Gender Differences in Amino Acids and Protein Metabolism



Gender Differences in Amino Acids and Protein Metabolism
‫‪Gender Differences in Amino‬‬
‫‪Acids and Protein Metabolism‬‬
‫ד"ר שאול לב‬
‫המכון לחקר התזונה‬
‫היחידה לטיפול נמרץ כללי‬
‫מרכז רפואי רבין‪-‬קמפוס גולדה‬
Sex differences-Proteins and AA
• Women live longer (Protein degradation
• Men are more muscular (Protein synthesis)
• Women are more prone to:
depressive symptoms autoimmunity and pain
disorders (Tryptophan metabolism)
“Life is regulated by the balance
between damage to our cells and how
efficiently this damage is corrected”
Sex differences in dieting trends, eating habits, and nutrition
beliefs of a group of midwestern college students
• Higher percentages of women had tried a low-fat diet
(P=0.0075) and a low-carbohydrate diet (P=0.0285).
• Significantly higher percentages of women than men
reported gaining nutrition knowledge from family
(P=0.0033) and magazines/newspapers (P=0.0345).
• Significantly higher percentages of women agreed that
they that it is important to limit carbohydrate
consumption and to limit the amount of fat consumed
to lose weight and that they needed to lose weight
J Am Diet Assoc. 2006 Oct;106(10):1673-7
Sex–gender differences in the brain region
involved in regulation of food consumpion
• Women have significantly greater activation to calorie-rich
foods within the dorsolateral, ventrolateral, and ventromedial
prefrontal cortexes; the middle/posterior cingulate; and the
• Men failed to show greater activation in any cortical region
compared with women to calorie-rich foods (amygdala
responses were greater in men)
Regulation of food intake is based on two major interacting systems.
Behavior mediated by gastrointestinal hormones and hypothalamic
integration and reward-related cortical and sub-cortical systems:
ventral striatum, the ventral tegmental area and the orbitofrontal cortex
obesity is related to an imbalance of homeostatic and hedonic systems
A tail of two brains
Tale_of_Two_Brains_[] (2).mp4
‫המח רגיש לשינויים בריכוז והרכב חומצות‬
‫האמינו בפלסמה‬
‫”‪“General amino acid control‬‬
A tail of two brains
Tale_of_Two_Brains_[] (2).mp4
‫המח משפיע ומושפע מהרכב חומצות האמינו דרך‬
Women have higher protein turnover
Older women have more anabolic resistance
Tryptophan levels are lower
Serotonin synthesis is lower

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