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Faculty of Geosciences
Responsible business? The
contribution of foreign land-based
agribusiness investments to local
sustainable development in Africa
Bram van Helvoirt – IDS UU
Faculty of Geosciences
Building on empirical studies
International Development Studies,
Utrecht University
LANDac – Netherlands Academy for Land
Foreign land-based agribusiness
investments in Sub-Saharan Africa
Contribution to sustainable and inclusive
local development and food security?
Faculty of Geosciences
Scope and methodology
• Empirical findings from Ethiopia and Kenya
• Company survey (22 in Ethiopia, 15 in
• In-depth interviews with entrepreneurs (12)
and their employees (63)
• Focus on Dutch companies engaged in
agricultural production and trade (e.g. cut
Faculty of Geosciences
Empirical findings
Land conversions and natural resources?
• Conversion from food crops and livestock to
cash crops
• Unclarity on previous land use and ownership
• Main water resources: boreholes and
rainwater collection, water saving
technologies, environmental impact
• Role of the state -> land governance
Faculty of Geosciences
Empirical findings
Local development and food security impact?
• Employment and income generation: financial
(in)dependence, meeting basic needs,
supporting family members, migrant workers
• Transfer of technology: limited local supply
linkages and transfer of knowledge and
technology, on-the-job training
• Food security: access and utilisation of food
affected by wages and working hours
Faculty of Geosciences
Lessons learned
Business and investment in support of
development – key interrelated areas of
• Transfer of undesirable activities?
• Resource competition?
• Replicable business models?
• Inclusive business?
• Contribution to food security?
Faculty of Geosciences
Thank you!
Interested to learn more?
• Follow the Food: impact of foreign
agribusiness investments on local food
security in Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana
• LANDac website:
• LANDac Masterclass: lessons learned in
multi-stakeholder land governance dialogue
(Friday, 11:00am – 12:30pm, MC C2-131)
Faculty of Geosciences

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