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YMCA of Nashua - YMCA Camp Spaulding
Office Manager
YMCA Camp Spaulding
(Updated January 2015)
Office Manager and All Camp Events Support
Direct Supervisor:
Camp Director
General Function:
Under the direction of the Camp Director, the Office Manager is responsible for the organizational
management and processes for the Camp Office and Camp Store. This position is responsible for making sure
counselors, program staff, and campers have office support for accounts, outside communication, and
business processes for camp operations. This position works both with Day and Resident Camp.
General Personal Traits:
The candidate must have the ability to work with people of all ages in both formal and informal settings. They
should be knowledgeable in the camping programs they are programming for, and should be creative in
bringing new ideas. The candidate should be energetic and have a positive attitude, looking for the best from
his or herself and in the people around them. They must be able to interact with parents, and represent
YMCA Camp Spaulding in a positive light. He/She must also be positive and nurturing to children, and should
be able to set consistent limits for the children.
1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Must have prior experience in youth, camp, or recreational leadership with children.
3. Experience in good customer service and ability to deal with difficult people in difficult situations.
4. Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel.
5. A commitment to working daily with youth in a resident camping outdoor environment.
Performance Responsibilities:
1. Attend staff training week.
2. Office Management and Staffing
a. The Office Manager will be responsible for making sure the office has a staff member in it between the
hours of 9am – 6pm (Omitting Lunch) to answer phones, greet parents and campers as they have
questions, and be a resource as needed for office processes
b. The Office Manager will also run the camp store in the Late Afternoon for camper and staff use.
3. Processes and Tasks
a. Assist in the sorting of campers into program areas and classes and help to run rosters and updates to
schedules as needed.
b. Sort mail and divide out in order to have it delivered to campers after lunch
c. Download all of the email that comes in and print them out for campers to be delivered with the mail.
Office Manager
d. Send any emails that were received from campers the previous day.
e. Balance Camper Accounts and make sure any money spent is actively tracked and allocated
f. Maintain Camper rosters and cabin lists in order to be able to find campers when needed.
g.Function as the front line of security and welcoming for any visitors to camp
h. Answer phones and be a resource to interact with the outside world
i. Understand that some processes may develop during the summer and must be aided in as needed
4. Relationship and Values Building
a.Maintain a positive relationship with campers, parents, and staff.
b. Promote good personal relationships among campers.
c. Promote the values of the YMCA by being a positive role model for all campers.
d. Camp is an environment of fun and life skills learning. An ability to identify life lessons and pull them
to the front of conversation is a must.
5. Staff Collaboration
a.Work as a member of the greater staff team of YMCA Camp Spaulding
b. Help to guide our all camp events from a support and programming standpoint where needed
Physical Requirements:
1. Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds.
2. Must be able to act and move around the Camp Spaulding facility fast enough to keep children safe.
3. I understand that I am required to submit a doctor’s physical form dated within two years of MY first day
of summer camp. Furthermore, I understand that I cannot begin employment until a copy of this physical
form is submitted to the camp director. No exceptions.
Work Season / Hours:
1. The camp season begins on 6-15-16 for staff training and will end on 8-21-16.
2. A day off, 4:45pm-4:45pm and a night off, 4:45pm-11:30pm, will be given each session. This time off
must be scheduled during the previous session in order to ensure program coverage. This time may not
be taken on the first 2 days of the session or the last 2 days of the session.
I have read and understand the Job Description for the Office Manager position. I agree to
fulfill all requirements necessary for the performance of all job segments as described. I
understand that periodic performance reviews will evaluate my performance. I will further
the goals and objectives of the YMCA of Greater Nashua, and make a positive contribution to
the association by example, in performance, through behavior, and through interactions with
employees, campers and members.
Staff Member Signature ____________________________________________
Camp Director Signature __________________________________________
Office Manager

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