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Contact Scientists
Contact Scientist Workflow
Scott Schnee
Dec 19, 2011
Pairings with PI
• Projects are paired first with co-Is and PIs
• Remaining projects to be distributed amongst
NAASC staff
– Number of projects per staff member assigned
(roughly) by amount of time available
• Projects assigned by:
– Specialty (polarization, high frequency, etc.)
– Interest in topic (close, but not too close)
– Past collaborations or friendship with PI
– Randomly
• Phase II
• Data delivery
• Face to face visit
• Phase II
• Data delivery
• Face to face visit
Workflow During Phase II
• Contact scientist gets email from P2G saying
that SBs have been generated
• Review associated JIRA ticket and project
– understand the project goals as defined by the PI
– changes to the initial SBs made by the P2G
• proposal review process
• current best practices
Workflow During Phase II
• JIRA tickets found off of:
– or
•  ARC Workflow Folders
•  Phase II Materials
•  Cycle 0 Project Assignments
Workflow During Phase II
• List of items to check can be found at:
•  Staff Training Material
•  Train the Trainer Material
•  “Presentation to NA ARC Support Scientists
supporting projects in Cycle 0 - the P2G and Contact
Scientist Perspective"
Workflow During Phase II
• Discuss any questions or changes to the SBs
with the P2G (local first, then originating P2G
member if necessary)
– Review technical assessment
• Contact the PI via the ALMA Helpdesk to
– Introduce yourself
– Give some basic facts about the project/process
– Arrange a time to discuss (via phone, Skype, etc.)
– Can use pre-made template
Helpdesk Ticket Creation
Helpdesk Ticket Creation
Helpdesk Ticket Creation
Helpdesk Ticket Creation
Use this to search for your PI.
If your PI has never used the
ALMA Helpdesk, then you can
not send him/her an email via
the Helpdesk. Instead,
contact your PI via a regular
email and ask him/her to
access the Helpdesk and send
you a note.
Helpdesk Ticket Creation
Workflow During Phase II
• Discuss (using Skype, phone, netmeeting, etc.)
the Phase II products
– Explain any substantial changes made to science
goals (none in first batch)
– Walk them through the OSS
– Answer questions from PI
Questions to be Prepared For
• What are the calibrators?
– How bright are they and what S/N do I expect?
– How far from science target?
– What is the cadence of gain/science observations?
– Find basis for S/N calculation
• When will my project be run?
• What happened to the request for extra time?
Change Requests
• Best Practices
– Contact scientist contacts P2G before talking to PI
• Minor Changes
– Contact scientist contacts P2G
• Major Changes
– PI request via the ALMA Helpdesk
• See Section 9 of the Phase II Procedures
Workflow During Phase II
• Get approval from the PI for the SBs as-is, or
collect requested changes
• Ask P2G to make minor changes to SB –
document this in JIRA via a “comment” (see
9.3 of the Phase II Procedures document)
• Major changes need to be requested by the PI
via the Helpdesk
Workflow During Phase II
• Once the PI has approved the project and any
major changes have been resolved, enter
comment to this effect in JIRA.
• Annotate in the JIRA ticket that the PI
approves, and give the date and method of
approval (Helpdesk, email, phone, etc.).
• If materials need to be regenerated, then the
contact scientist will iterate with P2G and PI
until final approval
• Phase II
• Data delivery
• Face to face visit
Data Arrives at NAASC
• Data analysts make data available to contact
• Contact scientist inspects delivered data
• If data pass inspection, data analysts make a
URL to the data and pass it to the contact
• Contact scientist informs PI of data availability
Resolve the helpdesk ticket
Data Delivery
• Detailed instructions can be found at:
– Questions can be directed to Scott Schnee and
Mark Lacy
Data Delivery
• Phase II
• Data delivery
• Face to face visit
Face to Face Visit Request
• PI initiates face to face data reduction visit
Face to Face Visit Request
Face to Face Visit Request
Face to Face Visit Request

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