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Creating a spring supplement is not
difficult and generates additional yearbook revenue
hen I was in high school, we always
received a yearbook supplement that
included spring sports and activities.
Imagine my surprise when I became a
first-time yearbook adviser and discovered
that the final deadline was in March!
I immediately asked my yearbook rep,
“What about spring?!” I was told that the
yearbook staff got what they could into the
book before the deadline, and that was it.
All of the other spring activities, including
prom, were featured in the book for the
following year.
The first spring supplements that we
produced covered spring sports, prom
and graduation. We’ve since expanded our
coverage to include four spreads on spring
activities such as the Relay for Life, Powder
Puff game and Volleyball-a-Thon; all spring
sports including group photos, action
shots, copy, and complete scoreboards
and awards; and prom, graduation, an
index and autograph pages. Your yearbook
team can even generate additional
revenue by selling ad space in the back of
the supplement.
Cover Memories Important
to Students
I was fairly certain that the
next year’s graduating class
didn’t care about the previous
year’s senior prom, but I
decided to gather evidence.
We surveyed the senior class
to ask if they wanted last year’s
prom in their senior book. No
surprise–they didn’t. In addition,
fall and winter sports (football,
basketball and the like) were
included in yearbooks, but spring
sports were missing.
Do you want to send a message that
spring sports are less important than
the sports played earlier in the year?
Spring athletes buy your yearbook
too–shouldn’t they get the same
complete coverage that your football
players get?
Supplements are a Hit
I was determined that we would create
a spring supplement the next year and
we pulled it off. No one at our school had
ever heard of a spring supplement, much
less seen one. Although there was some
skepticism at first, when it came out the
students and staff were thrilled.
Prom, spring sports and graduation can all be
captured in a spring supplement to tell the entire
story of your school year. Consistent design
elements, such as the “de” treatments in the
headlines create a consistent look throughout
the yearbook.
Inspire • Spring 2011
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Great Spring Project for
the Staff
Creating a spring supplement gives your
staff a new yearbook mission in the spring.
They enjoy it, too! Divide the coverage up
among your staff equitably by assigning
each staff member with a spread and/or
sport, so no one individual gets stuck with
more work than another.
Build Interest at the Start of
the School Year
Supplements generate interest and
“buzz” during the first few weeks of
school, which can increase yearbook sales
and overall revenue. The excitement also
helps you recruit yearbook staff. Spring
supplements add an extra dimension to
make the yearbook even more special for
your students.
How to Create a Supplement
Our supplement is a soft cover,
full-color insert with a tape strip, so it can
be inserted into the previous year’s
book. The supplement is passed out
to the previous year’s underclassmen
around the third week of school and the
graduated seniors’ supplements are
mailed to their homes (be sure to get a list
of senior addresses before they graduate).
Everyone who buys a yearbook gets a
supplement as part of the price (but if
we have extra supplements, we sell
them for $5 each).
Setting up a supplement is very similar
to setting up your regular yearbook
pages. We use the same templates and
design styles. This past year, we moved
the spring sports group photos into the
actual yearbook. This change gave us a
few extra spreads for spring coverage and
ensured that all athletes were featured in
the yearbook. I
Why do a Spring Supplement?
• Capture all the spring sports and
activities that don’t make it into the
typical yearbook.
• Give your staff a new mission in the
spring after yearbook pages have been
• Build interest about the upcoming
yearbook during the first few weeks
of school.
• Generate additional yearbook
revenue with increased book sales and
additional ads.
• Tell the complete story of your
school year!
Tammy lEGG
Tammy Legg has been the adviser
at Union Grove High School for six
experience creating yearbooks, so her
first year was a bit of a shock. Since
then, Wolverscenes yearbooks have
won numerous awards from several
goal is to win a Gold Crown and
Pacemaker before she retires in
another nine years.
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