Summer Scholars Complete Their Research



Summer Scholars Complete Their Research
Summer Scholars Complete Their Research
Each year, dental students who rank in the top one-third to one-half of their class are invited to apply to the Summer
Scholars Program. The students who are selected receive a stipend and, more importantly, the opportunity to
participate in research projects in collaboration with faculty mentors. During the nine-week program, students work in
the School of Dentistry’s state-of-the-art laboratories and clinics. Hands-on duties encompass a wide range of research
tasks, such as conducting literature searches, preparing specimens, gathering data and analyzing results. At the end of
the summer, students produce a research paper and submit a research abstract for the next national meeting of the
American Association for Dental Research at which they present their research results in poster presentations. Upon
successful completion of the program, students earn one credit hour of independent study. (See table below for a
complete list of the scholars, mentors, and projects.)
2015-16 Summer Scholars, Mentors, and Projects
Scholar Name
Rachel Carpino
Dr. Simmer-Beck
Effectiveness of a School-Based Dental Workforce Model on Oral Health
Patrick Hooper
Dr. Walker and Dr. Lee
Comparison of UDMA-Based Composites to Bis-GMA-Based Composite
Burt Kawamoto
Dr. Nickel and Dr. Iwasaki
Diurnal and Nocturnal Masticatory Muscle Activity in Women
Anna McKee
Dr. Branson and Dr. Rice
Evaluating Factors Affecting Dental Students’ Attitudes towards Learning
Communication Skills
Alexis Pugh
Dr. Friesen and Dr. Bohaty
Oral Health Characteristics of Pediatric Patients at a Dental School
Collin Schlosser
Dr. Ueki and Dr. Kittaka
SH3BP2 Control of Bone Loss in Periodontitis
Olga Shakhnovich
Dr. McCunniff and Dr. Jurkovich
Emergency Department Oral Health Access Pilot Projects
Camille Smith
Dr. Wang and Dr. Yao
Bond Stability of Class II Composite Restorations with Collagen Stabilizing
Etchants Before and After Aging Treatment
Kendall Tada
Dr. Walker and Dr. Deines
Influence of Clinical Finishing Procedures and Aging on Zirconia Roughness
Jack Wellner
Dr. Gorski and Dr. Walker
A proteomic Investigation of Enamel Proteins from Transgenic Mice Teeth

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