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College Spotlight
College Spotlight
Blinn College
Mascot - Buccaneers
Location – Bryan, TX
• The main campus is in Brenham, but the majority
of students attend the Bryan campus (70%.)
• Bryan is located near College Station, TX. Many
students who attend Blinn will transfer to Texas
A&M. Blinn has the highest transfer rate in
• Bryan is about 1 ½ hours from
Colors: Blue & White
Blinn has award-winning cheerleading and dance teams.
The home campus in Brenham offers:
Blinn is a 2 year college (also known as a Junior
College.) They offer:
• Classes for college credit for students who want
to transfer to a university.
• Classes for people who want to learn skills to
help them get a job.
• & something different from all the other
schools we have covered ~ Technical programs!
Technical Programs
• Associate Degree and
Vocational Nursing
• Surgical Technology
• Physical Therapy Assisting
• Dental Hygiene
• Radiologic Technology
• Jai Alai
• Fire Science
• Criminal Justice
• Early Childhood Development •
Legal Assisting
Real Estate
Computer Information
Information Management
Business(General Business,
Accounting, Business
Administration and
Management, Hospitality
Management, Small Business
Police Academy
Technical Programs are programs that help you earn a certificate within 2 years. Certificates
are not the same as college degrees, but can often transfer toward a college degree.
New Police Academy
Police Academy cadets look on as Director Gary Sera
(left) and Blinn College President Dr. Donald Voelter
(right) shake hands after formally signing an
agreement for TEEX and Blinn to partner on offering
the police academy as a college credit program.
Ariel’s Take on Blinn
This is Ariel Johnson.
She just graduated from Texas A&M. This is what she had to say about Blinn:
“I enjoyed the small classes at Blinn.
When I went to school there, the classroom size was about 30 students, so you didn't feel
intimidated to answer a question in class or feel like you were inconveniencing the
professor when speaking with them after class.
I know that if students are looking for it as a gateway to A&M, it is an excellent
school. There's a very favorable percentage of acceptance to A&M from Blinn, because
admission staff at A&M and other universities are well aware of Blinn's curriculum. I
noticed classes there were a lot more difficult than ones taken at Howard College, so I
think they prepare students well for classes at the university level.
…whenever I attended, attendance was required. So, it definitely
taught me some good habits!
All of my classes transferred very easily too.
I took some of the more difficult classes….Some of these classes at universities are made a
lot more difficult for incoming freshman, so it was nice
to get those out of the
way in a smaller classroom setting.
Overall, I enjoyed going to school there. The classes there
definitely helped prep my study skills for A&M. ”
• Watch a Video Playlist about some of the
career programs offered at Blinn.
• Watch the Blinn Dance team
• Watch the Blinn Cheer Squad
• Watch a video about Blinn College.

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