CRS Committee Report 2007-2008



CRS Committee Report 2007-2008
Australian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society
AUS-CRS Committee Report 2007/8
Committee of the Australian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society
Prof. Istvan Toth
School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences
The University of Queensland
[email protected]
Dr. Ben Boyd
Victorian College of Pharmacy
Monash University
[email protected]
Scientific Secretary:
Dr. Pavla Simerska
School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences
The University of Queensland
[email protected]
Prof. Clive Prestidge
Ian Wark Research Institute
University of South Australia
[email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Allan Coombes
School of Pharmacy
The University of Queensland
[email protected]
Members at large:
Dr. Daniela Traini
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Sydney
[email protected]
Dr. Ross Kennedy
School of Biomedical Sciences
Charles Sturt University
[email protected]
Dr. Heather Benson
School of Pharmacy
Curtin University of Technology
[email protected]
Executive Summary
The Australian Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (AUS-CRS) is dedicated to
broadening the awareness, application and appeal of controlled release science and
technology within the academic and industrial community and particularly among young
scientists who will lead future developments in our field. Successful delivery of a high
quality annual scientific meeting provides the principal means for achieving these aims.
Achievements for previous year (2007)
The over-riding accomplishments in 2007 were the formation of the AUS-CRS and the
first annual meeting. The new Australian Chapter was brought into being by the efforts
and initiative of Istvan Toth, Professor in Pharmacy at UQ, and was formally recognized
on the 7th November 2007. The first AUS-CRS annual meeting took place in Manly,
Sydney, NSW on the 9th December during the Australasian Pharmaceutical Association
(APSA) annual conference and the first AUS-CRS committee was elected on the same
1st Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUS-CRS
The First Annual Meeting of the AUS-CRS was held in conjunction with the APSA
meeting in Manly on the 9th December 2007. The plenary speaker, Professor Ijeoma
Uchegbu (University of London School of Pharmacy and the CRS Scientific Secretary)
was followed by 12 national speakers: Dr. Chris
Barbe, Adam Watkinson, Dr. Patrick Hartley, Prof.
Clive Prestidge, Dr. Paul Young, Assoc. Prof. LeeYong Lim, Dr. Heather Benson, Prof. Mark Kendall,
Assoc. Prof. Michael Monteiro, Dr. Pavla Simerska,
Dr. Ross Kennedy and Dr. Ben Boyd. The high
Copyright AUS-CRS
from left: Istvan Toth, Ijeoma Uchegbu,
Pavla Simerska
quality of presentations was matched by high
delegate attendance at all sessions.
Over 100 participants with an interest in controlled release science attended the
symposium, indicating the high level of support for the formation of the Chapter, and the
need for a forum for controlled release science in Australia. The success of the first AUSCRS meeting was also due in large part to the generous support of the sponsors: the
Faculty of Biological & Chemical Sciences - The University of Queensland, Victorian
College of Pharmacy (VCP) - Monash University, Phosphagenics Ltd., Implicit, TetraQ
and UniQuest. ATA Scientific and VCP contributed prizes for the best controlled releaserelated posters which were awarded to Abu-Baker Abdel-Aal (The University of
Queensland) and Shalini W.S Yapa (Victorian College of Pharmacy).
The AUS-CRS committee is indebted to the organizers of the APSA meeting, in
particular Dr. Daniela Traini and Dr. Jane Hanrahan, for the opportunity to hold the first
AUS-CRS meeting in conjunction with APSA.
A report on the conference appears in the CRS Newsletter, Vol 25. No.1, 2008.
Copyright AUS-CRS
Copyright AUS-CRS
Group A Streptococcus (GAS) vaccines student mini-symposium.
School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, University of Queensland, October 1st,
Dr. Pavla Simerska organized the AUS-CRS mini-symposium for both, chemistry
(SMMS, UQ) and immunology (QIMR, Herston) based, students working on group A
streptococcal vaccine development, which was held at the University of Queensland on
the 1st October 2007. This half-day symposium brought together young scientists with
shared interests in a highly important area of vaccine research and imparted valuable
experience in the presentation of key findings to a peer group for critical assessment.
Talks of 10 minutes duration were presented by nine speakers (students) on topics
ranging from ‘Synthesis of novel glycolipids for self-adjuvanting peptide vaccines’ to
‘Synthesis and immunological evaluation of lipopeptide vaccines against GAS’. The
presentations were followed by a big discussion session which included planning of the
future work/collaboration on the presented projects.
Proposed activities for 2008/9
2nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUS-CRS
Following the success of the inaugural meeting of the Australian Chapter of the CRS
during APSA’s annual meeting in 2007, the committee was keen to build on this
association, which was felt to be in the interest of both organisations. Following
discussions, it has been agreed that the 2nd AUS-CRS meeting will take place in
conjunction with APSA in Canberra in 2008. The first AUS-CRS meeting attracted over
a hundred participants and was particularly noted for the high quality of the speakers and
scientific presentations, features which we will endeavour to maintain. The committee
has in mind a number of outstanding researchers who will be invited to speak at the
Canberra meeting.
The committee is planning to stage a poster display aimed at encouraging younger
scientists to engage with the CRS and thus ensure the continued growth and development
of the field. We are aiming to award two substantial prizes which will enable the winners
to attend the annual CRS conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009.
Joint workshop with the New Zealand CRS Chapter
AUS-CRS together with New Zealand CRS Chapter plan to run two 2-days “Stability and
Delivery of Antigenic and Therapeutic Peptide and Protein” workshops for postgraduate
students covering formulation and protein delivery, peptide vaccine development and
immunology. These workshops will be held first in Brisbane, QLD on 6th and 7th October
2008 and then in Dunedin, NZ on 9th and 10th October 2008. They will include both
theoretical presentations (delivered by Natalie Medlicott, Louise Rosenmayr-Templeton,
Thomas Rades, Sarah Hook, Istvan Toth and Pavla Simerská) and demonstration of
different analytical techniques used in vaccine characterisation and evaluation (FTIR,
HPLC, LC MS/MS, caco2).
These workshops will support young scientists understanding of controlled release
principles for delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins.

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