Full-Time Certification Form



Full-Time Certification Form
Full-time student status plays a crucial role in determining eligibility for loans, for setting loan-repayment
schedules, and for determining various legal qualifications. Lehigh is, therefore, required to confirm that students
meet all requirements for full-time status. This form is designed for such confirmation.
Graduate students who register for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours each semester or three (3) credit hours in each
summer session automatically qualify for full-time status, unless they are disqualified by employment (see below).
Employment Status
Are you employed 75% of the time or more by any single business or institution (including Lehigh)? (Please check 1 box below.)
[Continue below.]
[Stop! You do not qualify for full-time certification.]
Graduate students who register for fewer than nine (9) credit hours may qualify for full-time status only (1) after
fulfilling all degree credit-hour requirements or (2) by meeting special conditions listed below. Students who are
registered for fewer than nine (9) credit hours but who qualify for full-time status must have that qualification
certified every semester by their graduate program and college graduate associate dean (signatures below).
Students certified as full-­‐time as a result of being registered for master’s thesis (qualification #1 below) are expected to complete that thesis in one semester. If they need an additional semester to complete the master’s thesis, they must petition SOGS on a semester-­‐by-­‐semester basis for such additional time before they can be certified again as full-­‐time under qualification #1.
To determine your eligibility for full-time certification when registered for fewer than nine (9) credits in a regular
semester or fewer than three (3) credits in the summer, please complete the section below.
Program of Study Qualification:
Please check all boxes below that apply to your status in your program of study.
0. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT: I am an international student studying in the United States under a student visa.
1. MASTER’S DEGREE: I have completed all course requirements with only thesis completion remaining (at least 1 credit of registration).
2. MASTER’S DEGREE: I am registered for the remaining credits to complete my degree (fewer than 9 credits).
3. DOCTORATE: I am registered for the remaining credits (at least three) to complete the credit requirement for the doctorate but have
not yet been admitted to candidacy.
4. DOCTORATE: I have been admitted to doctoral candidacy, have completed the course and credits minimum requirements for the
doctorate and am registered for at least one (1) credit.
5. INTERNSHIP: I am registered for a required full-time internship carrying fewer than nine (9) credits.
6. SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Special academic circumstances permit me to be considered for full-time certification. I attach
documentation explaining these circumstances.
I certify that I have responded truthfully above and confirm that I qualify
for full-time certification for the period indicated in the blank to the right.
Student signature:
Student name (print):
Program confirmation (signature):
Assoc. Dean confirmation (signature):
The university’s rules regarding full-time status are listed in section 3.21.4 of the university’s Rules and Procedures (R&P) and serve as the
basis for these guidelines for verifying full-time status (available at http://www.lehigh.edu/~inprv/pdfs/r_and_p.pdf). International graduate
students may also be governed by additional visa regulations (see http://global.lehigh.edu/oiss/immigration-and-visa).
[Updated 4/27/15]

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