escypaa bid requirements



escypaa bid requirements
Requirements of Bid Committee:
1. Bid committee must consist of at least three AA members with one or more years of
continuous sobriety.
2. Each committee will be given a maximum of 30 minutes to present a bid
Requirements of Bid Packet:
3. A statement demonstrating why the bid committee wants to host ESCYPAA in their
4. Include a list of bid committee members including contact information, sobriety
dates, and service experience;
5. Supply written documentation illustrating the committee’s effort to be involved in
AA General Service work, to outreach the message of AA, and to practice the
Twelve Traditions;
6. Provide a proposed date for the convention that falls within the months of August
15th–November 15th;
7. Proposals or Unsigned contracts from at least two (2) meeting facilities adequately
sized to hold the convention. The proposals must clearly indicate proposed dates,
room night commitment/attrition rate, room rates, total room inventory of facility,
food and beverage commitment, a floor plan of the facilities meeting space and any
other relevant facility information (i.e. parking information, outside food and
beverage policy, costs for hospitality suites/advisory meeting room). All costs
related to the facility, both to the Committee and to the attendee, must be outlined.
Room night commitments should not exceed a maximum 200 room nights. Please
include the proposed schedule that your committee provided to the facility, and
any proposed schedule that has been provided to you by the facility;
8. Provide detailed financial records from all committee activities demonstrating
responsible financial autonomy and the capability of operating within the spirit of
AA’s Twelve Traditions. These would include cash flow statements and a balance
9. A detailed convention budget including line-item expense and income projections;
10. A temporary pre-registration flyer, to include the permanent P.O. Box for bid
11. A letter from committee’s local service committees confirming that no large-scale
AA events are to take place in the 30 days prior to AND following the convention
OR an area calendar for the months prior to and following the event;
12. Statement of support from bid committee’s local area, districts, and inter-groups
(where applicable);
13. An event insurance policy quote in the amount of one million dollars;
14. Supply written acknowledgement that the prospective bidder has read,
understands, and agrees to comply with the requirements as written in the Host
Committee Requirements;
15. A statement detailing any challenges your committee may face and how you expect
to overcome them; and
16. 16 bid packets to be prepared for advisory committee.

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