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V. Anil Kumar, IAS
VC & Managing Director
CIRCULAR NO: Accts. 57
Date: 22.11.2013
Sub: APSCSCL – Finance & IA Section – Development of Software by
NIC for paddy and levy rice procurement – Non utilisation of
Software – issue of instructions for making day to day entries of
paddy purchases – Reg.
Ref: 1. This Office Circular No. 54 Dt: 20.09.2013.
2. This Office Circular No. 50, Dt: 30.04.2013.
3. Guidelines for utilisation of software, Dt: 30.04.2013.
-0o0The attention of the District Managers is invited to the circular 1st cited
wherein instructions have been issued to utilize the software developed and
hosted in NIC website for the purpose of procurement of paddy under MSP
and procurement of levy rice under DCP operations. Apart from imparting
required training to the Assistant Manager (Accts.) and Accountants of the
District Offices detailed guidelines were issued vide reference 2nd & 3rd cited.
The guidelines are also hosted in the website for immediate reference.
The District Managers were also advised to impart necessary training
to IKP/PPC staff and godown staff to acquaint them in usage of the software
as the software is designed to make necessary entries of purchase of paddy,
movement of paddy from IKP to rice millers at IKP/PPC level itself so that the
paddy procurement, movement of paddy from IKP to rice mills can be
monitored besides updating the purchase day book (O.E.–IV) of the
Corporation in e – accounts. The entry of paddy purchases and issue of
paddy to rice mills if done at IKP/PPC level on real time basis and necessary
entries with regard to delivery of CMR rice by rice mills is done at District
Office, Corporation can monitor easily the paddy accounts of IKP/PPC and
rice mills as provision is already made in the software towards subsidiary
registers of IKP/PPC centres and rice mills. This will enable the Corporation to
have more control to monitor the status of procurement of paddy, availability
of paddy with the millers, CMR dues so that better persuasion can be made
with millers for delivery of CMR rice.
In this connection it is to inform that even though 2.37 lakh mts of
paddy valued at Rs. 318.86 crore was procured in the districts of Karimangar,
Nalgonda, Warangal, Nizamabad, Mahabubnagar, Medak, Ranga Reddy,
Khammam and Adilabad till 22.11.2013, no entries of paddy purchases are
made in the DCP accounts. It is needless to mention that when Corporation is
spending huge amount towards purchase of paddy there is absolute
necessary to make purchase entries in the DCP accounts for better control
and to have accounts upto date. When Corporation is paying huge
commission to the agencies who are procuring paddy on behalf of
Corporation it is their primary responsibility to account for the quantity
procured and they have to necessarily make entries in Corporation DCP
accounts as per our requirement. Hence they must be made to make
necessary entries of purchase of paddy and movement of paddy to have real
time data to assess funds requirement and also to transfer necessary funds to
In this connection it is to inform that Corporation has to furnish various
reports to State Government, RBI and GOI and unless day to day posting of
the details of purchase of paddy, movement of paddy to rice mills and deliver
of CMR rice by millers is made, it would be extremely difficult for the
Corporation to furnish required reports and monitor the procurement
In view of the above said position all the District Managers are hereby
directed to impart necessary training to IKP/PPC and godown assistants etc.,
in usage of software immediately and ensure that the data is posted on day to
day basis.
Further the District Managers are also directed to make required
entries within three days for the procurement of paddy already done and
payment is made and ensure that in future entries are made on real time
The receipt of the circular shall be acknowledged.
Sd/- Sri V. Anil Kumar
VC & Managing Director
General Manager (Finance) FAC
All the District Managers, APSCSCL
Copy to all the Joint Collectors & EOED, APSCSCL.
Copy to GM (MKT), GM (PDS) and GM (A&V)

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