Determination of dynamic elastic constants in
the F7 bore-hole for water and ore exploration
in the Western Mátra
Meeting Of Young Geoscientists Conference
Dr. habil Ormos Tamás, associate professor
Department of Geophysics
University of Miskolc
Presentation by Holló Dávid
The exploration area,
the aim of the research
Drill cores
Determination of dynamic elastic constants
The result of the measurement
Rock physical – geological comparison
Summary, observations
The exploration area,
the aim of the research
Coordinates of F7 bore-hole:
EOV Y 713286.5 m, EOV X: 284730.9 m, Z: 650 m
Drill Cores
10 cm
110.0-112.0 lin.m
Andesite lava rock
10 cm
10 cm
261.8-261.9 lin.m
396.9-397.2 lin.m
Hydrothermal lode Silica-carbonateamygdule andesite
Velocity of longitudinal wave
Ultrasonic transmitter
Ultrasonic receiver
Velocity of longitudinal wave
Measured data:
P-wave time [μs]
Core length [mm]
Processed data:
Velocity of longitudinal wave [m/s]
Resonance frequency
Digital resonance frequency
measuring equipment
The amplitude-frequency
spectrum of
the 19th core
Resonance frequency
Measured data:
Resonance frequency [Hz],
Core length and density
Processed data:
Velocity of dilatation [m/s]:
Young’s modulus [Pa]
Poisson’s ratio
From the velocity of longitudinal wave and
the Young’s modulus
Poisson’s ratio :
Rock physics results
Rock physics results
Rock physical – geological section
Summary, observations
 Correlation between the rock physical and
the geological section
 3 rock physical zones, 7 rock physical lines
 Depreciation near the crevices
and ore formations
 Unhomogenities
Association of Hungarian Geophysicists
Hungarian Geological Society
Dr. habil Ormos Tamás (ME-MFK)
Dr. Földessy János (ME-MFK)
Kamrás Ádám (GES Kft.)
Tóth Szabolcs (RotAqua Kft.)
Czeglédi Balázst (ME-MFK)
Forrás: Bástyánk. 3. évfolyam (1943). évf. 5. sz. p. 15-16.
The described work was carried out as part of the TÁMOP-4.2.2/B-10/1-2010-0008 project in the framework of the New Hungarian Development
Plan. The realization of this project is supported by the European Union, co-financed by the European Social Fund.
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