Assistant Vice Chancellor`s Student Activities Fund



Assistant Vice Chancellor`s Student Activities Fund
Associate Vice Chancellor’s Student Activities Fund
Guidelines and Restrictions
Guidelines for Funding in support of on-campus Student Programs:
Registered campus organizations or official student governments (USAC/GSA)
Criteria for funding are content-neutral.
To be eligible for funding, the program must:
 Be on-campus;
 Be student-initiated and student-managed;
 Provide a direct benefit to the UCLA community;
 Demonstrate clear goals and thorough planning;
 Present a balanced educational perspective; and
 Adhere to University policies, campus regulations, and established procedures.
 A significant number of UCLA students must be involved in planning and/or
participating in the program.
 Participation must be open to any interested UCLA student.
 At least 70% of the audience/participants should be UCLA community members
(i.e., students, faculty, staff, or other active BruinCard holders)
Funds will typically be awarded to assist with:
 Facilities/venue costs
 Daily Bruin or other on-campus advertising expenses
 Food/meal service that is essential to the program; funding for food/meal service
will be limited to those participants that are members of the UCLA community
Funds will typically not be awarded for:
Off-campus programs
On-going operating expenses of student organizations
Programs designed to raise funds for non-profit agencies or charities
Purchase or repair of equipment
Career fairs
Honoraria, performance fees, or travel expenses for performers/speakers
Decorations, flowers, or gifts to program participants
Parties or socials
Food/meal service for the general public/invited non-UCLA guests
Associate Vice Chancellor’s 2008-09 Student Activities Fund Application
Prior to completing an application, please review the attached guidelines and restrictions
A limited amount of funding is available to assist UCLA’s registered campus organizations and official
student governments in their on-campus programming efforts. This funding is intended to assist with a
portion of the expenses of myriad student programs and projects. Priority is given to programs that
reach the most students.
All funding allocations are content-neutral. Funding is allocated to eligible programs on a first come,
first served basis as applications are received.
A complete application must be received in the office of Student & Campus Life (1104 Murphy) not
later than two weeks prior to the event or the application may not be considered for funding.
Groups are strongly encouraged to submit applications early in their planning process.
Applicants will be contacted by e-mail at least one week prior to the event regarding a decision.
A completed application packet must include a completed Application (this form), including
1. A description of:
a. the program’s purpose and goals;
b. the number of UCLA students participating, a description of their roles;
and the program’s target audience; and
c. a method for evaluating the program
2. An itemized line-item budget detailing all costs of the program, and showing the source and
amount of all funds obtained from other sources. Quotes should be attached to substantiate the
Applications submitted without the signature of the organization’s CSP advisor will not be considered.
 Application for support for a registered campus organization or official student government program
Name of student organization: _____________________________________________
Contact Person:
(This individual will receive notification of funding decisions by e-mail; must be a signatory for the group)
Student Name:
Local Telephone #:
CSP Advisor:
E-Mail Address:
___________________________ Phone # ______________________
Signature: ____________________________
For S&CL Use Only
Received: _________________________________
Action: ____________________________________
By: ______________________________________
Applicant Notified: ___________________________
By: ________________________________________
Program/Event Overview
Program/Event Name:
Date & Time:
Participants & Audience:
UCLA Students
Estimated #:
Type of Participation:
UCLA Faculty/Staff
Expected #:
Expected #:
Program/Event’s purpose and goals:
Description of proposed program/event:
Ways in which your program/event is likely to advance UCLA goals and interests:
Scope and nature of student involvement in program/event design, planning and
Describe your organization’s experience producing similar programs/events in recent years:
Relationship of proposed program/event to other activities your organization has conducted
and/or will conduct in the 2009-10 year:
What are the risks associated with this program/event, and what steps have been taken to
manage those risks?
How will this program/project be evaluated?
NOTE: This funding is intended to assist with a portion of the expenses of programs initiated and managed by students.
To receive funding, you must demonstrate that you have enough funding from other sources that this will be a viable
program. The Associate Vice Chancellor typically funds no more than half the cost of a program.
(List ALL program expenses, and attach copies of estimates from campus service providers)
Facilities/Venue Costs (attach estimates)
Billed through campus service providers (University Events Office, ASUCLA, etc.)
Other (Describe):
On-Campus Advertising (e.g., Daily Bruin)
Other Publicity, Advertising, and Graphic Services
Risk Education/Risk Management Expenses
Disposable Supplies
Food/Meal Services for UCLA students
Food/Meal Services for other participants
Honoraria, Performance Fees, and Travel/Lodging
*Gifts/personal items for participants (e.g., T-shirts, flowers, awards etc.)
Other (Describe):
Other (Describe):
* University funding may not be used to purchase gifts or other personal items.
Student Government/ASUCLA:
Fund Raising:
Organization’s Contribution:
University Departments (List):
In-kind Sponsorships (Describe):
Other (Describe):
Total Confirmed Funding:
Student Government/ASUCLA:
Fund Raising:
Organization’s Contribution:
University Department (List):
In-kind Sponsorships (Describe):
Other (Describe):
Total Pending Funding:

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