2013 Editors* Symposium - American Bar Association



2013 Editors* Symposium - American Bar Association
Thursday, October 6, 2016
J.W. Marriott
Austin, TX
Promoting Content
Using Social Media
Presented By:
Stephanie McCoy Loquvam, Social Media Committee Cochair
Haley Maple, Social Media Committee Cochair Emeritus
Social Media for Committees
• The Section has an active social media presence on
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
• Used for:
– Communicating with committee members (and potential
– Finding authors
– Promoting Section content
Articles, practice points, newsletters, and book releases
Sound Advice podcasts
Video tips
Upcoming CLE Events and Roundtables
“A hashtag is a type of label
or metadata tag used on
social network and
microblogging services
which makes it easier for
users to find messages with
a specific theme or
Hashtags can help get your
message across and engage your
audience in a concept.
• Emotive
• Topical
• Community Building
Social Media for Committees
Best Practices and Key Tips for Hashtags
• Keep your brand hashtags short, simple, and easy to spell. That way your
fans and customers can easily remember it (and it does not use all of your
real estate)
• Do Search for Hashtags. A hashtag does not have to be unique to be
• Don’t use too many or irrelevant hashtags.
• Do Use specific hashtags. The more specific the hashtag, the more
targeted your audience will be. And a targeted audience means a higher
chance of quality engagement.
• Don’t forget about popular (nonlegal) hashtags and hashtag “movements”.
#tbt, #sheleads, #lovewins, #bringbackourgirls, #blacklivesmatter
• Double check to make sure that hashtag means what you think it means.
Social Media for Committees
• Social Media Policy
– Ensures that a regularly updated social media
presence is consistent with the Section’s
goals and image
• Social Media Chair
– Two Way Communication
• Committee Hashtag
• Consider Social Media Opportunities
– Media Content – Photos, Videos, Memes, Images
– Periscope and Facebook Live (Video)
Social Media for Committees
The Social Media Committee encourages
committee newsletter editors to get involved
in Section social media in several ways:
Social Media for Committees
– Join in the discussion through your individual user
– Like and comment on tweets and posts
– Use meeting and committee hashtags
– Tag The ABA Section of Litigation
Social Media for Committees
Social Media for Committees
– Promote a new article or your recent newsletter
• Submit the Social Media Questionnaire
• POST & TAG the Section, ABA Partners, authors,
committee members, and interested parties
– All other of types of post submissions
• Send to the Meg Spisich [email protected]
Social Media for Committees
Social Media Questionnaire
• Content
Outside Contacts
Upcoming Events
• Uses
– ABA Litigation
– Individuals
Twitter for Committees
• Let your followers know when new content has been
posted or a newsletter has been published.
• Tag authors and link to their recent article.
• Live tweet during Section CLEs or events.
• Retweet Section posts or other posts that would be
interesting for your audience.
• Tag the Section of Litigation (@ABALitigation) in your
posts and use meeting hashtags.
• Consider TwitterChats or other “Events”
Twitter for Committees
Engagement and Visibility = Success
LinkedIn for Committees
LinkedIn for Committees
• Use the Section’s LinkedIn page
Discussion questions on noteworthy topics
General trial practice tips
Information on developing business
Updates on CLE opportunities and networking events
• Promote Content—Submit to be Posted
Newsletter articles; Practice Points
Committee Sound Advice podcasts
Video tips
Upcoming CLE meetings and Roundtables
Membership information
Promote your LinkedIn Subgroup
• Participate in discussions and get helpful practice tips on LinkedIn
Facebook for Committees
• Share newsworthy and practical content on
Facebook; submit your post to your staff editor.
• Promote upcoming programs, CLE, or roundtables.
• Use images and media posts to increase visibility
(Facebook LIVE! and Periscope)
• Interact with the Section on Facebook and comment
on our posts.
Facebook for Committees
Facebook for Committees
Instagram for Committees
Instagram for Committees
Next Steps
• IDENTIFY your social media chair and your committee
• EXPLORE social media for ideas for content, potential
authors and opportunities to expand your audience.
• PARTICIPATE by sharing committee content, tagging
others and engaging in the dialogue.
• CELEBRATE the successes of your committee and your
Be sure to talk about the Fall Leadership Meeting
on Social Media using #LitigationLeader.
Social Media Committee Contact Info
Todd Holleman ([email protected])
Stephanie McCoy Loquvam ([email protected])

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