Course Outline—English Language Arts 10-1 and 10-2



Course Outline—English Language Arts 10-1 and 10-2
Course Outline—English Language Arts 10-1 and 10-2
W.H. Croxford High School
Jade Chaussé
[email protected]
General Description
English Language Arts courses include the following General Outcomes and encourage students to:
Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences
Comprehend literature and other texts in oral, print, visual and multimedia forms, and respond
personally, critically and creatively
Manage ideas and information
Create oral, print, visual and multimedia texts, and enhance the clarity and artistry of
Respect, support and collaborate with others
Students enrolling in this academic programme and course sequence (10-1, 20-1, 30-1) are expected
to possess sound reading and writing ability as well as a genuine interest in literature and the
communication process. Please visit for a brief
summary of the requirements for English Language Arts in grades 10 to 12.
Evaluation and Assessment
Evaluation of any one outcome may be done in any unit, or by using more than one genre. Through
the semester, three report card marks will be based on accumulated marks obtained from formative
and summative assessments. Course grades will be calculated using the following categories:
Course Work
Learning Competencies
Minor Evaluations
Major Evaluations
Final Exam
Final Exam
Part A: Writing
Part B: Reading
TOTAL (Course Work + Final Exam)
Please note that the first report card grade in this course may include anecdotal comments in lieu of
a numeric grade, depending on students’ progress and assignments completed.
W.H. Croxford High School (Updated: 12/08/2017)
Texts to be Studied
Texts selected for each individual class will vary at the discretion of the teacher, according to availability of resources,
student demographics, etc.
21ST Century Competencies
W.H. Croxford High School (Updated: 12/08/2017)
Policies and Procedures
1. Students are expected to complete all assigned homework. Failure to do so may result in making
up the work at noon in the homework room.
2. Students are expected to make up missed assignments or exams in a reasonable amount of time
after their return to class following any absence.
3. Students are expected to come prepared to class with all appropriate materials. This includes a
POD, charger, headphones, USB drive, writing utensils, paper, and binder.
Appeals Process
If students wish to appeal their grades, there is a process in place at W.H. Croxford.
Step One: Student speaks with teacher to come up with a resolution. IF a consensus is not achieved;
Step Two: Student, Teacher and Parents have a conference to reach a resolution. IF a consensus is
not achieved;
Step Three: Student, Teacher, Parents and Lead Teacher have a conference to reach a final
W.H. Croxford High School (Updated: 12/08/2017)
English Department Policies and Expectations
Section 12 of the Alberta School Act states:
A student shall conduct himself or herself so as to reasonably comply with the following code of conduct:
(a) be diligent in pursuing the student's studies;
(b) attend school regularly and punctually;
(c) co-operate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other services;
(d) comply with the rules of the school;
(e) account to the student's teachers for the student's conduct;
(f) respect the rights of others.
Taken from:
The School Act (1988) cS-3.1 s. Online. 29 August 2010.
A. Assignments
Please note that, to fulfil curricular requirements, assignments throughout the course will require students to use
various levels of critical thinking. Students must hand in assignments on time. Assignments reflect curricular
requirements, and are an important part of a student demonstrating progress in and achievement of curricular
outcomes. Parents and students can monitor students’ progress and assignments on Home Logic at
Students are responsible for keeping all marked work and notes during the semester. As well, students are expected
to keep back-up copies (digital or paper) of their submitted work. It is the responsibility of the student to turn in
assignments using software and/or formats compatible with school computers—please check with the teacher.
Please note that all English department assignments are to be submitted using standard MLA formatting (this will be
covered in class—see also
B. Attendance
Students are expected to be in class every day. If a student must miss an exam, he/she will be expected to complete
the exam upon return to school in the Learning Centre. If a student is absent or intends to be absent, the onus is on
him/her to complete assigned work by the determined deadline. Special note: It is the student’s responsibility to be
accountable for assignments and notes missed due to absences and to ensure that assigned work is submitted on
C. Late Arrivals
Students must be on time. Repeated problems with lates will be dealt with on an individual basis. Parents and
students can monitor attendance and/or lates on Home Logic at
D. Academic Honesty and Integrity
Academic dishonesty includes providing or using unauthorized assistance to complete academic work, such as:
 Copying another’s work (including plagiarism)
 Telling others what is on a test
 Presenting another’s ideas as your own
 Taking notes/aids into a test situation
Please know that any student involved in academic dishonesty will be dealt with at the discretion of the teacher
and/or administration. Complete guidelines and expectations with regards to academic integrity can be found on the
school website at (See also student agenda.)
W.H. Croxford High School (Updated: 12/08/2017)

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