From bench-top tRole of Technology Division – support for



From bench-top tRole of Technology Division – support for
Taking research outputs beyond benchtop trials for socio-economic wellbeing
J.G. Shantha Siri
Senior Scientific Officer
Technology Division
National Science Foundation
Tel: 011 2696771-3, 011 2676766
e-mail: [email protected]
To make researchers and scientists aware about the NSF
Technology Grant Schemes and related other services
which facilitate R&D commercialization
1. Introduction to R&D commercialization
2. NSF Technology Grant Schemes
3. Support for IP protection
4. Support scheme for publishing science books
5. NSF-University science society Programme
6. NSF Award schemes
7. Success story
1. Introduction to R&D commercialization
Commercialization is an exchange of know-how for money
(Speser, 2008)
A sequence of activities for converting an invention to a
product or service (Rosa & Rose, 2007)
Taking the R&D of an organization to an industry
(Cornford, 2002)
Process of transforming new knowledge into new
products/services, employment & pay cheques
Introduction contd.,
In the knowledge economy, physical inputs (raw materials,
labour, land etc.) has been replaced by IP assets (patents,
trademarks, copyrights etc.)
Sri Lanka is about to shift from lower middle income to
upper middle income nation
One of the national priorities is to enhance high-tech
Demand for ROI from R&D from higher decision making
Introduction contd.,
Value chain
Tech. development
Pre-industrial product
Product development/
scaling up
Test marketing &
commercial scale production
Commercial venture
2. NSF Technology Grant Scheme
1. Support for Technology Development
Having R&D completed
R&D output with commercial potential
Prototype development/scaling up
2. Support for Start-Up businesses based on novel
Having technology development completed
Product development completed
Market surveillance done
Business proposal is prepared
Ready to market product
Grant Scheme contd.,
Specific format of application
Review process
Evaluation criteria
Business proposal
Progress monitoring
Fund disbursement mechanism
3. Support for IP protection
Guidance for patent drafting
Patent information search
Guidance for applying under PCT
Provision to meet cost incurred for IP protection
4. Support scheme for publishing science
Improve the quality of the publications on Science and
Create an avenue for public to access authentic reading
material on science and technology.
Financial support to cover printing cost ( apply at least two
months a head along with three quotations).
5. NSF-University Science Society
Opportunity for undergraduate to share the knowledge
Financial support to cover cost of printing materials in a
knowledge sharing/dissemination session
6. NSF Award Schemes
NSF Research Awards
TWAS/NSF Young Scientist Award
Teachers Award for promoting science
Technology Awards
NASTA Awards
7. Success story
Success story 2
NSF completed research grant, RG/2005/E/05
NSF Technology Grant - TG/2012/Start-Up/01
Ultimate message
Even a technically bright innovation can fail in the
market because ultimate peer reviewer is the
Therefore, start with market & end with market
Thank you

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