I49 Call - Shreveport Regional Arts Council



I49 Call - Shreveport Regional Arts Council
This Call-To-Artists provides a unique opportunity for an artist to participate in the creation of an iconic urban
interchange project. Development of decorative panels for the piers of the new I-49 North, Segment K Interchange in
Shreveport, LA will have a lasting impact on the community served by this major project. The decorative panels are
intended to be reflections of the community’s past, present and future in a way that is unique to Northwest Louisiana.
Program Specifics
The Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is requesting proposals from artists or artist teams who are interested in
creating a bas relief design for the fabrication of cast stone decorative panels to be placed on the piers of the new I-49
North (I-220 to MLK Drive) Segment K project in Shreveport, LA. This RFP is an open call to experienced artists from
LA DOTD (Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development) is currently planning to build a new interchange in
Shreveport, LA. Working with the design team and SRAC, LA DOTD has approved a design concept for the bridge piers
which includes decorative panels.
(For decorative panel locations, details, and specifications, see General Notes (Sheet No. 512) for
Alternate 1 and Special Provisions that are part of the contract documents for State Project No.
H.011111, I-49 N, Segment K – Phase 2, I-220 to Martin Luther King Drive –see attached).
The decorative panels for the piers are intended to reflect the natural and cultural environment of Northwest Louisiana and
will include up to three (3) different illustrations. The imagery should be derived from the culture and environment
surrounding the project site and should incorporate a level of detail appropriate for viewing from a distance. Applicants
will submit design(s) for the ornamental relief for the decorative panels.
The overall size of the decorative panels vary from 4’-6” x 7’-3” to 5’-0” x 8’-4”. The overall minimum depth of the
decorative panel(s) is 5”. The maximum amount of inset for the artwork is 2” from the border face. The maximum
amount of projection forward of the border face is 2”. A detailed drawing of the decorative panels is shown on Sheet
Number 512 of the contract documents noted above, and attached.
pg. 1
The decorative panels will be fabricated by an architectural cast stone manufacturer chosen by the Prime Contractor in
coordination with LA DOTD during construction of the interchange project. The decorative panels will be cast from reuseable elastomeric molds. Therefore, the design must accommodate “release” from the molds without damage to the
piece or the molds (no designs utilizing “lost form” casting will be considered).
Eligibility Requirements
To qualify, artists must:
 Be 18 years of age or older and live in Louisiana.
 Work as a professional artist or part of an artist team.
 Have previously created public art, large-scale works, or exterior projects.
 Carry personal liability insurance for the duration of the project (The Arts Council can provide a referral to an
insurance provider if needed.)
 Be willing to meet all contractual obligations and adhere to the strict timeline Selection Process
SRAC will assemble a Public Art Selection Committee that will review artists’ proposals. (See page 5 for proposal
submittal requirements). The Public Art Selection Committee will consist of prominent experts in their respective fields
and may include artists, arts advocates, curators, gallerists, and other community representatives. The Public Art Selection
Committee will also be assisted by a Technical Advisory Committee comprised of members from the bridge design team
and LA DOTD.
The Selection Committee will review proposals and select up to 5 semifinalists. Semifinalists may be asked to make
changes to the original submission based upon recommendations of the Selection Committee and/or to create a
maquette/scale model of their proposed artwork. Details for improvements/revisions to the design and for scale models as
requested will be sent with notification of semifinalists. If a maquette is requested, upon timely delivery of the maquette,
SRAC will pay a stipend of $500* to cover the additional costs.
The selection committee will meet again to rank the semifinalists’ entries. The models will be displayed on the first floor
of City Hall on the day that they will be presented to the Mayor and the City Council for vote to approve selection. This
ranked list along with a final recommendation will be provided to LA DOTD for final selection. (LA DOTD reserves the
right to accept or reject any or all submissions without cause.)
The finalists, up to three total finalists*- one for each of the three designs - chosen for the project will work with LA
DOTD’s bridge design consultant team to develop final drawings for fabrication and will be available to consult with the
bridge design team during fabrication and installation. SRAC will provide compensation to each of the finalists in the
amount of $5,000 for the final design deliverables and consultation. The final design by the selected artist must be
submitted as a scalable vector art file in EPS format or as a 3D polygonal mesh model in 3D-DXF, 3D-DWG or FormZ
format. (The bridge design consultant team architect will be available for assistance in file formatting if needed).
*Note: Nothing contained in this Request for Proposal constitutes an offer to the Respondent(s). The Selection Committee and or LA
DOTD reserves the right to reject any and all submissions. Proposal materials shall become the property of LA DOTD, although, the
artist(s) shall retain copyright on all designs, drawings, renderings, and any other intellectual property created for the submission of
this proposal. Respondent(s) shall not be compensated or reimbursed for costs incurred in preparing a response to this RFP except as
noted above.
pg. 2
Selection Criteria
Artists will be selected based upon the following criteria:
 Uniqueness and appropriateness of Design that factors in the historical and social context of Shreveport and the
surrounding area
 Has the ability to convey visual impact of the decorative panels to vehicular traffic
 Previous experience in the presentation of an artistic vision that acknowledges and embodies the current climate in
contemporary public art that embraces a broader social consciousness
 Appropriateness of content (should be appropriate for all audiences)
 Work of the highest caliber and effective execution
 Experience of working within program guidelines
 Proven ability to complete work within a specified timeframe and budget
 Previous experience in the presentation of an artistic vision that displays an awareness of/sensitivity to community
residents, businesses, as well as other landmarks and monuments in the immediate area of the chosen site
The $5,000 fee paid to the artist for the developed artwork will cover all costs associated with the development of the final
design and two site visits during construction. This includes materials, supplies, shipping, travel, lodging, equipment, etc.
The cost of fabrication and installation of final artwork/ decorative panels is included in the cost of construction and is not
part of this scope of work. Other opportunities involving travel may be required but should not be included in the artist’s
pg. 3
Project Timeline
The project will follow this timeline:
6 October 2014
Request for Proposals is issued
20 October 2014, 5:30 PM
Orientation Opportunity for Artists @ Central ARTSTATION,
801 Crockett Street, (downtown) Shreveport, LA
(Contact Josh Porter; [email protected]; 318-673-6500)
30 October 2014, 4:00 PM
Submission of Proposals
5 November 2014
Notification of Semifinalists with instructions
19 November 2014, 4:00 PM
Submissions of Semifinalists’ Revisions and/or Maquettes as requested
(must be received in Shreveport Regional Arts Council office by 4:00 pm)
21 November 2014, 5:30 PM
Selection of Finalist(s) in Priority Order
25 November 2014, 3:00 PM
Presentation of Finalist(s) to Mayor and City Council with Vote to
approve Finalist(s)
26 November 2014
Issue Finalist(s) and Maquettes to LA DOTD for Final Approval
5 December 2014
Issue Contract with Selected Artist(s)
Artwork is fabricated. (Artist may be asked to return for
lectures/community talks, educational opportunities.)
Artwork installation and dedication. (Artist may be asked to return for
lectures/ community talks, educational opportunities.)
Dates shown are subject to change.
pg. 4
Proposal Submission Process
Each proposal must include the following information on one DVD or USB flash drive:
* No Hard Copies – Submit Electronic Files: Submit jpeg or pdf files ONLY.
 Applicant Information: Complete the form on page 6 of this RFP.
 A Statement of Proposal: This letter should be no longer than one typed letter-size page using 12-point
font and 1-inch margins on all sides. Briefly outline key concepts and themes that you would incorporate
into the artwork.
 Professional Resume or CV: No longer than 3 pages
 Proposal Images: (Up to 10 digital images).
 Include copies of designs or sketches of proposed artwork for the decorative panels. Please ensure
good image quality, no smaller than 200 dpi.
 Digital mock-ups of artwork. If you are unable to create a mock-up digitally, you may scan your
drawings to jpeg or pdf format.
 Name your digital files according to the following format: LastName_Concept_01.jpg,
LastName_Concept_02.jpg, etc.
 Previous Work Sample List and Images (Digital images on the DVD or flash drive – up to 10 images)
 Submit examples of artwork that best represent your experience, style, and ability. You may also
submit images of any other work (large scale or otherwise) that best represents your work over the
past 5 years.
 Include a list of the work samples included on the DVD or flash drive and as much information about
each of the samples as possible (include name/title of piece, location, medium, process, dimensions of
the wall, year completed, and any other pertinent information).
Delivery of Proposal Submissions
All required materials must be delivered by 4:00 PM CST on 30 October 2014
Submissions MUST be delivered or mailed to:
Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC)
Attn: Josh Porter, Public Art Director
801 Crockett Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
[email protected]
318-673-6500 (office)
pg. 5
I-49 North (I-220 to MLK Drive) Segment K - Pier Decorative Panel Design
Number of Submissions: ________________________
Title of Submissions:
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________
Scope of work performed for reference:
Scope of work performed for reference:
Scope of work performed for reference:
pg. 6
This item consists of furnishing all labor, materials and equipment to provide and install the Cast Stone
Decorative Panels shown on the contract drawings and as described in this special provision. Manufacturer shall
furnish and deliver Cast Stone Decorative Panels covered by this specification. Stone setting contractor shall unload,
store, furnish all anchors, set and clean Cast Stone.
pg. 7
Manufacturer must have a minimum of 5 years of experience and facilities to produce the shapes, quantities
and size of Cast Stone required in accordance with the project requirements. Stone setter must have a minimum of 5
years of experience setting cast or natural building stone. Submit qualifications of the manufacturer and stone setter
that include a list of similar projects and client contact information to the Engineer for review and consideration.
Construction shall not begin until the submitted qualifications have been approved in writing by the Engineer.
Comply with applicable provisions and recommendations of the following, except as otherwise shown or
ASTM C 150 - Specification for Portland Cement.
ASTM C 33 - Specification for Concrete Aggregates.
ASTM C 979 - Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete.
ASTM C 494 - Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete.
ASTM A 615 - Specification for Deformed and Plain Billet Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement.
ASTM C 1194 - Test method for Compressive Strength of Architectural Cast Stone.
ASTM C 1195 - Test method for Absorption of Architectural Cast Stone.
ASTM C 1364 - Standard Specification for Architectural Cast Stone.
ASTM D 2244 - Test Method for Calculation of Color Differences From Instrumentally Measured Color
ASTM C 666 Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing.
Submit for approval samples of the Cast Stone specified which will be representative of the general range of
color and finish to be furnished. Submit for approval copies of shop drawings showing details of the stone to be
provided including: profiles, cross-sections, reinforcement, exposed faces, anchoring methods, anchors, annotation
of stone types and their location. Anchor and reinforcing design shop drawings shall be signed and sealed by a
licensed Louisiana Professional Engineer. Unless otherwise shown on contract drawings, provide suitable wash
(slope) on all exterior sills, coping, projecting courses and pieces with exposed top surfaces. Provide drips as
Physical properties: Provide Compressive Strength in accordance with ASTM C 1194: 4,000 to 6,500 psi
min. and Absorption that complies with ASTM C 1195: 6% max.
Provide raw materials that comply with the following requirements:
Portland cement - Type I or III, white and/or grey, ASTM C 150
Coarse aggregates - Granite, quartz or limestone, ASTM C 33
Fine aggregates - Manufactured or natural sands, ASTM C 33
Colors - Inorganic iron oxide pigments, ASTM C 979
Admixtures - ASTM C 494
Water - potable.
Reinforcement - ASTM A 615
Preapproved manufacturers of the Decorative Panels are as follows:
Stone Legends, 301 Pleasant Drive, Dallas TX 75217
Advanced Cast Stone, Inc., 115 Lee Street, Everman, TX 76140
Dallas Cast Stone, 4107 Hancok Street, Dallas TX 75210
Others Manufacturers will be considered provided they meet the Minimum Qualifications noted above and are a
member of the Cast Stone Institute.
pg. 8
Use Forged Stone, often as a Vibrant-Tamp placement method. Use a zero slump mixture to achieve desired
appearance and physical properties. Placement of a zero slump material hammered into a rigid form will increase
density, durability, and create a surface texture found in quarried limestone surface. For certain colors, textures, or
other requirement manufacturer may substitute placement techniques but only after samples are approved. The
placement method can radically change the finish appearance. Again samples must be submitted for approval.
Tooling the stone is required ridding it from seams found in most molded products.
Submit 12”x12” sample of proposed color and finish for approval prior to fabrication of panels.
Exposed surfaces shall exhibit a fine-grained texture similar to natural stone. No bug-holes or air voids will be
permitted. Decorative Panel must match color and finish of approved sample when viewed in direct daylight at a 10
foot distance. Color variation allowed - 2%, hue; 6% lightness, chroma and hue combined.
New billet steel reinforcing bars - ASTM A 615 Reinforce units when necessary for safe handling and
structural capacity. Reinforcement shall be galvanized or epoxy coated when covered with less than 1-1/2" of
material. Minimum cover shall be twice the diameter of the bars. Area of reinforcement in panels greater than 12"
wide shall be not less than 1/4 percent of the cross section area when steel is specified.
Cure units in a warm, moist curing chamber at 95% relative humidity in enclosed during room under dense
fog and water-spray for 16 hours. Yard cure for 350 degree-days (i.e. 7 days at 50°F or 5 days at 70°F) prior to
shipment. Acid-etching of exposed surfaces to remove cement film shall be done on site by installer.
Anchors - Non-corrosive; galvanized, brass or stainless steel type 304. Fasteners shall be rated for the
intended requirements. Mortar - Type N, ASTM C 270 for integrity of the structure the mortar should never exceed
the PSI of the stone, forming a gasket allowing for normal expansion and contraction. Alternate adhesives for the
protection of the mortar can be submitted for review and consideration.
Set stones 1/8" within plane of adjacent unit. Joints, +1/8", -1/8".
Drench stones with clear, running water just prior to setting to enhance capillary action. Fill all dowel holes
and anchor slots completely with mortar or non-shrink grout. Set all stones in a full bed of mortar. Leave head joints
in coping and similar stones open for sealant. Rake mortar joints 3/4" for pointing. Sponge the face of each stone to
remove excess mortar. Tuck point stone joints to a slight concave, raked, or flush as specified. In the absence of a
specification default to a flush pointing. Protect stone while on ground (and after setting) from splashing, mortar and
damage from other trades.
Clean stone by wetting with clear running water and applying a solution of "Sure Kleen #600" by ProSoCo
Products, Inc. or approved equal. Repair obvious chips with touchup material furnished by the manufacturer.
16.0 MOCK-UP.
Contractor must conduct two full-scale mock-ups of Decorative Panels at the site and in the presence of the
Engineer. One of the Mock-up Panels, provided they are accepted by the engineer, may become part of the
permanent work and the other will remain on site as a quality reference during delivery and installation of
subsequent panels. Upon completion of the erection and acceptance of the decorative panels, the Mock-up panel
shall be turned over to the LA DOTD.
pg. 9
Payment for the medallions will be made at the contract unit price per each and will include all
transportation, labor, equipment, materials, coatings, mock-up, tools and incidentals required to complete the work.
Payment will be made under:
Item No. Pay Item Pay Unit
Item No. Pay Item Pay Unit
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NS-800-00012 Decorative Panels Each
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