Install a 2X client Setting up your 2X Client Connection



Install a 2X client Setting up your 2X Client Connection
Install a 2X client
2X in the software we used to connect to business application, such as Medical Director, MYOB, etc.
2X is available as a free client for many platforms. These include Windows, IOS, Android and
You will need to install a 2X client at the first step in accessing our applications. To do this:
1. Go to:
2. Select and install the required client.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the client.
Setting up your 2X Client Connection :
Once the 2X Client software is installed you will need to configure a connection:
1. Open 2X Client and select ‘File’ and ‘Add New 2X Connection’.
2. You will then need to enter the ‘Connection Settings’ onto the ‘Connection’ tab.
Primary Connection:
Connection Mode:
Gateway Mode
Durri (A meaningful name for the connection)
3. Untick ‘Use system credentials (SSO)’ under Logon to enter your supplied logon details:
Supplied Username
Supplied Password
Hit OK when complete.
4. 2X Client will then try to establish a connection and you will see this window
5. If successful you will see the applications you have been given access to.
6. If you are experiencing any difficulty setting up 2X please contact the IT Helpdesk on”
e: [email protected]
t: 1300 597 933

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