Čeští olympijští vítězové



Čeští olympijští vítězové
Project Comenius
Our favourite sport activity
in Primary School called Sluníčko
Our favourite sport activity 
• Every school year our school goes to the
Beskydy mountains to enjoy the week full of fun,
sport and physical activities. This special week
full of enjoyment is called 'Outdoor School'
• 'Outdoor School' is the process of taking children
to a camp during school time for a period of
usually 5 days for the purpose of extending the
curriculum through learning in the outdoors.
The Outdoor school
in the Beskydy mountains
• We enjoyed 5 unforgetable days in the Beskydy mountains.
Our school arrived on Monday 9th September and left on
Friday 13th September.
• We stayed in the hotel called Kyčerka 
The Outdoor school
in the Beskydy mountains
• The Beskydy Mountains are an ideal place for spending a nice active
week with the schoolmates Besides their beautiful nature, you can
enjoy several monuments of folk architecture here, especially the
unique wooden churches and buildings. Walking along the mountain
paths offers breath-taking views and natural scenery.
The physical activities during
our outdoor school 
• Hiking
• Running uphill
• Playing volleyball
• Walking and sightseeing
• Dancing
• Playing croquet
• Playing beach volleyball
We enjoyed our sportive week, hope you
like our presentation too 
Thank you for your attention.
Pupils from Sluníčko

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