DRR Newsletter Issue IV



DRR Newsletter Issue IV
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
November 2015
Issue IV
District Rotaract Representative’s
Monthly Newsletter
DRR’s Message
RI Presidential message
K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran
President 2015-16
November 2015
One sunny morning at the end of June 1991, a van drove through the busy, rushhour streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Winding through traffic to a northern suburb,
the van arrived at the Forward Command Headquarters of the Defense Ministry.
Security guards stopped it for inspection. When they did, the two suicide bombers
driving the van detonated their cargo: thousands of kilograms of plastic explosives.
Dear Rotaractors,
I hope you had a wonderful time this
Dashain. It was exciting to see various
clubs and zones doing greeting card
exchange programs and fellowship
programs. Also thank you to the
participating clubs in the Greeting
Card Exchange Program organized
by the District. The month of October
was truly a month with heightened
spirit of fellowship.
As we step on to the month of
November, I am glad to say that
Rotaract District is organizing two
major events i.e the Late Sachin
Memorial Blood Donation Camp
and Rota Quiz. I hope you are
enthusiastic about these events
as your participation contributes
towards making these kinds of events
huge and happening. During the past
few months I have seen a lot of events
going on at Rotaract. Continue on
that, focus on your SAP area and your
Flagship Project and keep promoting
Wish you a happy Diwalai and Chaat.
With best regards,
Rtr. Samir Nepal
District Rotaract Representative
Rotary International District 3292
The roof of the building was blown off completely. Debris was strewn for blocks. In
total, 21 people were killed and 175 people injured, among them many pupils of
the girls’ school next door. More than a kilometer away, the blast shattered every
window in my home. My wife raced toward the sound of the explosion – toward our
daughter’s school.
Our daughter was then nine years old. That morning, she had forgotten her pencil
case at home. At the moment of the blast, she was coming out of a stationer’s shop,
admiring her new pencils. Suddenly her ears were ringing, the air was filled with
sand, and everywhere around her people were screaming, bleeding, and running.
Someone pulled her into the garden of the badly damaged school, where she
waited until my wife arrived to bring her back to our home – its floors still covered
with broken glass.
Sri Lanka today is peaceful and thriving, visited by some two million tourists every
year. Our war now is only a memory, and we as a nation look forward to a promising
future. Yet so many other nations cannot say the same. Today, more of the world’s
countries are involved in conflict than not; a record 59.5 million people worldwide
live displaced by wars and violence.
In Rotary we believe, in spite of all that, in the possibility of peace – not out of idealism,
but out of experience. We have seen that even the most intractable conflicts can
be resolved when people have more to lose by fighting than by working together.
We have seen what can happen when we approach peace-building in ways that
are truly radical, such as the work of our Rotary Peace Fellows. Through our Rotary
Foundation, peace fellows become experts in preventing and resolving conflict. Our
goal is that they will find new ways not only to end wars but to stop them before
they begin.
Among the hundreds of peace fellows who have graduated from the program,
two from Sri Lanka, one from each side of the conflict, studied together. In the first
weeks of the course, both argued passionately for the rightness of their side. Yet
week by week, they grew to understand each other’s perspective; today, they are
good friends. When I met them and heard their story, they gave me hope. If 25 years
of pain and bitterness could be overcome by Rotary, then what, indeed, is beyond
We cannot fight violence with violence. But when we fight it with education, with
understanding, and with peace, we can truly Be a Gift to the World.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
Report By
Rtr. Suraj Poudel
Assistant District Secretary
The DRR visit in zonal meeting of zone 2 was conducted
successfully along with Zonal COTS on 31 October, 2015
at Tandi, Chitwan, hosted by Rotaract Club of Ratnanagar.
There was presence of DRR Rtr. Samir Nepal, DS Rtr. Hari
Chandra Satyal, ADLT Rtr. Padam Kumar Shrestha, ADS
Rtr. SurajPoudel, ZRR of Zone 2 Rtr. Mandip Man Shrestha
and Rotaractors from different clubs of respective zone
along with presidents and secretaries. All the district
officials were acknowledged and welcomed in the
meeting by ZRR. He requested the DRR to say few words
regarding Rotaract movement of Nepal and highlights
the events that is going to be held soon.
DRR Rtr. Samir Nepal Shared Rotaract District Committee
is organizing Rota Quiz on 21 November in all zones at
the same date and time with a objective of exploring
knowledge on Rotary/ Rotaract. He encouraged/
motivated the Rotaract Clubs to be part of the District
Initiated Event.
He shared Late Rtr. Sachin Memorial Nationwide
Campaign have come with Nov 28 (Mangsir 12). He put
his view on the experience of last year. He told that at
that time we were able to meet the demand of blood by
collecting 1120 pints that was very high at that time.
DRR’s Newsletter
Newletter - -July
He requested the clubs to fix a venue for blood donation
and if possible put more venues in different parts of
Chitwan District.
He briefed about the District Conference that is going to
be held on 25-26 Dec, 2015 at Dharan, jointly hosted by
RAC DharanGhopa and Kasthamandap. He highlighted
about the event and gave the answer of queries asked
by the participants like why is it important for us? How
can we get benefit from it? What is the main purpose of
hosting DC?
DRR encouraged for the work of clubs of zone 2 have done
and asked to keep same spirit by doing remarkable work
in the various parts. He asked for Rotaract Promotion
by doing different events in community, adopt SAP and
Flagship projects. He gave some examples of Flagship
projects done by different clubs of our district. At last,
suggestions were provided by clubs on how we can go
ahead and make a remarkable change within ourselves
and in the society.
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Handwashing Day 2015
Reported By
Rtr Jyoti Thapa
Community Service Director
RAC Patan Durbar Square
RAC Patan Durbar Square had organized Gobal Hand Washing
Day on Oct 15 by coordinating with different national and
international clubs with same banner at multiple venues.
With same banner the programs were organized by 24
Rotaract club of Nepal ,India and Bangladesh.
Club Participation
RAC Patan Durbar Square , RID 3292
RAC Mahabouddha, RID 3292
RAC Patan South , RID 3292
RAC Sainu Bhainsepati, RID 3292
RAC Kathmandu Mid Town, RID 3292
RAC Kasthamandap, RID 3292
RAC Kantipur, RID 3292
RAC Butwal South, RID 3292
RAC Tilottama Devdaha, RID 3292
RAC Dharan, RID 3292
RAC Dharan Ghopa, RID 3292
RAC Kathmandu, RID 3292
RAC Phulbari, RID 3292
RAC Pokhara Fishtail, RID 3292
RAC Pokhara Newroad, RID3292
RAC Kathmandu North, RID 3292
RAC Rudramati Babarmahal, RID 3292
RAC Biratnagar Downtown, RID 3292
RAC Thames International College, RID 3292
RAC Dhaka, RID 3281
RAC Caduceus, RID 3140
RAC Ambarnath, RID 3140
RAC Saraswati Collage, RID 3140
RAC Narsingdi, RID 3282
Program was conducted in 10 different venues inside the
nation and 5 different venues outside nation where 3 clubs
are from India RID 3140 and 2 clubs from Bangladesh RID 3282
& 3281. In various venues the program was conducted by the
Rotaractors itself. The school level children got knowledge
about Steps of hand wash. Children were aware about the
necessity of hand wash. In most of the venue the clubs has
distributed the soap for the student.
Shree Shanti Higher Secondar School, Lohana , Lalitpur
Heart Beat Organization, Kathmandu
Subharambha Secondary School, Chabahil, Kathmandu
Saraswati School, Biratnagar
jyoti Vocational Center & Rainbow Children Home
Srijanshil Child Care, kadhaghari, Bhaktapur
New Lumbini Boarding School, Devdaha
Tillotamma-18, Supauli, Rupendehi
Naya Nepal Samaj Kendra , Kathmandu
Saraswati Bal Ashram, Dharan
Saraswati College, India
Dhaka, Bangaladesh
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Importance of Vitamins and Minerals in Dairy Production
Hosted by RAC Narayangarh , IVSA Nepal
Venue: Saranpur,Chitwan
Date: 27 Oct 2015
RAC Narayangarh and IVSA Nepal jointly rejuvenate its service in community by organizing a day Workshop on “Importance of Vitamins and
Minerals in Dairy Production” on October 27. The event was held at
Sharanpur which directly benefitted more than 40 farmers.
Good morning Tea Party
Hosted by RAC Patan
Venue: Bluebird College, Kumaripati
Date: 21 Oct 2015
To celebrate the biggest festival of Nepal - Dashain”, RAC Patan organized “Good Morning Tea Party” on the 7th day of Dashain “Fhulpati”.
The program gathered around above 60 participants from different
clubs. The program started with welcome speech and best wishes of
Dashain from the President of RAC Patan. The program included card
exchange, best wishes greeting, and tika ceremony, Bulletin release,
musical show followed with Tea and cookies party. There were dance
performances, mimicry and song performances. As every year, special
bulletin “Dashain Aayo, Tihar Aayo” was released. At the end of the Tea
Party, a Balloon Game Competition was also held.
Hamro Dashain - Concern for Senior Citizens
Hosted by RAC Himalaya Patan
Venue: Matatirtha Oldage Home
Date: 20 Oct 2015
Hamro Dashain is one of the Signature Projects of RAC Himalaya Patan
since the club Chartered in 2005. This year, RAC Himalaya Patan celebrated Dashain with the Senior Citizens of Matatirtha Oldage Home,
Kathmandu on the day of Fulpati.
Along with providing dinner, RAC Himalaya Patan also handed over
Solar Tuki and Filter contributed by ECCA to the Oldage Home, and
Bedsheets and Sanitary Package to each elderly people contributed by
Past Member Mrs. Sweety Singh and our parent club respectively. In return the members, family and friends received Tika and Blessings from
the Senior Citizens.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Keep Clam and Hike On
Hosted by RAC Biratnagar Down Town
Venue: Shiva Jatta
Date: 17 Oct 2015
RAC Biratnagar Downtown organized a hiking program named “Destination Shivajatta” . The main attraction of the place is a waterfall,
which can be reached after two hours of walking. They reached the
destination and had a lot of fun. The main motive of their program
was fellowship and to promote this year’s theme “Promote Rotaract”.
Promote Rotaract
Hosted by RAC Biratnagar Down Town , RAC Biratnagar, RAC Biratnagar Downtown, RAC Birtamod, RAC Birtamod Mid Town, RAC Dharan, RAC Dharan Ghopa, RAC Ithari
Venue: Shiva Jatta
Date: 17 Oct 2015
RAC Biratnagar Down Town , RAC Biratnagar, RAC Biratnagar Downtown, RAC Birtamod, RAC Birtamod Mid Town, RAC Dharan, RAC Dharan Ghopa, RAC Ithari followed the District Theme “Promote Rotaract”
by pasting information banners in the natural resources of Shiva Jatta
Jharna. The program was coordinated by RAC Biratnagar Downtown.
The Coffee Gig
Hosted by RAC Mahabouddha , RAC Yala and RAC Lalitpur
Venue: Prabhat Higher Secondary School
Date: 17 Oct 2015
On 17th October 2015, at Prabhat Higher Secondary School, Gwarko
, lalitpur RAC Mahabouddha, RAC Lalitpur , Rotaract Club Yala jointly
organized the 5th coffee gig. Coffee Gig is an annual club program of
RAC Mahabouddha which provides a platform for the club members
to present their musical talents. It also helped in making a good relationship between all the three clubs. All the clubs had a very wonderful time performing and listening to the music. There also was a dance
performance form RAC Mahabouddha.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
World Food Day
Hosted by RAC Biratnagar Down Town
Venue: Around Biratnagar
Date: 16 Oct 2015
Rac Biratnagar Downtown celebrated World Food Day by distributing
pamphlets with food awareness slogan around Biratnagar City. They
printed 1000 pamphlets and distributed it. The main target of the
program was to minimize the wastage of food as people do not even
have food to eat a daily meal.
Hosted by RAC Bharatpur , Rotary Club of Bharatpur
Venue: Shree Narayani Model Higher Secondary School
Date: 13 Oct 2015
RC Bharatpur and RAC Bharatpur jointly organized a heart screening
camp at Narayani Higher Secondary School, Bharatpur. Students from
nursery to class 10 were checked up. 1504 students were benefitted by
the screening camp. Dr. Dinesh Jung Rayamajhi , Dr. Sashi Jung Pandey,
Dr. Keshav Prasad Acharya and Dr. Rudra Prasad Marashani facilitated
the check up.
Changa Chait 2072
Hosted by RAC Kopundol , RAC Kathmandu West & RAC Sainbu
Venue: Chovaar Height
Date: 13 Oct 2015
Continuing the event of the past six years, RAC Kopundol, RAC Sainbu
Bhaisepati, and RAC Kathmandu West joined their hands to celebrate
Dashain On October 13 (on the day of Ghatasthapana the clubs
organized Changa Chait at Chovaar Height. It was good to have all
rotaractors from various clubs take the most out of the event. Enjoying
a bit of a guitar tunes, sharing the ‘lattai’, few people learning to fly the
kites, allover, rotaractors were having loads of fun.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Dashain Tihar Greeting Exchange
Hosted by RAC Itahari
Venue: Gokulam Resort, Dulari Morang
Date: 12 Oct 2015
On the occassion of Dashain, RAC Itahari organized Dashain Tihar
Greeting Exchange program in the chairmanship of Rtr. Dipendra
Niraula between club members at Gokulam Resort. All club members
exchanged Dashain & Tihar Greeting with each others. In the program
club members played swing, did boating, sang songs and danced. The
Program ended with Fellowship Dinner.
Fundamental of Basic Hardware Training
Hosted by RAC Biratnagar Down Town
Venue: Zenith international collage
Date: 10 Oct 2015
RAC Biratnagar Downtown successfully organized a IT training named
“Fundamental of Basic Hardware Training “ where they provided
information about the latest version information technology, computer
operation system, computer assembly, computer format along with
installation of operation system & other software.
Rotaract Fellowship Football Tournament
Hosted by RAC Bharatpur
Venue: Birendra Multiple Campus Ground
Date: 10 Oct 2015
A fellowship football match was hosted by RAC Bharatpur at Birendra
Multiple Campus, Bharatpur Height. The chief guest of the program
was President of RC Bharatpur MPHF Rtn. Dhan Bahadur Shrestha and
the chairperson was Uttam Lal Chuke. The first match was between the
RAC Narayangard and RAC Narayani Mid Town and the second game
was between RAC Bharatpur and RAC Ratnanagar. The final game was
between the RAC Ratnanagar and RAC Narayani Mid Town, where
RAC Narayani Mid Town won the game by three goals and became the
winner of the game. And the trophy was handed over by the President
of Rotary Club of Bharatpur to the winning team and congratulated
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Wall Painting Program
Hosted by RAC Yala
Venue: Nepal Adarsha School, Ganabahal-kathmandu
Date: 10 Oct 2015
RAC Yala organized a wall painting program at Nepal Adarsha School,
Ganabhal on 10th October, Saturday. For this project, the sponsors to
our club were Jasmine Paints who provided us with enamel of primary
colors and Ms. Binita Kc. Few weeks prior to the project day, the school
administration had white washed the classrooms we intended to paint.
So, based on the theme ‘Learn and Have Fun’, they painted the walls
of class nursery and L.K.G with alphabets, nepali barnas, numbers,
colorful drawings and others. We believe that, for the students of class
nursery and L.K.G, we ought to prioritize the fun and the learning shall
ultimately come.
Dashai Pani Puri Fellowship and Competition
Hosted by RAC Kathmandu
Venue: Rotary Hall, Thapathali
Date: 10 Oct 2015
This project aimed at enhancing fellowship among members and other rotarctors on the occasion of Dashai. The project was conducted in
two phage .In first part everyone had panipuri and fellowship and in
the second phase, 12 people participated for the competition in which
they had to eat eight panipuris within a minute .Itr Shivam Ghirai of Interact Club of DAV won. He was awarded by the President Rtr.Sangam
Newspaper Exchange
Hosted by RAC Itahari , RAC Siliguri Greater, RID 3240, India
Venue: Kafals Pvt. Ltd., Itahari
Date: 03 Oct 2015
RAC Itahari release the Newspaper sent by RAC Siliguri Greater, RID
3240 an International Project ‘NEWSPAPER EXCHANGE’ in the regular
Meeting. President Rtr. Dipendra Niraula, Club Trainer/Past President
Rtr. Sanjay Chaudhary and Secretary Rtr. Bikal Regmi released the
newspaper. International Service Director read out the letter send by
RAC Siliguri Greater. RAC Itahari also send Local and National Newspaper and a letter to RAC Siliguri Greater through courier.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Changes during Adolescent and Menstrual Hygiene
Hosted by RAC Biratnagar Down Town
Venue: Adarsha Balika Madhyamik Vidyalaya
Date: 07 Oct 2015
RAC Biratnagar Downtown organized the program of “Changes during
Adolescent and Menstrual Hygiene” at Adarsha Balika Madhyamik Vidyalaya.
The session discussed about the problems women face during menstruation and how to tackle those problems and maintaining hygiene
during menstruation. It also discussed about the physical and psychological changes during adolescents and role of parents, guardians and
teachers towards adolescents.
and Have Fun’, they painted the walls of class nursery and L.K.G with
alphabets, nepali barnas, numbers, colorful drawings and others. We
believe that, for the students of class nursery and L.K.G, we ought to
prioritize the fun and the learning shall ultimately come.
What Next ? A Career Development Session
Hosted by RAC Madhyapur , merojob.com
Venue: Subhashree Banquet
Date: 03 Oct 2015
RAC Madhyapur organised a Career Development Session on 3rd
October. Delegates from merojob.com Mr. Rajan Koirala ( MarCom
Deparment ) and Mr. Abhishek Bhakta Shrestha ( Executive Director
of Client Relation ) provided ideas to the participant about career
First Session was on Youth Empowerment, Goal Setting and Motivation
and the second session was on Online Job Search. RAC Bhaktapur , RAC
Reliance College and RAC Phulbari were present in the event.
Greeting Card Making
Hosted by RAC Reliance College
Venue: Reliance college
Date: 10 Oct 2015
RAC Reliance College yearly makes Dashain greeting cards for exchanging with other clubs and this year too they made greeting cards which
they exchanged with other clubs. They had lots of fun and the program
also helped the club members know each other.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
club activities oct 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Program
Hosted by RAC Tripureshwor , Rose Foundation Nepal
Venue: Apex College
Date: 02 Oct 2015
RAC Tripureswor jointly with Rose Foundation Nepal organized a
breast cancer awareness program at Apex College. The program
was conducted to spread awareness about breast cancer among the
students of Apex College as breast cancer is the second most common
malignancy in Nepal mostly affecting female.
The breast cancer management in Nepal is a little different when
compared to the developed countries. The reasons are socioeconomic
condition, lack of education and lack of facilities. Breast cancer
awareness and clinical breast examination are important tools for early
detection in our resource limited context. Breast cancer can be cured in
majority of the cases if diagnosed in early stages.
and psychological changes during adolescents and role of parents,
guardians and teachers towards adolescents.
and Have Fun’, they painted the walls of class nursery and L.K.G with
alphabets, nepali barnas, numbers, colorful drawings and others. We
believe that, for the students of class nursery and L.K.G, we ought to
prioritize the fun and the learning shall ultimately come.
Fright Night (Halloween Night party)
Hosted by RAC Durbarmarg, RAC Kathmandu, RAC Kathmandu MidTown, RAC Kathmandu West, RAC Kopundol, RAC Patan, RAC Patan
South, RAC Thames Intl. College
Venue: Orange Restro and Bar, Lazimpath
Date: 31 Oct 2015
With an objective of celebrating Halloween Night along with having
fun and promoting fellowship, RAC Durbarmarg, RAC Kathmandu,
RaC Kathmandu Mid-Town, RAC Kathmandu West, RAC Kopundol,
RAC Patan, RAC Patan South, RAC Thames Intl. College organised a
halloween party titled Fright Night. The event was organised at Orange
Restro and Bar in Lazimpath and saw an encouraging participation of
170 Rotaractors dressed up as scary monsters, beautiful princesses
and stong superheroes. The event saw a collaborative effort of the
host clubs comoing together to make the decorations by themselves
and decorating the event venue to give a spooky look and feel. Also,
the clubs even prepared snacks by themselves to sell in the party and
generate some revenue.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
upcoming events
“Late Rtr. Sachin Memorial National Blood Donation Campaign”
28 November 2015
Nationwide Blood Donation program is going to be held on 28th of November 2015. The camp will be conducted
in several cities and Nation. There will be number of Rotaract clubs from Nepal. It would be conducted on same
day, same time, same slogan at multiple venue.
The Venues are:
Dharan , Biratnagar , Itahari , Birtamod, Birgunj , Bharatpur , Butwal , Bhairawa , Palpa , Dhangadi , Pokhara
, Banepa , Damauli , Sinamangal , Chabahil, Bagbazaar, Anamnagar, Swoyambhu , Bhaktapur Durbar Square,
Madhyapur, Jawalakhel Chowk, Mangal Bazaar , New Road and more.
“BLOOD FOR LIFE - there is no other source “ as the main theme of the program.
(Rtr. Sachin was the member of RAC of Damauli who on his way to RYLA India, lost his life when he met with an
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
upcoming events
Rota-Quiz 2015
Rota quiz is the pioneer concept of Rotaract District Committee 3292, Nepal-Bhutan. With the aim of improving
/ expanding Rotaractors breadth of knowledge, in Rotary and Rotaract international and general in joint
hosting & organization of Rotaract Club of Phulbari, Sainbu Bhainsepati, & Patan Durbar Square. The event
solely emphasis on promoting Rotaract movements, learning with fun, and aim to evoke discussion and
healthy competition amongst participants. Also the motto is embroadening the knowledge about Rotary and
Rotaract Bylaws, Constitution, Administration, terms and overall aspects of Rotary International and Rotaract
we are organizing a District Program ROTA Quiz for Rota year 15/16 on 21st of November & 25th December.. We
hope this program will be beneficial to all of us to acquire and achieve a desired information and knowledge
regarding our involvement in Rotaract as a self motivated volunteering organization. 60% of the question will
be from Rotaract and Rotary related topics whereas 30% will be from G.K, and rest 10% from general I.Q.
Each team should contain 3 members, 1 ladies preferred (Not Compulsory). Each team can have 1 replaceable
member in case of Emergency but it should be pre informed 1 week before the competition.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
upcoming events
Ro Trek Tour 2016
1st January 2015
Organized by:
Rotaract District Nepal
Supporting organization:
Rotary District 3292, Interact District 3292, Nepal Tourism Board
Program Objective:
To embark on the journey of fun, adventure, excitement and friendship.
Program Details:
Rotaract Nepal is organizing Ro Trek tour on January 2016 and all the Rotaract clubs from RID 3292 is participating
as a host club from their side. The Ro Trek tour 2016 is a concept that fosters global Rotaract ties and provides
an authentic experience of Nepal beauty and tourism. Ro Trek tour 2016 Team would like to invite up to 30
Rotaractors from all over the world to visit our country.
Rotaract Entertainment Day 2016
World Rotaract Week March
Organized by:
Rotaract District Nepal
Supporting organization:
Interact District 3292
Program Objective:
To embark the definition of fellowship through service among the Rotaractors in Nepal.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
Articles from Rotaractors
This section of DRR Newsletter features the articles from Rotaractors and platform for to express their writings, views and
perception. Topics of the articles can be whatever the writer choose.
Creating your own Destiny
Rtr. Anutara Shakya
Vice President
RAC Himalayana Patan
Young entrepreneurs are emerging in
impressive numbers. Whether it is in
technology or retail, these startups have
shown that one does not always have to
follow the path to finding good jobs.
There is something which sets an
entrepreneur apart. They don’t just create
ventures or solve a problem. They follow
their passion, for entrepreneurship is a
call. It’s a path one must follow because
their life demands it. They come up with
ideas and turn them into a reality.
It is a fact that when a country can
support the rise of its smaller enterprises
rather than big companies, that is when
the development happens. When you
think about it there may be many other
reasons why our nation is still lacking
in development, the large number of
migrant workers leaving the country
for low-wage jobs or the baalai vaena
culture that has overcome so many of
us. All these make up a very discouraged
citizen. But despite everything, there
are still some minds out there that are
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
positive that they can bring a change.
Entrepreneurship is not just a word
that is flying around anymore, there are
number of startups emerging, all this
with the help of those who believe in
the movement. The recent boot camps
and app challenges for entrepreneurs
have really helped to bring out the
potential entrepreneurs and bring
them under one roof. If it wasn’t for
programs like the Startup Weekend and
the Ncell App Camp, two competitions
that helped to bring out the potential
Nepali businesses, these startups would
be struggling on their own. But thanks
to events like these, young startups
are getting a chance to network with
other potential tech enthusiasts and
visionaries and start communities of
their own.
Who would’ve thought that in a
country where naysayers seem to be
in abundance, there are enough minds
who want to take things into their own
hands and start building something?
Entrepreneurs know what they’re
getting into and they know that there is
risk involved but that doesn’t stop them
from pushing forward. When you think
about it, we have been brought up with
the notion of finding jobs and living an
uneventful life. I mean who hasn’t heard
the words, “Study well and get a good
job.” And by a “good job” it is usually
something that doesn’t include taking
risks or challenging yourself to the limit.
But times have changed. 25 year old
Avash Ghimire, along with his friends,
took a risk and established Maidan
Futsal, a futsal arena for football lovers
in Kathmandu when he was studying his
under graduates two years ago. Nikita
Acharya, another college student who
recently graduated started her venture
UrbanGirl with the help of social media.
For young entrepreneurs who have
barely finished their studies, they are
doing quite well.
App developers are not far behind.
But the reality is that not everyone
can be an entrepreneur, just like not
everyone can become a chef or an
artist. It requires hard work, passion and
courage to face failure more than once,
often several times. But what if you’re
just not cut out be become one? Your
journey wouldn’t end there. If you are
not able to create your own business,
why not help someone else who’s into
the same passion as you are. Successful
entrepreneurs need good co-founders.
Go out of your way to encourage those
who have the same passions as you do
and partner up. It’s about time we take
matters into our own hands. It’s time to
stop dreaming and start creating.
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
Three Little Girls
Rtr. Rashmee Silwal
RAC Rajdhani
I am Ricky. Today I sat beside that green
pond and cried like crazy. Today it had
rained a lot and I couldn’t stop my eyes
from raining too. I sat beside that pond
and looked at my reflection, crying !! I
grabbed a pebble and threw it on my
reflection’s face..”PLUSHHHH..” went
the stone and it created ripples on the
silent surface of the green water. The
ripple spread out like a quiet volcano
and after some time the water went
calm again. And there it was, my
reflection still crying like me!
We three were little girls back then.
Maya, Aditi and I. We were the wildest
girls I knew. We would never stop
living our childhood days, running
on the grasslands , swimming in that
little pond by the field and stealing
strawberries from that old man’s
backyard. Aditi was the biggest of us
all. She had a pretty face, with her long
hair and her lanky figure she always
reminded me of an elder sister. Maya
was the cutest of us three. Her curly
bangs fell down her cute face like
she was a doll from a fancy store. She
had squinty little eyes and a dimpled
smile. I was the wildcat in the group,
the lazy girl with the cropped hair and
a spotched face. I was the one who
taught them how to climb over walls,
to use a catapult and ultimately to
climb a tree.
The thing that we most often did was
sleep under that willow tree in Aditi’s
backyard and stare up at the bright
blue sky. Little Maya lay upon Aditi’s
lap and said “Hey, you two, look! There
is that big cloud! I bet it will hold the
weight of us three if we could climb
over it!”.. Aditi broke out laughing at
what Maya said and with her wondrous
eyes looked at the cloud Maya had just
pointed. In her slow dreamy voice,
she asked Maya, ” How do we get up
on that cloud anyway?” With my eyes
closed and lying upon my stomach I
laughed inside my head hearing my
two best friends talk nonsense. Right
then Maya jabbed my stomach with
her toes and yelled, “Ricky.. you lazy
cow.. just open your eyes and look
at that cloud over there.. it is shaped
just like your head”. I opened my eyes
and looked at the cloud shaped like a
big pumpkin! Maya laughed to tears
looking at the expression on my face!
I stuck out my tongue at her and went
back to sleep.
The most awaited thing for us would
be the monsoon. All we did in the
monsoon was dance in the rain. We
would hug each other and dance like
fools. After the rain stopped we would
leave our slippers at home and jump
on the puddles with our bare feet. All
of us caught a cold at once and took
the exact amount of days to come over
the cold too. When we got sick with
red noses like that of a circus joker’s,
we cuddled inside a blanket and
talked about all the fun we were going
to have in our life. We planned about
everything there was to plan about.
It has been 18 years since. It’s monsoon
again. I got a cold last week and I have
a red nose like that of a circus joker. I
cuddled my pillow and missed Maya
and Aditi. I don’t know when Maya
and I became strangers. I don’t know
how Aditi got hurt. I just know this that
I should have prayed hard more one
more rain every monsoon. The clouds
were hanging low in the monsoon
sky, heavy clouds, I looked at them
and wondered if those clouds will still
be able to hold our body’s weights. It
rained so heavily and when it stopped,
I left my slippers home and walked to
this green pond beside my house. I
can’t stop the rain in my eyes. All I can
see is Maya’s dimpled smile and Aditi’s
wondrous eyes. Everything seems to
be a wonderful story someone told
Rtr. Jyoti thapa
Community Service Director
RAC Patan Durbar square
Thinking about you I had spent my life
You are my only love whom I want most
There is so ups and down in our thoughts
Though I will always love you till my life
Someday we were too happy in our world
Had seen so many dreams to do together
Happiness is in our life like we were in heaven
Wished to be together all in life
The day without you I couldn’t imagine
But that loneliness is killing me inside
Why I don’t know you are being totally
Just want to know the reasons about my
Both we are suffering but couldn’t know
Whats the solutionof all this
We want each other, hoping so I am waiting
Missing all day here without you
Ritto sapana.....
Rtr. Sabita Gartaula
Rotaract Club of Sainbu
General Member
Timile dekheka sapana
malai pani dekhna baddya banayau
yethartha herne aankha
timile sapanil banayau
mero mann lai aljhaidiyau
aankha lai addkaidiyau
Ritta paani ka bottalharu ma
ritta panika bottal haruma........
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rtr. Sambid Ghimire
Immediate Past President
RAC Patan South
When the constitution of Nepal was
announced, it was met with mixed
reception. Some were overjoyed and
some were outraged but probably
only very few had actually read the
document. Despite some questionable
articles, the constitution is progressive,
inclusive and is certainly better than any
previous constitutions that had been in
practice.But the real possibility is for it to
be properly implemented may take over
a decade.
There are some drawbacks for
sure. The provision of citizenship,
for example, is the result of our
t r a d i t i o n a l d e fe c t i ve m e n t a l i t y.
The practice of ‘hit and trail’ is
disappointinglygaining popularity in
Nepalese policy making level. Read
page no 4 and 5 of the constitution,
and you’ll clearly see how women have
been regarded as second class citizens.
Let’s try to trace the logic of lawmakers
behind this:Close socio-culturalties
existsbetween people of either side
of the southern border of the country,
resulting in matrimonial relationship
between them. Preventing foreigner
husbands of Nepalese women form
even getting naturalized citizenship and
provision of only naturalized citizenship
to child born of Nepalese women and
foreign men is an attempt to prevent
foreign nationals (read: Indians)
from getting Nepalese citizenship.
Problem of Indians acquiring Nepalese
citizenship from Tarai region has been
persistent for a long time and needs to
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
be addressed with utmost urgency. But
why make discriminatory provision in
constitution to cover up administrative
incapability? Why show double standard
in the constitution which states women
shall be subjected to no form of
discrimination, and at the same time,
push them a step backwards?
Let’s take other examples of acts resulted
by fault in mentality. About a year back,
men wearingmundra were caught and
those with long hairs started getting
their hairs trimmed off forcefully by the
police. When I think what the reason
could be, my mind only goes to this: For
police all jhyapleand mundre are gundas.
If they have hair like gentlemen, there
will be no crime. So is this seriously the
reason that police won’t mind leaving a
person without freedom to choose what
to do with their body? Crime rate would
have certainly lowered if such effort was
put in to control criminal activities.But at
times, limits have been crossed in name
of controlling crime. Recently, we have
heard of police encounter of gangsters,
more than once. Coincidence? Or
unprofessional act,not expected of a
body entrusting with maintaining law
and order?
Our laws may be really good, but almost
none of them have been implemented
effectively. Had the implementation not
been weak, such irrational acts could
have easily been avoided. Saying so, our
faulty practices cannot be overlooked.
How ethically have we acted for the sake
of change that we all talk about? How
responsible have we been in fulfilling
duties, while fighting for rights? Haven’t
our culturesbeen just for others to see,
for others to sing our praise?Let’s take
this particular example: We talk about
cleanliness for hours and then go on
to spit on open ground. That defines
how our social and political ethics are
developed. That puts a clear picture of
how our mentality is shaped up. The
fault is in our mentality, in our practice.
The practice is deep rooted and has
beenexistent for a long period of
time. We’venot been professional
enough. Government’s unprofessional
handlingof sensitive issues have
particularly been highlighted by unrest
in Tarai. Had things been dealt in different
manner, constitution probably would
have been greeted with joy all over
the country. Instead the leaders took
advantage of sentiment of people and
used it in their favor. With government
incapable of identifying the cause of
current crisis and take a concrete step
to solve the problem, people are being
kept in limbo. Yet we keep being their
puppets and point fingers at others
in the name of sovereignty, which has
gone missing since submissive Sugauli
Treaty, and is yet to be fully recovered.
What amazes me is how easily we put
the blame on neighboring countries,
when it is the government that has
failed severely to meet demands of their
people, maintain law and order, and
provide essential supplies.
Isn’t it ironic how barring our
representatives, almost all of us have
become perfect diplomats to understand
everything? How ethical was it to
enforce curfew in Kailali for more than
a monthfollowing unfortunate Tikapur
incident, when government was unable
to identify the culprit and deemed it to
be of political nature? Do we start being
responsible to secure ourselves or keep
moaning, that neighbors looted our
house in front of our eyes? The choice
is ours, if to open back door only when
front one is jammed, or use both smartly
so that they become equally useful. The
need to revisit our mentality now, is
greater than ever.
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Comparative and
Ethnographic Research
Rtr. Dawa Tshering
RAC Sainbu Bhainsepati
different approaches to study their
subjects. Two of the approaches that
researchers use are: Comparative
Research and Ethnographic research.
This paper tends to analyze the
characteristics of these two approaches
and their importance in social
science research. This paper focuses
on Paul Pennings, Kemna Hans
and Kleinnijenhuis Jan’s text, ‘The
comparative approach: theory and
method’ to show the characteristics
of comparative research, and John W.
Creswell’s ‘Ethnographic Research’ to
illustrate the traits of ethnographic
In Paul Pennings, Kemna Hans
and Kleinnijenhuis Jan’s text, they define
comparative research in two ways: ‘either
on basis of its supposed core subject,
which is almost always defined at the
level of political and social system, or by
means of descriptive features that claim
to enhance knowledge about politics
and society as a process’ (pg. 3). They
believe that comparative method must
have relation of theory and method
to explain political and social process.
They argue that the research design is
based on the research question which
requires relevant theories to answer
systematically in comparative research.
Before using methods in comparative
research, research question should be
made on the basis of theories. Thus,
theory comes before method. Mostly,
statistical data are analyzed as a tool in
comparative method. There are some
steps to follow while doing comparative
method: i. Develop a research question
and defining the need for comparison.
ii. Developing a theoretical concept that
can be used for comparative method
and iii. Selecting research design to find
the best answer of the research question.
To carry out comparative research, one
must study the relationship between the
cases. Sometimes, there may be single
case study in comparative research. In
single case study, researcher tries to
build hypothesis and compare different
variables to prove the hypothesis.
There are also single case study over
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
time. Mostly comparison of two or
more relevant cases in relevant time
can be seen in comparative research.
Researchers also compare all the cases
that are relevant regarding the research
question under review, and also all the
relevant cases across time and space.
The writers believe that the cases
which are to be compared should be
related to the question and must have
similar theoretical relationship. If the
cases have different elements, then
different variables may arise which will
create confusion as well as difference in
variables will create negative analytical
results. These are the characteristics
of comparative research described
by Paul Pennings, Kemna Hans and
Kleinnijenhuis Jan.
In the text by John W. Creswell,
ethnography is defined as ‘a qualitative
design in which the researcher describes
and interprets the shared and learned
patterns of values, behaviors, beliefs,
and language of culture sharing group’
(Pg. 68). Mostly participant observation
and interview is used in ethnographic
research. Creswell shows that there
are two type of ethnographic research:
i. Realist ethnography and ii. Critical
ethnography. In realist ethnography, the
researcher reports his/her observation
and findings from the participants in
the third person point of view. Critical
ethnography is that type of ethnography
in which the author is more concerned
about the domination in society and
writes to empower marginalized
people to go against domination. Like
comparative methods, there are some
steps to follow while doing ethnographic
research. Firstly, researcher must
acknowledge the research problem
and decide ethnographic research to
be most appropriate design to study
the problem. Secondly, researcher
must identify culture sharing group to
study. Thirdly, determine the type of
ethnography to use to study cultural
concepts. Fourthly, conduct a field work
to gather the information about the
group and lastly create a working set
of rules or patterns as the final product
of analysis. There are also draw backs
of ethnography. To do ethnographic
research, it takes a lot of time. Most of
the ethnographic writings are written
in literary forms which challenge the
academic form of writing. There is a huge
possibility of researcher to change into
native while doing research. Researchers
might have affect the culture and way
of living of native people. These are
the characteristics of ethnography
explained in Creswell’s text.
Ethnographic research and
comparative research are different than
each other despite the fact that both of
them are used in social science research
and both have certain procedures
to follow before implementation. In
comparative research, different cases
are studied closely in review and those
which are theoretically similar are
compared and analyzed, whereas in
ethnographic research, a researcher
goes to groups who share similar
culture and study the pattern of values,
beliefs, behavior and language of the
groups. Mostly qualitative method is
used in comparative method. On the
other hand, ethnology research uses
quantitative method. Statistical data
are analyzed in comparative research
whereas written or oral forms of records
are analyzed in ethnographic research.
While doing comparative research,
researcher cannot be bias but neglects
many important aspects related to the
research question. On the other hand,
ethnographic research covers all the
aspects related to its subjects but has
biasness in writings. Thus, the two
approaches are distinct from each other.
Comparative research helps
to verify or falsify some theories by
comparing the variables related to the
theories. Comparative method plays a
vital role to study many cases at once.
To study a particular subject of many
places, comparative method is the
best approach to use. Ethnographic
research helps to study the culture of
a place or group in detailed manner. If
we have to study particular group of
people or subject in a particular place
to answer our research question in
detail, then ethnographic research is the
appropriate approach. There are some
cases in which both of the approaches
are being used. For example: Ilektra
Spandagou (2002) has used both of the
approaches to study the case of English
and Greek secondary education. In
future, I am planning to do the research
on status of street children. In this
research, both of the approaches can be
used. I can use ethnographic research
to find out the status of children in
more detailed manner by going into
their group and observing them and
use comparative research in analyzing
data and comparing the status of street
children different places. Thus, both of
the approaches are equally important in
different or similar contexts.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Paul P. Harris
Paul Percy Harris was a Chicago,
Illinois, attorney. He founded Rotary
International in 1905.
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
Artwork by Rtr Binam Raj Shrestha
RAC Kathmandu Mid-town
DRR’s Newsletter Nov 2015
Rotaract District Committee, RI District 3292
Editorial Message
Warms greetings in this festive season from the Editorial Tream!
Hope you had a great and wishing a prosperous tihar to all the
Rotaractors. We have come up again with the fourth issue of DRR’s
Newsletter. In October though being a festive month, we saw a
number of wonderful projects. We want to thank all the respective
clubs for their reporting in the Rotaract Nepal software which has
been the primary source of content for us. This time again, we
were very happy to receive the articles from our Rotaractors. We
have compiled reports of activities and projects Rotaract Clubs
and district level activities that were held in September. We
sincerely hope that this edition makes for an interesting read.
We would like to see more and more involvement from our
Rotaractors to make our newsletter more interesting. Please send
us your articles and write-ups, we will be much happy to feature
them and as always feel free to offer any suggestions for any
Rtr. Summit Bajracharya
Rotaract district conference
25-26th Dec, 2015
11:oo am
BPKIHS, Dharan
RAC Dharan Ghopa & RAC
Details: Rotaract District Conference is an
informative platform to Rotaractors
for fellowship and bonding along
with best learning experience,
achievement and fun. The activities
packaged in the program like
professional development workshops
and several specialized sessions
will facilitate the rotaractors with
an open forum to exchange idea,
discover more possible events and
enjoy the common family of Rotary
Editorial Team
Published On behalf of
District Rotaract Representative
Rtr. Samir Nepal
District Publication Officer
Rtr. Summit Bajracharya
Rotaract Club of Jawalakhel Manjushree
Email: [email protected]
Rtr. Suzana Bajracharya
Rotaract Club of Patan South
DRR’s Newsletter - Nov 2015

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