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Smart deposit module - Glory Global Solutions
Smart deposit module
Delivering fast, secure and reliable performance, the DE-50 is designed to be
used either as a stand-alone module or as part of an ATM/self-service solution.
Its compact size means you have the flexibility to offer smaller footprint products
to customers who are challenged by available space.
A high speed, high performance bulk deposit module with a compact footprint for notes and coins in envelopes.
When it comes to the deposit of notes, the DE-50 provides complete confidence with fast, secure and
reliable performance. Utilising the proven Glory GFS series value counter mechanism, the DE-50 delivers
accurate counting with high volume transaction speeds of up to 10 notes per second.
One of the fastest deposit modules of its kind
• Unique, high-speed note validation of 10 notes per second
• Minimal time needed for storing counted notes
Handles up to 64 denominations
Including USD Dollars, EURO, Russian Ruble, Brazilian Real and Indian Rupee. The DE-50 also handles
envelopes, cheques and coins – a feature unique to this mechanism. All media is transferred to the same
Dimensions (W × D × H)
Inlet capacity
Counting speed
Reject capacity
Escrow capacity
Note size
Power consumption
Operating environment
Weight (without notes)
Manufacturing standards and approvals
370 mm × 370 mm × 360 mm
300 notes continuous feeding
10 notes/sec (Long edge feeding)
20 notes
100 notes
Max. 177 mm × 85 mm
Min. 120 mm × 62 mm
Max. 178 mm × 90 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
64 denominations
RS232 connection as standard
DC 24V±10%
Standby 0.41A
Rated 1.12A
Temperature 5 – 35ºC
Humidity 20 – 90% RH
No dew condensation
30 kg
*Not for sale in US and Canadian markets. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please read the
instruction manual carefully to ensure correct equipment usage. All figures, capacities and speeds quoted in this
brochure are as tested by Glory. They may vary depending on usage conditions and are not guaranteed.
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