LOI Form - Cedarmere Foundation



LOI Form - Cedarmere Foundation
Letter of Inquiry Form
All Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) must be received no later than May 1st. LOI’s are solely for preliminary
information-gathering purposes. Submission of an LOI does not guarantee formal consideration
for funding. By June 1st, selected organizations will be invited to submit full Proposals. Please send
us your completed LOI and accompanying Questionnaire as email attachments, plus a copy of your IRS
determination letter, which you may mail if you don’t have it in electronic form. No additional
attachments are required or accepted at this time. You can refer to the other pages of our website at
www.CedarmereFoundation.org for more complete information about our goals, grant criteria and grant
making process.
Organization Information:
Name of Organization:
Year Incorporated:
Chief Executive:
(Name and Title)
Name of Board Chair:
Contact Person & Title:
(if different)
City, State, Zip:
Website address:
Population and Number
of People Served
Annual Budget:
Number of FTE Staff:
Cedarmere Foundation Letter of Inquiry
Geographic area served:
Number of volunteers:
Project Information:
Please describe 1 to 3 types of training or development activities your board or staff leaders would benefit
from and how each would enable you to lead and/or govern your organization more effectively:
What is the approximate cost of each of the training or development activities you have listed above and
how long do you anticipate each would take to complete?
Thank you for your submission. The Cedarmere Foundation appreciates
the opportunity to learn more about your organization.
Date Received: _________________

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