Week 9 Newsletter 2015



Week 9 Newsletter 2015
Newtown Athletic Club
Week 9
In This Issue
This summer is quickly coming to an end, but it is with a smile on our face
that we can say that each week has been better than the last. We are sad to
see it go, but we can’t help but think of all of the great times we’ve had
together this summer.
This past week, half day specialty camps Superhero, Princess and Whales
Tales all joined us for a great week. NACster also kept everything fun and
exciting this week building rockets, having a Nuke-em tournament and
weekly field trip was even a good time! As far as our full day specialty
camps go, Act It Out, Lego City and Xtreme Warrior joined us this week as
well. Act It Out campers made their own movie about Minions, Lego City
made their own Lego-shape Jolly Ranchers and Xtreme Warrior made some
delicious sweet potato fries and got in serious shape.
Camp NAC, Making Summer Better!
This Week
NACster goes to the
Laser Combat Sleepover
Camp Champs!
Next Week at Camp
NACster and Teen Travel campers enjoyed themselves on their field trip
this past week! This week, they went to the Oxford Valley movie theater.
NACster campers watched the new Minions movie and Teen Travel
campers saw Jurassic World. Next week, NACster will be going to
Giggleberry Fair and the Teens will be going to the beach. This will
definitely be a lot of fun so you sign up before it’s too late!
Next Thursday is our second Camp Sleepover of the
summer. Our last Color Games-themed sleepover
was a success and we expect this one will be even
better. The sleepover will be Laser Combat-themed
and we will be going night swimming as well as
playing laser tag!
Camp NAC, Making Summer Better!
Our Week 9 counselor of the week is
Kirsten. She is one of our Lego City
counselors and is always a great example
for her campers. She always makes sure
they are listening and having fun! She is
currently a Biochemistry major at St.
Andrews and we can’t wait to have her on
staff again next year.
Our girl Camp Champ of the week this
week is Amanda. She is in our Lego
City camp and absolutely loves it. Her
favorite part of this week was building
a large Lego town. Amanda is always
such a huge help to her counselors and
is even nicer to her other campers.
This week’s boy Camp Champ is Tyler! Tyler
is in our NACster Variety Day Camp and he
is always willing to help out his counselors.
His favorite part about camp is hanging out
with his friends, especially when they play
Run the Bases.
Camp NAC, Making Summer Better!
Contact Us!
Join us next week and learn
all about the many wonders
of physics through different
experiments, games and
activities. In this camp we
will be learning about
different types of matter
and how it moves. Come
join us next week in this
fun and educational camp!
120 Pheasant Run
Newtown, PA
215.968.0600 x7
[email protected]
Pirate Island
Our adventure to Pirate’s Island is
quickly approaching.
We will be sailing there by
ship, embarking on a
massive treasure hunt and
even dodging traps. But
beware, watch out for other
pirates or you may have to
walk the plank.
Amanda Brown
Camp Director
[email protected]
Kelsey Brown
Assistant Camp Director
[email protected]
Camp NAC, Making Summer Better!