Synthesis Matrix 2



Synthesis Matrix 2
It will show
teenage viewers
that you don’t have
to have the “ideal
media look” by
only being thin
Walker, M
The author
explained in this
article how selfies
might either boost
the person’s selfconfidence or it
can diminish it.
The feedback the
people get from
the viewers is
where the selfconfidence mainly
comes from.
Depending on the
negativity or how
the nice the
comment is
determines the
person’s selfconfidence they
have for their self.
In this article, it
Briggs explained
explains how the
that the more
body image in a
picture can affect
women make
their emotional
about their body
state. Seeing an
image to their
image of a friend is friend’s image can
more effective than cause them to feel
seeing a
negative on their
photograph of a
appearance and
can easily cause
especially for
eating disorders.
women. Women
They cause eating
are more affected
disorders because
by this than men
the women feel
are because
that eating less can
women tend to be
cause weight loss,
Briggs, H
It will boost selfconfidence for the
teen viewers.
It will allow teen
viewers to only
care about what
they, personally,
consider to be
This article
explains the main
reason when or
why majority of
the population
takes selfies. The
main time a “selfie”
is taken is when
the person looks
very nice and
wants to present it
to the public as a
way to get the
comments and
likes on their social
media to boost
their confidence to
make them feel
better about
Celebrities are
typically a big
influence on the
people and their
Seeing celebrities
with all the finer
things may cause
envy towards them
or people may
even idolize them
and what they
have. The people
see the fame and
spotlight and make
them want to
increase their
more emotional
than men when it
comes down to
their bodily image.
Dahl, M
Booker, K
Booker heavily
explains in her
articles how bodily
images are starting
to become such an
issue. Most people
obsess about their
image and
appearances on the
social media more
than anything now
and days. People
get so caught up in
their looks that
when they want to
capture a specific
moment in their
life they
completely miss it
because their
appearance in the
picture seems
more important.
when in reality it is
unhealthy and can
cause sicknesses.
standards to be
more like the
Melissa Dahl
proposes that
selfies are a way
for teens to
themselves to the
public. Teenagers
actually love this
idea because it is a
way for the teen to
control their
images in a nice
way and present it
to the media and
publish it out to
the world.
Teenagers always
feel the need to
post a selfie at least
once a day to
present them in a
fashionable form
and show off their
looks. Teenagers
are also intrigued
by the fact that
they are able to
control their
images and
enhance their
looks for the
appearances they
want to make on
the media.
Many would think
that taking a selfportrait is to
capture the
moment and use
the photograph as
a memory to look
back on. Selfies
start to become a
problem when the
only thing the
people are worried
about is how the
look in the picture
and not the
meaning of why
they took the
picture. This article
explains that many
people are too
busy worrying
about their image
and not realizing
In this article, she
explains that selfportraits tend to
lose their meaning
because all anyone
ever cares about
now and days are
the looks and the
feedback people
give them on their
photos. People
only use these
photos to create a
reputation on their
social networks,
which is increasing
the issues with
people and their
Teresa Bell, B.
Bell agrees with
the idea of
promoting models
of all sizes and
shapes. While she
argues that models
in the media are
establishing an
increase in
negative bodyimages, she
provides evidence
that in order to
change how the
modeling world is
being perceived by
people in society,
the modeling
world needs to
accept the idea of
models of all
shapes and sizes.
Lou, M
This article
explains the
appearances to be
seen on the media
camera. Most
women feel that
the media requires
to have that
appearance to be
seen on a public
camera. From the
weight, to the
height, to the make
that take the
meaning out the
picture when they
are too busy trying
to control their
image and enhance
the photo.
The professional
Bell mentions that
pictures used on
the internet is
television and
playing a bigger
magazines are 100 role on lowering
percent edited( she self-esteem than
provides evidence television. With
to prove this).
that being said, she
Thus, making the
agrees that posting
model images in
more personal
the media
pictures in the
media (where it is
beautiful” rather
most effective)
than promoting
would help teens
self-beauty. By
showing what the
comfortable with
real models look
how they look.
like behind closed
doors rather than
camera-ready , will
help promote selfbeauty and boost
self-esteem for
This certain body
image causes
women to develop
different dietary
disorders and body
issues just for the
women to perfect
these different
body images that
the media wants to
see from them. The
media doesn’t
realize the
illnesses this can
cause on the
up and hair, it all
has to be a certain
to show your face
on the media.
Sifferlin, A.
Grabe, S.
Alexandra Sifferlin
quotes a clinical
psychologist, Dr.
Andrea Letamendi,
because her
supports her
argument and
supports my
Letamendi states
“As tweens and
teens try to from
their identity,
selfies serve as a
way to test how
they look, and
therefore feel, in
certain outfits,
make-up, poses,
and places. And
because they live
in a digital world,
provide a way of
participating and
affiliating with that
world.” Posting
selfies can help a
teen find their
identity and
comfort in their
skin. Selfies are a
way to promote
Shelly Grabe
noticed that
because media has
only displayed a
amount of thin
Shelly Grabe states
and believes that
because the media
only shows thin
models in the
media, that it is
Bessenoff, G.
models in the
media, it makes
people feel like
they can only be
thin. But she
includes a study
that by displaying
models in a variety
of sizes, it will
increase viewers’
satisfaction about
having a body type
that isn’t thin.
only acceptable to
be thin. After
seeing the season
of ANTM that
featured plus size
models, it has
increased teen
viewer’s selfesteem. By having
the show bring
plus- sized
contestants on the
show, it has helped
viewers that are
the same size
believe that they
can be model
Due to the fact that
the thin-ideal is
highly stressed in
the media, it makes
viewers compare
themselves to the
people they see on
the television
shows. Bessenoff
stated in article
some of the
statements made
by woman after
seeing the thin
people on
television and they
were so positive.
She argues that if
there weren’t only
thin models on the
screen then people
wouldn’t be left
saying “ I wish I
was as skinny as a
swimsuit model “.
Bessenoff provides
information in her
journal entry to
support the idea
that if there were
more realistic
pictures displayed
within the media
then people
wouldn’t feel so
pressured to look
like something that
isn’t even real. She
also agrees that the
images shown in
the media do not
resemble the
models, due to the
editing of the
This article truly
grasps this idea/
claim because
there is a lot of
evidence provided
to support the idea
of “natural beauty”.
Bessenoff makes it
clear that if the
media showed the
model’s natural
beauty rather than
a “painted on face”
then teens will
learn to love the
skin their in and
the photos they
take of themselves
will be accepted by

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