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Training - Interactive Design Services
Homebush Bay Rail Link
700 lineal metres of precast concrete arch
9 different profiles.
 900 units.
8 x 2.5 to 19 x 8
Reinforced soil with precast concrete facing.
6 bridges.9,000 Square metres.
 Aquatic centre basement walls, 3,000 square metres
 3 different panel types/finishes.
Reinforced soil with steel mesh facing.
2,000 square metres.
 Arch foundations plus basement walls.
Precast Concrete Arches
2 piece, 3 pinned precast concrete arch system
Advanced design techniques and a flexible
moulding system supplies a customised shape and
size to suit your needs
Arch Design
Finite Element Analysis
Elasto-plastic soil properties with
varying elastic modulus (“Duncan
model”); concrete linear elastic
 Vertical and horizontal soil pressure
and soil structure interaction
determined by finite element analysis
 Construction sequence modelled in the
analysis, including compaction loading
 Friction elements to allow slip between
soil and arch
Arch Construction
Once the first 4 units are installed, 1 crane can be
used for installation
Constraints on Arch Design
Cover over crown of arch
 Volume of excavation
 Stability under train impact loading
 Complex geometry
 Waterproofing of the precast joints
Typical Arch Sections
Arch Profiles
Twin Tunnels and the
Section Through Twin Arches
Arches supported on steel mesh
faced reinforced soil walls
Fast-track design and construct programme
Driven tunnel reduced disruption
Architectural finishes developed in conjunction with
architects and suppliers
Precast arch solution to the cut and cover tunnels provided
economic and rapid construction without loss of
construction flexibility
Design applied principles of Ecologically Sustainable
Reinforced soil and arch structures are inherently energy
efficient, using soil-structure interaction to utilise the
compressive strength of soil
Green concrete at the Homebush Bay
Rail Link

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