taxi top led display - Profesionalna led rasvjeta



taxi top led display - Profesionalna led rasvjeta
LED Display Taxi Tops is based on picture, video and flash
Advertisement broadcast on the top side of the taxi cab roof
with led screens.
It allows a huge number coverage of potential customers and
Because of the content taxi tops movement and external
unusual shape, as well as brightness, led taxi top display
screen will attracts everybody's attention.
Taxi Top Led Display
Digital color video hardware and network systems of all
sizes and configurations worldwide for outdoor advertising
used to generate long-term profit and investment returns
on equity spent. Our led taxi top is capable of displaying
text, JPEG, BMP, GIF, AVI,MPEG, and other popular
formats in 16.7 million full color in super wide viewing angle
and target advertising for a more flexible and dynamic
advertisement campaign.
Inner look of the cabinet
Inner look of the cabinet
New Taxi tops Feature
� 1. Where have people, there will be have taxi cabs, surely will see the led taxi
tops advertising
2. LED display taxi tops use P5,P6,P7.62, high resolution LED module, show
superior pictures. And make your advertising obtain great value.
3.3G intelligence control system, manage your advertising scheme through a
simple internet way. and intelligent
4. High scan rates lead to higher brightness, the taxi tops display is still clearly
shows in the sun
5. Waterproof protection and advanced thermal design combining, thus
ensuring the stability of the quality requirements
6. The elegant shape and designing, will become a beautiful landscape of the
7. New advertising territory, new business opportunities, new revenue engine.
8. 3-year warranty, 3 years of free maintenance service. Allows you to fully
consider the rate of return.
9. Also with the TAXI NUMBER and “OFF DUTY” lights, the better attract
customers to take a taxi.
Technical Parameters
3G control system
� Control card link with 3G DTU, and online
� Control card will access the server
according to the prescribed frequency
(adjustable). Auto-refer and
� download updated program.
� Control card will feed back the playlist to
Server. Administrator can check the playlist
� 1.Each terminal that connect to the system can be supervised through the
system platform.
2.Intellectual Group Control of Terminals:
Terminals of LED display screens with different sizes or specifications can
be group together. Operator just need to process once, and the system will
send the command to every single terminal in the system.
3.Special Management of LED Features:
Depends on the features of each LED display screen, the system can help
setting the power plans, brightness plans of the LED screen etc. The
system can also monitor the screen temperature and working environment.
4.High-Level Safety Performance:
Encrypted commands transmission, guaranteed media content and playing
program safety, completed operator
5. The Diversity of Terminal Access:
Terminals can connect to the system in different network environments.
ADSL, 3G, WIFI, fiber, NAT are supported.