Health and Social Value Programme



Health and Social Value Programme
Health and Social Value Programme
Social Value in Health and Care
Aim: to support the implementation of the Public Services (Social Value) Act
2012 by:
• Supporting clinical commissioning groups (CCG) and health and wellbeing
boards (HWB) to commission for social value; and
• Improving VCSE organisations' understanding of their own impact in terms
of social value, and how they articulate it, as well as increasing their
knowledge of the commissioning process.
Objectives :
• To build trust and mutual understanding across the VCSE and public
• To enable senior staff in the public sector and VCSE organisations to take
the lead in implementing social value in health commissioning and
delivery through cross sector collaboration
• To develop and implement a local programme for social value
• To share models of effective working and areas of best practice.
Who is involved……
Salford CVS
Salford City Council
NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group
University of Salford
City West Housing Trust
Salford Royal FT
Salford Community Leisure
Social Enterprises - 6 Degrees, Big Life, Unlimited Potential, Social
AdVentures, Salford Health Matters
Inspiring Communities Together (Representing the Third Sector
Leadership Group)
Start in Salford (Representing Salford Third Sector Consortium)
Pro Contact (Representing VOCAL)
Henshaws Society for Blind People (Representing BASIS)
Together Trust (Representing BASIS)
NHS England
First meeting - 22nd October……
• Why is social value on your radar?
• What do we value and what change do we want to
bring about?
• What social value means to Salford
• Inspiration from across the nation
• Opportunities and challenges in commissioning for
social value
• Setting local priorities
Second meeting 4th December:
• Legal clarity around social value and procurement
• Develop social value principles/charter
• Planning for future services
• Joining up data/information available in Salford – thematically
• Contracts and social value components/outcomes
Priorities to take forwards:
Social Value should reduce inequalities
Get it owned – championed across Salford
Broad ownership and collaboration
Co-production between the sectors – compact not charter
Procurement framework and city wide compact is required
Package of different things needed to take this forward
Achievable goals and quick wins
Support for S3SC Consortium to take on social value
Next steps
• Action Plan to take forward
• Changes to commissioning and procurement
• Support for voluntary, community and social
• Role of Third Sector Consortium?

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