First Week of Staff Meetings Walking through one of our five core



First Week of Staff Meetings Walking through one of our five core
First Week of Staff Meetings
Walking through one of our five core values each day of the week
MONDAY / Gospel Growth @ Verge’s
 Music of the Gospel and helping others to hear the music of the
 Personal Development Plan & Position Focus
 Planning your week –
o Creating blocks (Staff meetings, MPD/Admin, Discipleship,
Ministry Team responsibilities, Time with the Lord, Follow-up or
o Managing email and tasks – use exercise from my “Time” Gifts
of God bible study
o Staff meeting times (Mon, Wed, Fri)
 Afternoon assignment: Personal Development Plan & Weekly
 Staff fun: Dinner at Chad and Kelly’s house
MTL meetings: Lindsey (Mom’s PDP)
TUESDAY / Healthy Community @ Zach’s
 Coffee/breakfast at Zach’s
 Team Norms
 Non-sucky staff meetings
 Technology orientation (Google Drive, Email, Web, Staff web, etc.)
 Ministry teams overview / How to lead your ministry team
 Afternoon assignment: Ministry Team Planning
MTL meetings: Geo (Weekly Meeting team), Sam and Andrea
(Discipleship Team)
WEDNESDAY / Missional Living @ Radina’s
 Google Hangout interview with Michael Brown
 Lost to Laborer Spectrum
 4 AIMS – Thinking through different areas of campus and beyond.
Visually layout the campus on the white board. Figure out who is
going to be focusing on each area.
 First week planning (surveys, follow-up, parties, weekly meeting)
 Afternoon Assignment: Share our faith together in the Union during
MTL meetings: Kelly & Lindsey (Community life) and Chrissy (Connection
THURSDAY / Multiplying Leaders @ Bluestem / 9:45AM-12PM
 Who are our leaders and what are they doing?
 Talk about leading through students not around them
 Pray for them by name and pray for new leaders to be raised up
 Each staff give 3-minute overview of their ministry team strat plan
 Talk about first six weeks
 Afternoon Assignment: Call a student leader and encourage them
 Staff fun: Dinner at Chad and Kelly’s House
MTL meetings: Andy (Production Team) and Jeff (Evangelism Team)
FRIDAY / Campus Renewal @ Union / 9:30AM
 Prayer walk - split staff team up to walk through and pray in the
different buildings on campus (meet in the big hall - Joshua/moses
transition – promised land – so much land on campus to cover yet)
Staff Meetings Ideas
*start each one from a passage of Scripture.
Community Book – Discuss Part 1 (chapters 1-3)
Stages of a Leader
Morning of Reflection
Myers Briggs
Mid-Semester Evaluation (look at core values)
Position Focus & Ministry Team Evaluation (Meet with everyone
individually all day)
7. Morning of Reflection
8. Community Book – Discuss Part 2 (chapters 4-8)
9. Creating a Vision Plan for Student Leaders
10. How To Make a Decision
11. Morning of Reflection
12. Leaders at Risk
13. Semester End Evaluation
Stages of a Leader – the book I read (keep outlining it)
Leaders at Risk
Watching the video or Discussing “The Music of the Gospel: Pointing
ourselves to Christ as we read Scripture” (Great, but long article)
Creating a Vision Plan for Student Leaders – Use the training notes for this
in the document “Vision Casting Ideas [Resource for MTLs].pdf”
Leaders at Risk – Use Mark’s notes from MTL training to talk about staff
seeing red flags in their life. There might be something on CruPress green
too. Not sure. There are some blog articles I found that might be helpful.
Staff prayer walk on campus
Have staff send out prayer update the night before we follow-up all the
fresh contacts.
Go over Cycles of momentum
Evangelism Ideas – Try web site
Soularium Video on Crupress green about that outreach
Sometime: “Would you want to talk about your story sometime?
Go over the How to Lead a Missional Team Meeting or Non-Sucky staff
team meeting docs. This will really be good in setting up expectations for
staff meetings.
How to Make a Decision (with my story painted in of deciding to leave
staff) – using notes from Decisive
Personal Applications
First week – Pay 7 students $20 to put contacts into missionhub for 2 hours
Take greater steps to “bond” with those on the team.
Casting vision – Have seniors stand up at the end of the school year. Have
the people that have been impacted by them stand up. Then have the
people who have been impacted by the people they’ve impacted stand
up. Almost everyone in the room will be standing. Great at casting vision!
Betrothing talk analogies:
 Our main purpose is to betroth people to Jesus. We need to get out
of the way and point people to Jesus.
 Our aim should be to “move the bus” – from the show Extreme
Makeover. When the bus moves people see their new house. It’s
more beautiful than they ever would have imagined. It’s
overwhelming in how much was done for them. It’s totally
undeserved. We as Cru MTLs need to be bus movers.
Have Kelly Verge lead a 5 Things meeting with seniors. There is a sheet and
worksheet in the MTL folder under assignments.
Empowering others – In order to empower and multiply leaders I need to:
1) Become less absorbed with myself and more absorbed with the gifts
and potential in others, 2) spend more time thinking about how to equip
others and spend time with them talking about it (putting it in my
schedule) and 3) have more confidence in the Lord that he can use
others and keep things under control
1) I would “shake the dust off my feet” earlier. This past year my eyes
have been opened. I’m doing a lot of the same things I’ve always
been doing but in a different place. The campus I’m at now is
growing and thriving. But, I had to have my arm pulled to get here.
Part of my problem is that I tried too hard for over 5 years to work in
a few areas of campus that weren’t producing any fruit. I should
have moved on much more quickly. I’m not suggesting investing
somewhere for a few months and move on. But, if nothing is
happening after a few years you have to move on. The same goes
for individual students who aren’t bearing fruit after a significant
amount of coaching.
2) I would spend the majority of my time working “through” not
“around” students. I tried really hard to align students to a variety of
good things. But, when they didn’t step up I did. There are certain
things that only staff can do. Sometimes, staff members need to do
things in the beginning to get the ball rolling. But, I’ve found that we
are too easily tempted to do a great project ourselves rather than
wait for a student leader to come along and do it. We are like
parents who do all the chores for their kids rather than having the
patience to teach them or waiting on them to do it. If I could go
back I would spend less time doing great things to make myself feel
better or look like our ministry is doing better for the sake of
empowering students and relieving stress.
3) I would spend less time planning events and more time developing
leaders. There is a temptation to spend the majority of our staff
meetings talking about details for outreaches, fall retreats, and
other important events. For a while this gave me a good feeling. It
felt like we were being productive. But we weren’t. Even though we
had the impression that all of our planned events were making a
difference our movements weren’t growing that much. Sometimes
we forget that we came on staff to make disciples more so than
great events. Now, if our events are making disciples than it is worth
it. But you get what I mean. Sometimes during staff meetings we let
easier, urgent details crowd out the important things. This past year
I’ve tried to limit the time we spend on event details and spend
more time figuring out how to better equip our students on the
basics of ministry – evangelism, disciple-making, and leading
missional small bible studies. The best way we’ve found to do this is
to have two different staff meetings. On Monday, after an hour of
prayer, we talk about the weekly meeting and other upcoming
events. On Wednesday we only talk about ministry health,
discipleship, evangelism, developing leaders, and other crucial
topics that help us to lead our people and ministries more
4) I wouldn’t take a risk on recruiting staff or student leaders with
questionable character. I love the work of ministry and have a huge
desire for success. Therefore, I am prone to taking risks to move the
ministry ship forward at a fast pace. But the one thing I have
learned not to take a risk on is the character of staff and student
leaders. This is a huge area of tension for me. On one hand, I’ve
been taught that to expand a ministry you need greater critical
mass. The most important thing you can as a leader more laborers!
But in the process of selection I have given in to the temptation to
overlook the negative 10% for the positive 90% that they will bring to
the table. More bible studies. More spiritual conversations. It all
sounds good – until your personal life, staff team, and Cru
reputation is on the line. Don’t do it. Settle for growth apart from
that leader trusting that God will take care of you and grow the
ministry without them. It’s not worth it.

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