Julabo Company Profile



Julabo Company Profile
Temperature Control
'Made in Germany'
Company Profile
Innovative Temperature Technology
The Management TEAM
Managing Directors
(seated from left to right)
Gerhard Juchheim
Markus Juchheim
Executive Management:
(from left to right)
Mario Ditella
Executive Management Assistant
Mark Bitterwolf
Director of Marketing & Sales
Ralf Wurth
Director of Finance & Human Resources
The Company
JULABO sets the benchmark
JULABO has always worked true to ist mission 'innovation, quality and
competence'. As a result, the company has developed to be one of the leading
manufacturers for demanding temperature control technology.
Since 1967, JULABO has significantly contributed to the development and
advancement of liquid temperature control technology. The company has set
many standards by consistently introducing product innovations.
Through decades of technical know-how and experience, JULABO developed
its broad product portfolio. JULABO continuously strives to meet and exceed
its customers' demands. JULABO's leading market position is strengthened
through continuous investments as well as the highest degree of commitment by
JULABO team members.
Our global strategy is to have a truly worldwide presence with both subsidiaries
and qualified partners. As a result, JULABO offers a tight distribution network
and a leading-edge service structure.
JULABO continues to be synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability as
well as outstanding customer service.
JULABO exhibits its products at many international trade shows and fairs.
The corporate headquarters of JULABO Labortechnik GmbH are
located in the scenic village of Seelbach (Black Forest) in the triangle
where Germany, Switzerland and France share common borders.
Facts about Julabo
"Our work focuses on the result and on
our customers' demands. True to our
company philosophy, we never avoid
challenges but always look for the ideal
solution as a team."
Gerhard Juchheim & Markus Juchheim
Managing Directors
JULABO Facts & Figures
JULABO is a dynamic enterprise with motivated
employees and a long history of success.
• Founded in 1967
• Founder and owner: Gerhard Juchheim
• Corporate headquarters in Seelbach/Black Forest (Germany)
• Company name formed out of JUchheim LABOrtechnik GmbH
• 10 000 sqm floor space at the corporate headquarters in Seelbach
• More than 250 employees worldwide
• Nine JULABO divisions
• More than 100 distribution partners worldwide
• Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 since 1994
• Over 250 000 temperature control instruments sold worldwide
• A number of trademarks and patents
JULABO instruments are used in:
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Semiconductor industry
• Automobile and aircraft industry
• Universities, colleges and institutes
• Biotechnology / biology
• Food and cosmetics industry
• Medicine / hospitals / dental labs
• Steel industry
• Plastic industry
• Optical industry
• And many more
Innovation & Quality
"JULABO has a worldwide reputation for
innovative temperature control technology. To live
up to these expectations, we are continuously
working on new groundbreaking solutions for our
customers. We utilize modern technology to
provide ease of operation, thus allowing the user
to complete his tasks quickly and effectively."
Bernd Rother
R & D Manager
Well-Engineered Technology
for Demanding Requirements
Working conditions of our temperature control instruments are often extreme:
large temperature differences, aggressive fluids and long operating times must
not affect the functionality of the equipment. Accordingly, the material and
technology demands are quite high. Our products satisfy the highest demands
under the most difficult conditions. To achieve this, JULABO consistently
invests in modern development and construction methods. In our Research
and Development Department, highly qualified engineers and technicians are
working on future temperature control solutions.
JULABO is one of the first companies in Germany to be certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 (since 1994). Each unit manufactured by JULABO
conforms to the highest national, European, and international standards. In
every production phase, each production group and each unit run through
numerous tests. A sophisticated Quality Management guarantees that only
technologically superior products of the highest quality are shipped from our
facility. Our products offer complete traceabilty and accurate analyses.
Modern Production
"At JULABO all production processes are monitored by
our engineers and technicians. Thus our knowledge
and our awareness for quality are incorporated into
each unit from the start. This guarantees consistent
high quality for all of our products."
Bodo Ringwald
Head of Production Planning and Control
Top Level Manufacturing
Modern production technologies have been implemented for manufacturing
JULABO products. The various production units within the company use
computer controlled equipment for metal treatment, production of printed
circuit boards, surface treatment, and for refrigeration systems manufacturing.
This allows for consistently high quality of all production runs.
During the entire production process complex functional testing is performed
in order to achieve the best quality and reliability. Demanding customers from
the fields of research and industry benefit from our customer-oriented, highquality solutions.
Quality testing unit for
printed circuit boards
CNC punching machine
Hubert Kirsch
Christian Walker
Winfried Merk
Daniel Eble
Livius Schüssele
Ralph Roch
Christian Vögele
Konrad Hach
Christine Kauschke
Petra Schmidt
Sena Vögele
Birgit Götz
Ina Paré
Elke Oschwald
Katharina Vernier Fierro
Joachim Haake
Klaus Maier
Michael Sauer
Salvatore Mobilia
Danny Singrin
Ariane Paul
Customer Support
Hans Faisst
Technical Service
Our Service for YOU!
Consulting Service and Sales
Mark Bitterwolf
Service for Our Customers
"We have been cooperating with many of our customers
for numerous years. The full exchange of experience and
know-how results in mutually beneficial and close
business relationships. We use this synergy to develop
new products and to help our customers with
professional and courteous consultations."
Mark Bitterwolf
Director of Marketing & Sales
Cooperative Partnership
based on Trust and Confidence
JULABO has more than 250 motivated employees with common goals: Highest
satisfaction of our customers, highest quality of our products and services, as
well as continuous expansion of our market position.
Customer proximity and a high level of confidence combined with an open
communication policy are crucial factors for us. Additionally we offer what is
often missing elsewhere: flexibility and a high motivation to exceed the
increasing customer demands in global markets.
Facilities for Research and Development, Production and Marketing and Sales
are located at our headquarters in Seelbach. JULABO is active around the globe
with divisions in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Singapore, China, Korea,
India and South America, as well as a network of more than 100 distribution
Future-oriented Technology
"JULABO instruments help users perform their
application tasks more rapidly and efficiently.
Practical functions and features, as well as easy
operation, are additional great benefits.”
Hans Faisst
Sales Manager (domestic markets)
A Broad Product Line
offers Solutions for All Applications
The JULABO program includes cost-effective instruments for routine
applications as well as high-end solutions for the most demanding temperature
control tasks. A large selection of accessories and software solutions for lab
automation complement the product line.
Our products have gained increased significance in global markets. JULABO
temperature control technology is used in research labs and industry around
the world.
Heating Immersion Circulators • Open Heating Bath Circulators • Heating Circulators
Cryo-Compact Circulators • Refrigerated/Heating Circulators • Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators
High Temperature Circulators • Calibrations Baths • Visco Baths
4for internal and external temperature applications
Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems
'Presto' and 'Magnum 91' Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems
4for demanding external temperature applications
Temperature Controllers, Programmer
Temperature Controllers • Programmable Controller • Programmer
4for measuring, controlling, monitoring functions
Cooling devices
Recirculating Coolers • Industrial Recirculating Coolers • Flow-Through Cooler
Immersion Coolers
4for many cooling applications in laboratories and industries
Water Baths
Water Baths • Shaking Water Baths • Water Baths for Dental Applications
4for temperature applications in the bath tank
Software, Lab Automation
Software programs • Lab Automation • Networking • Profibus
4for process optimization of JULABO products
Service on the Spot
around the Globe
"JULABO has set up a worldwide network offering
excellent support capabilities. With subsidiaries
and service partners in almost every country
worldwide we provide our customers with
solutions for all questions concerning temperature
Joachim Haake
Head of Technical Service Center
Our Service for YOU!
Consultation and Service
Whenever Needed
It is our commitment to be available whenever
our customers need consultation or technical
service. We feel that after-sales support is
indispensable for long-term and successful
partnerships. Optimal solutions have to meet
the requirements precisely. Therefore we are
always aware of what is important to our
customers in order to provide excellent service.
More Information
For more information on JULABO, products
and service, please visit our website
Innovative Temperature Technology
77960 Seelbach / Germany
+49 7823 51-0
+49 7823 2491
[email protected]
JULABO Nr. 1.931.4000/0907

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