Presentation on changes to SAPO regime



Presentation on changes to SAPO regime
Specified Animal Pathogens – proposal
to improve current arrangements
• Defra and Devolved Governments (DG)
Policy lead
Licensing authority
• HSE undertake inspections
• via Agency Agreements
• Provide inspection reports/
recommendations to Defra & DGs
• Single Regulatory Framework
• Legal difficulties
• Alternative non-legislative approach
Development of proposal
• HSE/Defra/DGs reviewed arrangements
– Explored legal constraints
– Reviewed experience since 2008
– Identified lessons learned
– Sought and analysed responses from licence
– Considered feedback from SRF
• Options developed
• Impact considered in cost-benefit analysis
• Proposal agreed
Proposal to improve current arrangements
Risk assessment for specified animal pathogens
Licensing to be transferred to HSE
Restructuring of licences and licence conditions
Revision of the SAPO guidance to reflect
changes and align other contained uses
Provision of a single point of contact for
contained use of biological agents (i.e. human,
animal and GMO)
Implementation of proposal
HSE is working with Defra and DGs to
implement the proposal with a view to
making the changes in 2015
Stakeholder working group to be
established to provide input on revised
licence conditions and guidance – include
representatives from biosafety community
Wider consultation on revised guidance to
commence later in 2014

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