PM 13-019 - County of Simcoe



PM 13-019 - County of Simcoe
Procurement, Fleet and Property
PM 13-019
February 14, 2013
Update on the Energy Management Programme
THAT Item PM 13-019, regarding an update on the Energy Management Programme, be received
for information.
Further to Items PM 12-021 (February), PM 12-022 (February) and PM 12-083 (February), staff
wish to provide an update on efforts completed towards meeting the County’s reporting
responsibilities under the Green Energy Act (GEA) and progress made on the 16 point Energy
Management Programme rollout.
1. Reporting Requirements of the Green Energy Act
The Sustainable Operations Coordinator (SOC) is currently compiling historical and current utility
data from 297 electrical and natural gas accounts within energy planning software. Water, fuels
(unleaded, diesel and biodiesel) and propane accounts are also being identified and added to the
database. This work is extremely time consuming, in particular the locating and handling of
thousands of historical invoices, however staff are confident that the July 1, 2013 deadline for
posting the County’s energy usage and carbon emissions in the required report format will be met,
with the SOC also working in parallel to assist participating municipalities in meeting this goal.
Ongoing, the collection and entry of County utility data that is required by the Act will be
completed by the SOC monthly.
2. Energy Expenditure and Usage Analysis
The energy management and planning software being utilized allows for web-based tracking of
utility data, and is also a monitoring, control and reporting tool for facility energy usage and
greenhouse gas emissions. While compiling utility data, the SOC is analyzing and looking for
trends in energy consumption for each facility. Factors that influence energy consumption include
facility utilization, weather, hours of operation and types and sizes of equipment. This data will be
reviewed with the maintenance and facilities staff across the corporation so they gain familiarity
with the energy usage patterns of their facility, allowing them to identify anomalies if they occur.
The software also presents an opportunity to track, monitor and verify the success of energy
conservation and efficiency retrofit projects, and will prove out predicted savings by metering a
February 14, 2013
Performance Management Committee PM 13-019
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facility’s before and after conditions. This functionality will meet the GEA’s Phase 2 reporting
requirements that come into effect July 1, 2014.
3. Energy Management Roadmap
The SOC will lead preliminary steps in 2013 to develop an Energy Management Roadmap for the
County of Simcoe. This plan will be designed to proactively manage and reduce the County’s
energy usage, associated costs and environmental emissions over the long term. Opportunity
assessment workshops with staff will be hosted by Honeywell and 360 Energy Inc. and those
results, along with any preliminary Energy Management Plan will be provided to Council for
review. These sessions will also be scheduled at participating member municipalities (see
attached Schedules 5 and 6)
The process of energy management must be a continuous cycle of:
1. Auditing existing energy consumption and identification of required measures for
2. Review of performance targets;
3. Implementation of required measures;
4. Monitoring and verification;
5. Education and training of staff;
6. Review and evaluation of results
7. Communication of the results.
4. Knowledge Transfer and Information Sharing
The SOC has made the presentation on the Simcoe County Energy Management Programme to the
following groups and member municipalities:
September 20, 2012 – Simcoe County Clerks and Treasurers
November 9, 2012 – Simcoe County CAOs
November 26, 2012 – Town of New Tecumseth Council
November 28, 2012 – Town of Penetanguishene Council
December 7, 2012 – Sustainable Seven Sound Committee
December 10, 2012 – Township of Clearview Council
January 16, 2013 – Township of Tay Council
January 23, 2013 – Township of Oro Medonte Council
February 6, 2013 – Township of Essa Council
The presentation consists of an introduction to the Energy Management Programme, information
pertaining to the Green Energy Act and its reporting requirements, and an update on the project’s
major milestones to date.
Honeywell and 360 Energy Inc have participated in the presentations and identify their key
services including performance based contracting, no risk funding options that include no initial
financial outlay for capital equipment purchases, payment strategies based on annual savings and
opportunity assessment programmes customized to the individual municipality’s needs.
February 14, 2013
Performance Management Committee PM 13-019
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An Energy Management Committee has been struck and consists of 19 staff members from 13
participating Member Municipalities (see attached Schedule 1). The SOC chairs a bi-weekly
teleconference which addresses current issues and concerns relating to the Green Energy Act’s
upcoming reporting deadline, as well as the implementation of the other 15 deliverables within the
16 point Energy Management Programme.
Meetings to date have included guest speakers from Honeywell, 360 Energy Inc, the Local
Authority Service and the Energy and Environment Coordinator from the Town of Caledon.
Commentary received from the above groups and through networking of surrounding Regions,
Cities and Towns that have undertaken similar initiatives for several years, suggest that the
County’s progress with our Energy Management Programme is well advanced and an extremely
fast pasted momentum is being set.
5. Monitoring and Verification
The SOC has attended two extensive training programmes in the past several months, and has
been formally awarded the designations Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified
Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). This knowledge has been of great value to
date in dealing with energy management professionals and engineers in the field of facility capital
retrofits, system controls etc. The SOC is available to the Member Municipalities as a resource for
energy management information and questions about measurement and verification as they arise.
6. Measuring Success
The SOC has held preliminary discussions with 360 Energy Inc. with regard to the development of
a report card system whereby the County can measure success on energy management and
communicate both internally to staff and externally to residents on our successes to date and our
future goals. Work on this item will continue with updates coming to Council as developments
Award Programmes
The SOC has begun preliminary discussions with 360 Energy Inc. in regard to their Certification
in Energy Excellence programme, the intent of which is to develop energy management policies
and procedures in all areas of the corporation, to document the historical energy usage of the
corporation and motivate staff to meet new reduction goals. Certification areas include a review
of current energy procurement, demand response, review of renewable energy being utilized and
opportunities for carbon output reduction. The Certification process is overseen by an
independent moderator and evaluation team and submitted to the National Energy Foundation
based in the United Kingdom for approval. It is staff’s goal to report back to Council on the steps
required to prepare an application for this Certification, and to move forward with Council’s
support to achieve this award for the County of Simcoe in the future.
February 14, 2013
Performance Management Committee PM 13-019
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8. Evaluating Current Electricity and Gas Procurement Contracts
The County has contracted with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s (AMO) Local
Authority Services (LAS) branch and participates in their province wide group electricity and
natural gas procurement programme.
This programme removes the County from the Ontario government’s Regulated Price Plan (RPP)
for electricity and provides opportunities for strategic and competitive electricity purchasing.
For the period of January-December 2013, the purchase price obtained through the LAS tender for
electricity was $30.50/MW (all fees included), which equates to a per kWh contracted price of
3.05 cents/kWh. This represents a commodity cost decrease of 11.5% compared to the previous
2012 LAS programme rates and is far below the RPP rate of 7.4 to 8.7 cents/kWh paid by those
who are not on Time of Use pricing. This is the lowest cost LAS has ever realized for our
contract. (Schedule 2)
For the period of November 2012 – October 2013, the bulk purchase price for natural gas is
16.8cents/m3. This rate recognizes a commodity cost decrease of 16.4% from the previous
negotiated rate of 20.1cents/m3. (Schedule 3)
9. Capital Equipment
The self funding capital retrofit project at the Simcoe, Sunset and Trillium Manors, and the
County Museum is in the final phase of implementation and is being coordinated by the SOC
through bi weekly conference calls. All lighting measures, domestic water retrofits, variable speed
drive installations, building envelope improvements and linkage-less boiler controls have been
completed. The final phase involves the installation and expansion of the Building Automation
Systems (BAS). These systems allows the County to monitor, control, manage, trend and report
operation of energy consuming heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment both
on site or from Midhurst. As part of the project these facilities will go through an energy
monitoring and verification process to ensure they are meeting performance targets and average
utility cost avoidances of $195,000 annually.
10. Culture of Conservation
The SOC has begun preliminary discussions with 360 Energy Inc regarding measures that can be
taken to promote a culture of energy conservation with the Corporation of the County of Simcoe.
The development of measurement and verification procedures, continual analysis and yearly
reporting will assist in setting the County’s performance targets and identifying steps to take
towards improvement. The communication of these goals and steps to staff will create awareness,
increase knowledge and motivate staff to make changes in their own day-to-day operations
regarding energy usage.
11. Greening the Fleet
Further to Item PM 13-024 also found on this agenda, staff are moving forward to acquire an E3
Fleet Rating. A previous fleet review was completed which provides the County with baseline
February 14, 2013
Performance Management Committee PM 13-019
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measurements and comparisons can be made with current performance. Once the current data is
complied, reduction measures for operating costs, fuel consumption and green house gas
emissions can be identified. Other Green Fleet programmes being discussed in 2013 include
enhancements to the current anti-idling programme which will reduce current idling times from 3
minutes to 1 minute. 2013 will also see the continuation of the vehicle right sizing programme and
planning for purchasing of hybrid or electric vehicles where approved. Further analysis will focus
on the importance of trip and route planning in conjunction with haulage maximization and
12. Carbon Footprint Analysis
County assets can be a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, directly and indirectly,
through heating and cooling needs, as well as the demand for electricity, produced in part by fossil
fuel burning generating stations. Working with 360 Energy Inc., the County will work to
understand the steps required for a carbon footprint analysis, the benefits achieved by completing
one and measures that can be taken to lessen our greenhouse gas emissions over time. Indirectly,
carbon emissions are released by staff driving back and forth to work and while driving on County
business. As part of the Leadership and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold requirements, staff
have developed a draft Green Parking /Driving Policy for rollout in early 2013 that encourages
carpooling, the use of highly fuel efficient vehicles and economical route planning.
13. Carbon Credits
The carbon credit market is still an unknown commodity at this time and staff continue to research
this area.
14. Communications
Education, training and communicating are key aspects of the Energy Management Programme.
Methods of effectively communicating to residents on energy saving tips and awareness, as well
as providing updates on the County’s Energy Management Programme are being discussed.
The County’s internet and intranet websites may soon include an Energy Management and
Sustainability link. The link will take users to energy saving tips, current programme activity,
references to relevant Government websites for additional information on topics listed and a link
to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) which allows the public to view the current
hourly price, peak demand and current demand in Ontario in real time.
The Energy Kiosk in the atrium of the LEED Gold certified Administration Centre building will
include additional tabs that relate to the deliverables set out in the Energy Management
Programme. Software that will display real time data of the Administration Centre’s solar
photovoltaic production is being investigated and could include additional data such as real-time
consumption and building performance compared to Ontario demand.
15. Funding and Incentives
February 14, 2013
Performance Management Committee PM 13-019
Page 6
As part of their services included in the long term care and museum energy retrofit, Honeywell
staff completed extensive work seeking out and applying for funds to assist with costs of the
project. Honeywell staff and 360 Inc will continue to advise all participating in the Energy
Management Programme of opportunities in this regard.
Integrating Green Energy
The County is in the initial stages of identifying potential green energy opportunities.
Preliminary discussions have occurred regarding solar panels on flat roofs and procurement of
green energy through Bullfrog Power. These ideas will continue to be researched and explored
with staff bringing any reasonable and value based opportunities to Council for review.
The County of Simcoe’s Energy Management Programme is off to a very positive start with 13 of
19 municipalities participating to date including the County of Simcoe itself.
The County’s Sustainable Operations Coordinator has been fully engaged since coming into the
position in August 2012 with extensive relationships being built both inside and outside the
County, as well as momentum and enthusiasm for the Programme being generated.
Staff plan to report back in May, 2013 with a further update on the programme’s progress and to
gain Council approval on the July 1, 2013 Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report
format that will meet the requirements of the Green Energy Act.
Further update reports will be provided to Council as progress is made.
There are no direct financial implications to this Item.
The following Schedules are attached and form part of this Item:
Schedule 1 – Energy Management Committee Members
Energy Mgmt
Programme Contacts Feb1.pdf
Schedule 2 – LAS Electricity Programme Pricing Details for 2013
Schedule 2 - 2013
LAS Electricity Purchase Details - 65% hedge.pdf
Schedule 3 – LAS Natural Gas Programme Price Change Notice
February 14, 2013
Performance Management Committee PM 13-019
Schedule 3 - 2013
LAS Natural Gas Price Change Notice.pdf
Schedule 4 – Infocus Energy Management Initiatives Document
Schedule 4 – Infocus
Energy Management Initiatives Document.pdf
Schedule 5 – Honeywell Opportunity Assessment Workshop for Municipalities
Schedule 5 –
Honeywell Opportunity Assessment Workshop for Municipalities.pdf
Schedule 6 – 360 Energy Inc Municipal Assessment Questionnaire
Schedule 6 – 360
Energy Inc Municipal Assessment Questionnaire.pdf
Jason Allan, Sustainable Operations Coordinator
Dawn Hipwell, Director, Procurement, Fleet and Property
Trevor Wilcox, General Manager, Corporate Performance
Mark Aitken, Chief Administrative Officer
February 6, 2013
February 6, 2013
February 7, 2013
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