Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses


Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses
Ancient Greek
Gods and Goddesses:
The Olympians
(and Hades)
By: Mrs. Alessi’s
5th grade class
• Zeus roman name is Jupiter.
• Zeus is the king of the gods.
• Relatives-bothers Hades and
Poseidon, wife Hera, sister
Demeter, daughter Athena.
• Zeus symbol-thunderbolt
• Zeus is the dad of almost
every god.
• This is the symbol for
the Greek god
Poseidon he controls
the sea.
• The symbols name
was Neptune.
• Family-Zeus ,Triton ,
Hades ,and Demeter.
God of sun, music,
poetry, prophecy, sun,
healing, and the plague
Roman name ~Apollo~
Relatives~ twin sister
Atemis, father Zeus,
mortal mother Leto
Symbol~ lyre
He defeated the snake
who killed his mother
Aphrodite: goddess of
love and beauty.
• Roman name is Venus.
• Symbols are seashells
and a dove
• Zeus father, Hephaestus
staged husband, and
harmonia daughter.
Her Girdle, which has
magical powers to compel
• By Katrina rose Scott
by bryson morgret
Ares Rome name is
mars. Ares is father is
Zeus my mother is
Hera my
grandparents are
Kronos and Rhea my
great grand parents
are Gaea and
Ouranos my uncles
are Hades and
Poseidon. This is Ares
symbol. Ares is the
god of war.
By: McKenna  
Artemis is the goddess of the
Hunt & Moon
Zeus was her father, a mortal
mother named Leto, Apollo is her
twin brother.
Her roman name is Diana
Artemis’s sacred animal is the
snake and deer.
Her symbol is the crescent moon
plus a bow & arrow through the
She has white timber wolves by
her side while she hunts. She also
has a moon chariot which is
pulled by two stags
Artemis was born before Apollo,
which, she helped her mother
Plus, interesting fact, Artemis
HATED men.
Minerva was her
roman name.
Goddess of wisdom
and war.
Her parents are Zeus
and titan Metis.
Her symbol was an
People built the
Parthenon in memory
of Athena.
This power point was
made by Brianna Rose
Goddess of: harvest
Roman name: Ceres
Symbol: Handful of
harvested wheat
Zeus kidnapped
Persephone (daughter
of Demeter), Demeter
refuses to let crops
grow until she gets her
daughter back
Made by: Kayla Canas
Goddess of the hearth/home
Hestia’s roman name is
Venus [niece], Zeus
[brother], Apollo [nephew]
and Gaea [grandmother]
Symbol: Pigs, California
• Deena, Zach S.
god of the forge, fire smiths and metalworking
Its Roman name is Vulcan
His symbol is a man working on some sort
of weapon
His relatives are Zeus, Hera (parents),
Ares, Eileithyia, Eris, Hebe, Apollo,
Dionysus, Hercules, Hermes, Artemis,
Athena and Persephone (Siblings)
One day Hephaestus caught Ares and his
X-wife Aphrodite in a life raft naked and he
trapped them using a near invisible rope.
After that he dragged them up to Mount.
Olympus to show to the other Olympians.
(They laughed)
By: John S.
Hera by: alexandra
Hera is the goddess of marriage and
Juno is her roman name
Cronus is her father, Rhea is her mother,
Oceanus is her foster mother, Thetys is foster
father, Hestia is her sister, Demeter is her
sister, Poseidon is her brother, Hades is her
brother, Zeus is her brother and husband,
Ares is her son, Hephaestus is her son,
Eileithyia is her daughter, and Hebe is her
Her symbols are pomegranate, peacock, a lily,
a cow, an orange tree, an apple tree, and a
willow tree
 She is known to be the most beautiful of all
goddesses, even beating out Aphrodite
Hermes the god of mail
Hermes father is Zeus and his mom is Main.
Hermes symbol is the two headed phoneinx.
Hermes roman name is Mercury.
By Conner Peacha A,K,A Pokemaster.
His roman name is Pluto.
Parent are Cronos and Reah
brothers are Poseiden and
His symbol is a two pronged
God of the underworld
He has a dog named