Preventive Health Checkup



Preventive Health Checkup
Preventive Health Checkup
Pre-checkup Instructions
a. All Health Checkups are conducted by prior appointments only.
b. You are requested to reach at the appointed time provided to you by the clinic for your checkup. This
typically ranges between 08:00am to 10:30am, Monday through Saturday, to facilitate a smooth checkup
c. We appreciate that your time is precious and hence, would like to assure you that;
a) All your tests for Corporate Health checkups and consultation, which may include collection of both
Fasting and PP blood samples, multiple diagnostic tests and consultations, will be completed in
approximately 3-4 hours time from the time you arrive and register for these tests at the clinic.
b) Your timely arrival for checkup as per the schedule communicate you will help us accommodate you
and other customers comfortably and ensure minimal waiting period between tests
d. A minimum of 12 Hrs. fasting is essential prior to the check up for tests that need to be done in ‘fasting
state’. You may consume limited quantity of water during this period. Kindly observe complete
abstinence from alcohol for a period of at least 12 Hrs prior to the Check up.
e. You are requested to bring fresh Urine /stool sample in the container supplied by us if mentioned in your
health check up plan. Please ask the clinic staff to explain the process for collection of a ‘mid-stream
Urine sample’, which is required in case of a Urine Culture test.
For routine examinations, sterilized containers will be provided by Express Clinics at the clinic to the
employee or the employee can purchase them from any pharmacy shop, if they so desire.
g. If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections / anti-diabetic drugs on the morning of Health
Check up. Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic medication, which can be taken as instructed by the
doctor. Please also carry other regular medication you are taking.
h. Ultrasonography requires a full bladder for proper scanning. So please start consuming water half an hour
prior to your scheduled time for sonography as directed by the clinic staff.
It is advisable for female employees/customers to wear loose clothing and easily removable footwear
/sports shoes (for Stress test). Avoid wearing Jewellery (Necklaces / chains / rings / bangles, etc.)
Male employees/customers are requested to clean shave their chest (if required) and wear sports shoes
for Stress test. Please wear loose clothing that allows unrestricted movement of limbs and breathing.
k. Stress Test will only be conducted based on evaluation of any pre-existing heart condition and the
employee’s ECG report taken before the Test by the concerned doctor. Customers have the option of
selecting a 2D-Echo test in such cases, should their Package allow them the flexibility to do so.
Employees are advised NOT to perform any rigorous physical activity or visit the Gym before the checkup.
General Preventive Health Check up GuidelinesExpress Clinics Pvt. Ltd.
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m. Please bring your earlier Medical records (last 1-3 Years) and medical accessories like reading glasses/
hearing aid, if you have any, when you come for your Health Check Up.
n. Inform your HR Team or Health Check up Department in advance if you want any additional Check Ups or
Consultations to be done so that we can schedule your appointments for one by one.
o. We can provide additional Test/ Investigations / Procedures / Consultations at request or if required.
However these will be billed separately in additions to the package payment.
p. An authorizations letter from your company is required to avail services paid for by the company.
q. Please be informed that certain tests like X-rays are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.
For Female employees, a PAP SMEAR test cannot be done during menstruation (menses) days.
The clinic provides Sonography services in strict observance of PNDT guidelines and regulations and is hence not liable to perform any
services or procedure that is in contravention to these guidelines.
In case a Stress Test cannot be performed, the customer can opt for a 2D-Echo test. This option is subject to availability of services at the
client’s preferred service.
Certain reports may recommend additional testing or need to be supported by clinical observation by a trained specialist/medical
practitioner, which is at the customer’s discretion
The clinic shall provide a wholesome breakfast if it is included in the scheduled services/Health Package. In such cases, breakfast items and
portion sizes will be fixed as per our standard guidelines. Customer’s have the option to supplement our breakfast at their own expense, or
eat at home if they prefer.
Express clinic endeavors to provide seamless services quickly and efficiently to its customers. However, there may be instances beyond our
control where a particular service or test may not be available on a particular day. Customers are requested to cooperate with the clinic
staff, who will do their best to make alternate arrangements for providing the service on the same day or in some situations, reschedule
these tests based on the customer’s convenience and preference.
Pre-existing condition may require prior screening by our Medical Officer/MD Physician to assess the risk to you and/or to our staff before
the procedure is carried out. In such an event, we may recommend alternate tests/procedures, however, the tests will be administered
only after the explicit written approval from the client is received in writing including approval for any changes in package costs. Customers
are requested to cooperate with the clinic staff and appreciate that these measures though time consuming are necessary in their best
In case written consent is required to be taken before a particular test, customers are requested to cooperate and sign the pre-approved
format that is handed over to you by the clinic staff. These consent forms and procedure is mandated as per Medical Council of India (MCI)
guidelines and other industry specific norms laid down by governing agencies like WHO, FDA, etc.
General Preventive Health Check up GuidelinesExpress Clinics Pvt. Ltd.
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