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Mark R Morris Jr - Amazon Web Services
Meet the Indie Pub Academy Contributors!
Mark R Morris Jr
Mark is a professional freelance writer and author with a background in theater. In the past ten years he
has published more than a million words for hire, in blog, article, and book form and published over a
dozen of his own books, both fiction and non, with two new novels coming out soon! Mark’s Facebook Page Mark’s Book Sales Page
Ben S. Reeder
Ben has a background in the comic book and RPG community. He started publishing on Amazon about
three years ago, and hasn’t looked back. With nine books in the science fiction and fantasy genres, Ben
has worked hard to establish his reputation for hard hitting stories that keep readers entertained.
Ben’s book sales page Ben’s Facebook Page
Angelique S. Anderson
A native Montanan, Angelique has now self-published eleven books in the fantasy and scifi genres. She
now lives in Stockton California. She attends scifi and fantasy conventions with her books, and is an avid
supporter of the Indie Pub community and helping other writers achieve success.
Angelique’s Book Sales Page Angelique’s Facebook Page
B. C. Laybolt
Canadian author B.C.Laybolt wrote intermittently for almost two decades before the arrival of Amazon
and practical self publishing made it possible for him to follow his dreams. He is inspired by the proud
history of the Canadian military, his inspiration for his military themed scifi novels.
B.C.’s Book Sales Page B.C.’s Facebook Page
Keith Broad
Keith is an avid painter and multimedia artist. He took up writing children’s books and the rest is history.
This next year, Keith will be launching his first adult adventure novel. He loves sharing what he’s learned
on his creative journey, and looks forward to helping you get started on yours. Keith’s book Sales Page
Keith’s Facebook Page
Hi, I’m Mark.
As the director of indie Pub Academy, I’m so excited to be working with these authors. We’re also going
to be hearing from business coach, Alicia Meneses Maples and Sales Trainer, Adolfo H. Morales, along
with tips from about a dozen other authors and entrepreneurs who wanted to be a part of this, but
couldn’t commit to sharing a full module or more.
We are going to bring you the best, workable, practical, affordable advice available. We are not here to
sell you on other products, or services, but just to share as much as we can about the journey to Indie
Publishing success! If we recommend a product, or tool, it’s because we used it and it worked! I look
forward to getting to know you on our Facebook page, in the secret Facebook group and on our blog at
Please feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected] I will try to get to them as
quickly as possible, and will pass on questions for the other contributors, as time permits for them. I
cannot tell you how much I wish I were in your position when I started this journey over 10 years ago,
when print on demand, and even self publishing for EBooks were so new, no one had much advice.
We hope you’ll join us in this course and we want to hear from you when you do. We’d love to help with
anything we can, and we will celebrate your successes, big and small right along side you. Thanks for
taking the time to check out Indie Pub Academy. I hope you’ll take a moment to share it with your writer
Mark R. Morris, Jr.

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