriculum e.g. volleyball, F.A. football skills
• Investment to build new partnerships with local sports clubs
- More qualified swimming coaches - impactful
- Equipment and transport
- After-school clubs to offer
Sporting opportunities for all
Success stories
• Awarded Bronze Kitemark award – 2013/2014
• Performances at events previously attended
• New activities and competitions for pupils to learn, enjoy and
compete in such as;
• Orienteering
• Dodgeball
• Swimming gala
• Year 5/6 girls only football team
• Leicester Riders partnership
• Archery day for whole school
Wider context success stories
• Improved staff CPD and confidence in teaching P.E. –
questionnaire and feedback from teachers/coaches
• More staff support for NK
• Higher quality and more engaging P.E. lessons
• Bigger numbers in after-school clubs
• Improved links with local clubs for further opportunities
Year 3/4 semi-finalists – Bosworth Cup
dodgeball winners and runners-up Year 5/6
Hockey 3rd place – year 3/4 X-Country girls winners year 2 and 5
Awards for all primary sport
• Government funded application supported by AWARDS FOR
• Application to improve;
• Parent and toddler links
• Engaging the wider community
• Potential base for holiday clubs
Objectives for 2015/challenges
• Ensuring good numbers at extra-curricular clubs
• Continue to make after-school sports clubs accessible and
engaging for all children – keeping records
• Assessment and levelling
• Inspiring KS1 and EYFS children with sport and P.E.
• Sports Days
• Proving the impact of the school sport premium
• Improving upon current offering and successes
• Improve upon bronze Kitemark award – host level 2
How will next year’s sport premium
be spent?
I-moves dance resources
More quality coaching from qualified coaches
Investment in teacher CPD – courses/youteachme
Focussed coaching programmes for specific year groups
E.g. Multi-sports year 6, Healthy movers KS1
Introducing new initiatives/sports to children e.g.
• New kit/equipment
• Transport to events
• Investment in resources around themed
events such as RWC and RIO 2016

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