19th International Pediatric Conference entitled "Controversies in



19th International Pediatric Conference entitled "Controversies in
19th International Pediatric Conference entitled
"Controversies in Pediatrics: Pitfalls in Management"
Welcome MessageAhlan Wa Sahlan…….
We are delighted that Sultan Qaboos University is organizing its 19th International Pediatric
Conference entitled "Controversies in Pediatrics: Pitfalls in Management" in SQU
Conference Hall on 18th to 20th February 2016, as part of a continuous commitment to
quality improvement in Oman. Our carefully selected topics this year will cover the theme of
our event. These topics will be handled by the best international and regional faculty known
in their fields, and they will deliver the keynote addresses and lead workshops and symposia.
Oman, with a relatively young population, 40% being less than 15 years of age has surpassed
many developed countries especially in health care. State of the art diagnostic tools, excellent
therapeutic modalities, opening of new hospitals, upgrading old ones and adding so many
young local medical staff really made progress in health of children in this country. With an
infant mortality rate of 8 and near 100% immunization coverage, the focus has shifted for
achieving excellence in child care and rehabilitating children with chronic ailments to solving
the controversies that still exist in so many aspects of Child Health Care. Moreover, evidence
based guidelines are constantly changing. The conference will address these controversies and
alert the health workers in the pediatric field with the latest evidence based management.
Rest assured that you will have a very effective and educative scientific experience and I hope
you will find time to witness the performances at the multidisciplinary work of newly opened
"The Royal Opera House Muscat", showcasing rich and diverse artistic creations from Oman.
Visit to see the historic city of Muscat, with all its forts and castles, the blue ocean, beautiful
beaches, rocky mountains, landscapes and deserts.
Welcome to Oman.
Prof. Yasser Wali
Chairman,Organizing Committee
Sultan Qaboos University
Muscat Oman
Abstract Submission
Over All Criteria For Judging Abstract Presentations
Directly relevant to the conference theme
Contains a clear focus and communicates original ideas
It reports on a recently completed research project or a significant phase of the
5. Should have a practical use for the audience, and if theoretical, must include useful
6. Should be submitted within the deadline set for proposal submission. Any proposal
submitted after the deadline, will not be considered.
Format of the Abstract
1. The abstract including title, author's names, affiliation(s), and abstract text must not
exceed 200 words.
2. Arial font (10 Pt font size) is required for your complete abstract.
3. Please use single line spacing and justified style for paragraph.
4. Authors' names should be written in ALL CAPITAL letters using full last name and
initial(s). Presenting authors should be written in bold type and underlined.
5. Please provide the full postal and e-mail address of the presenting author on the
second page of the abstract template. We will correspond exclusively with the
corresponding author. Please assure to include a valid fax number and an e-mail
ABSTRACT TEXT: Do not include title or authors within the abstract text. GRAPHS and
TABLES should not be included in the Abstract. Dimension of the Poster Poster printing size
Height -120 cm (4 feet), width - 90 cm (3 feet).
Abstract Submission deadline is on
15th December 2015 and send it
via [email protected]

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