city of park ridge residential guide to refuse and recycling services



city of park ridge residential guide to refuse and recycling services
The City of Park Ridge has a contract with Republic Services / ARC Disposal and Recycling,
Inc. (ARC) for an automated refuse and recycling program. This program promotes recycling
within our community.
The Public Works Department manages the refuse contract and acts as the liaison between the
residents and Republic Services / ARC.
ARC Disposal and Recycling
(847) 981-0091
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Public Works Department
(847) 318-5227, 5228, or 5240
Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
COLLECTION DAYS: Refuse, recycling and yard waste will be collected on the same day, once per week,
except as modified during holiday weeks. Multi-family dwellings may have additional collections.
All materials must be placed outside after 3 p.m. the day before or before 7 a.m. on the morning of the
SCHEDULED HOLIDAYS: There will be no collection on the following days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
If a holiday falls on a weekday and your regularly scheduled pickup is on or after the holiday, your pickup
will be delayed by one day, with Friday collections being done on Saturday.
MISSED COLLECTIONS: Please call Republic Services / ARC at (847) 981-0091 to report a missed pickup.
Missed pickups will be collected on the next working day.
ALLEY COLLECTION: Homes with alley collection must place their refuse, recycling and yard waste in the
REFUSE CARTS: Republic Services / ARC will provide each residence with one (1) 95-gallon green
wheeled cart for refuse. The wheeled carts are the property of Republic Services / ARC and are to be left
at the residence when the property is sold. Residents may contact the Public Works Department to
arrange for an alternate cart size.
All refuse must be placed in the cart. Occasional overflow refuse may be containerized in a can or bag,
not to exceed 33 gallons in capacity or 50 pounds in weight.
RECYCLING CARTS: Republic Services / ARC will provide one 65-gallon blue wheeled cart for recycling.
The wheeled carts are the property of Republic Services / ARC and are to be left at the residence when
the property is sold. Residents may contact the Public Works Department to arrange for an alternate cart
All recyclables may be mixed in your blue recycling cart.
CHANGES IN ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: Due to changes in Illinois’s electronics recycling law, beginning
January 1, 2012 residents will no longer be able to place any electronic products in their refuse or
recycling for disposal. Republic Services /ARC Disposal will not collect these items. Please visit for a complete list of disposal options.
LANDSCAPE WASTE: Landscape materials must be contained in a two-ply, thirty gallon wet strength Kraft
paper bag or a 95-gallon cart that may be purchased from ARC; plastic bags may not be used. Please
contact Republic Services / ARC at (847) 981-0091 for current pricing and to purchase these carts.
Landscape collection begins the first Monday of April and runs through mid December.
BRANCH AND BRUSH COLLECTION: The City of Park Ridge stopped collecting brush and branches for
chipping in September 2009. Termination of this program was due to cost-cutting measures and resulting
staff layoffs.
Republic Services / ARC Disposal will begin its annual collection of yardwaste the first full week of April.
At that time branches under three (3) inches in diameter and five (5) feet in length can be tied together in
bundles weighing less than 50 pounds for collection with regular yard waste. Twigs and small brush can
be broken up and placed in large paper yard bags (not plastic) or in special yard waste carts for collection
by Republic Services / ARC Disposal on your regularly scheduled garbage day. Please note that in areas
with alley collection, all yardwaste is collected in the alley as well.
Until the seasonal yardwaste collection begins, yardwaste and branches may not be left out for collection.
Violators who leave these materials out may be fined a minimum of $50.
Residents with larger branches will need to contact a tree service company or landscaper to arrange for
Christmas tree pickup for chipping will be the second week of January on your regular garbage day.
Trees should be placed curbside and be free of any bags, wires, lights or decoration.
BULK WASTE: Items that are too large to fit into your refuse cart, but do not exceed 50 pounds in weight,
may be placed along side your cart for collection.
These items include: mattresses, barbecue grills, furniture, carpet rolls (must be rolled, not to exceed 5’
in length or 50 pounds), bicycles, lawnmowers and snow blowers (fluids must be removed), exercise
equipment, plumbing fixtures, and swing sets (not to exceed 6’ in length, no exposed nails).
If you are cleaning or moving out of your home and have a large quantity of trash or furniture for disposal,
a special collection will be required. Please contact Republic Services / ARC Disposal for pricing for
special collections.
Small amounts of household construction debris (not to exceed 1 cubic yard, nor more than 50 pounds in
weight, or over 5 feet in length, no exposed nails) may be placed in your refuse cart each week. These
materials include items from remodeling and repairs, brick, broken concrete and rock.
Large amounts, over 1 cubic yard, will be collected at an additional charge. Please contact Republic
Services / ARC prior to your scheduled pickup day to make arrangements for payment and collection.
SPECIAL SERVICES: Special services include back door pickup and dumpster rental and are available for
an additional charge. Please contact Republic Services / ARC for available services and pricing
WHITE GOODS / TIRES: State law prohibits the landfilling of large residential appliances (white goods) and
tires. These items will not be collected as bulk items. White goods include: stoves, ovens, washing
machines and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters and softeners, trash
compactors, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.
You may contact Republic Services / ARC directly at (847) 981-0091 for current pricing and to arrange for
curbside collection of these items.
RECYCLING: The City of Park Ridge encourages its residents to recycle. The following is a list of
recyclable materials that are accepted:
Mixed Paper- includes junk mail (no wax paper windows), cereal boxes (no inner wax paper),
catalogs, gift boxes, paper bags and books (no hard covers)
Corrugated cardboard (no larger than 3’ x 3’)
Glass bottles or jars – clear, green or brown glass
Aluminum – rinsed beverage cans, trays, or foil
Steel, tin, bi-metal cans
Waxed or polycoated beverage containers
Milk, pop and water bottles or jugs
Plastic buckets, 5 gallons or less, without metal handles
Plastic containers identified with the following codes:
Plastic bags are not accepted. Plastic bags can usually be returned to the store where items were

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