After School Sports- Term 2 2017



After School Sports- Term 2 2017
After School Sports- Term 2 2017
This term, to keep costs at a more reasonable level, we will have Steve from Kelly Sports taking ball
skills for Years 1-3 as an after-school sport. This will replace Playball that children have previously
participated in. Last term was the first term we had Kelly Sports at Cathedral Grammar and I am sure the
children who participated will tell you how much fun they had.
Kelly Sports will run a ball skills programme for any child in Years 1-3 which helps to develop the key
Fundamental Skills at the same time. These ball skills will link in nicely to key winter sports such as
Rugby, Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey etc. which will give it a bit of a twist and variety to it.
The cost for the term will be $80 and this covers the eight sessions, this will be added to your account.
This term it will be on rain or shine, on rainy days Steve will coach in the Junior Hall.
Important details:
Who: Years 1-3
When: Wednesdays 3-4PM in Weeks 2-9 and will take place rain or shine
How much: $80
What will be covered: Ball skills covering Fundamental Skills
What to wear: P.E. gear, children will change in class
Enrolment due by: Friday 5 May
If you wish to enrol your child please read the instructions below then fill in your details and get your child
to sign once you have discussed the behaviour expectations.
If you have any queries please see me.
Kind regards
Brigid Ladley
Enrolment Instructions
Numbers attending Kelly Sports are limited and priority is given to children in their final year of Junior School.
Continued attendance at any coaching is dependent on the good behaviour of the attendee. Please discuss with
your child appropriate manners to be used with coaches and the consequences if these are not maintained. Any
child who does not display the behaviour we expect of a Junior School child will be spoken to by Mrs Ladley and
given a warning, parents will then be informed. If this behaviour continues the child will lose the opportunity to
participate in the sports, with no refund. We want the coaching experience to be fun and beneficial to all concerned,
both the children and coaches.
Kelly Sports will finish by 4:00pm. All children not collected by 4pm will be taken into Family Room.
Child’s name and class:
Parent’s name:
Email address:
Mobile Number:
I have explained the behaviour expectations to my child:
Parent Signature:
Child signature:

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