The Mondi-WWF partnership explained



The Mondi-WWF partnership explained
The Mondi-WWF partnership explained
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What is the partnership about?
Mondi Group and WWF are working together in a threeyear strategic partnership (2014 to 2016) that focuses on
promoting environmental stewardship in the packaging
and paper sectors.
The partnership will focus on minimising the impacts of
Mondi’s operations on forests, climate and water, sharing
our initiatives and encouraging sustainable practices in the
industry. Strategic, measurable goals are being developed
as a benchmark against which both partners can measure
Why is the partnership important?
• It links one of the largest packaging, pulp and paper
producers in the world with one of the world’s largest
conservation organisations, sending a strong signal that
environmental sustainability makes good business sense.
• Building on the successful association Mondi has had
working with WWF in South Africa and Russia over the
years, this global partnership enables Mondi and WWF
to work together on an even larger scale.
• Mondi and WWF can, together, be catalysts for widespread change in the packaging and paper sector, and
in other land-use sectors.
What does it aim to achieve?
Mondi’s partnership activities will contribute to WWF’s
conservation agenda by:
• reducing Mondi’s own footprint (from raw materials to
final products),
• demonstrating that responsible ecosystem stewardship
makes good business sense, and
• encouraging sustainable practices in the industry.
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What will the partnership focus on?
The partnership, signed in February 2014, has identified
three main focus areas:
• Ecosystem Stewardship – building on the successful
WWF Mondi Wetlands Programme in South Africa, this
work will focus on increasing long term productivity and
ecosystem values and resilience in rural landscapes in
South Africa and protecting high conservation value
ecosystems in Russia and other regions.
• Manufacturing Stewardship – further reducing the
water and carbon footprint of Mondi’s operations and
promoting resource efficiency, recycling and longevity
of products, including the cascading use of wood and
forest products where appropriate.
• Product Stewardship – further enhancing the environmental performance of Mondi’s products through; among
others - credible certification and efficient life-cycle use
of materials in their paper and packaging products.
How do I find out more about the partnership?
For more information on this partnership,
please contact:
Kerryn Haselau
Group Communications Manager
Email: [email protected]
What are the benefits of this type of
• This collaboration is intended to create shared value.
Together we can provide sustainable solutions that have
tangible and lasting impacts. The results will not only
benefit both organisations but also have a positive impact
on the packaging and paper sectors.
• By working together on ecosystem, manufacturing and
product stewardship we will ultimately create long-term
value for stakeholders by transforming responsibly
sourced raw materials into innovative product solutions
that meet customer needs in a responsible, cost-effective
and sustainable way.
• With the results and lessons learnt from this partnership,
both organisations will be able to share knowledge and
best practices with other stakeholders (at global, national
and regional level).
Working together with WWF, using the expertise
of the Mondi Wetlands Programme (MWP), Mondi
assessed the quality of services (values) that key
wetlands provide in its South African forestry areas
and developed management plans and tools to maintain or improve the quality of wetland services.
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