Managing Long Term Conditions



Managing Long Term Conditions
Managing Long
Term Conditions
This level 6 and 7 unit is delivered at our Elizabeth
Gaskell campus over 10 study days between
Wednesday 24th April and Wednesday 26th June
2013. The study programme has been designed for
any health care professionals currently working with
patients with long term conditions and who wish to
increase their knowledge and understanding in this
area of practice.
This unit will enable you to:
•Evaluate the current health strategies and policies
relating to the management of long term conditions
•Demonstrate an understanding of the aetiology and
pathophysiology of common long term conditions
•Understand how health promotion strategies can be utilised to reduce associated complications
•Appraise the evidence underpinning protocols and
care pathways used in the management of long term conditions
•Identify and discuss the impact that lifestyle and
socio-economic factors have on health and the
development of long term conditions
•Understand the effect that long term conditions have on service users and their relatives
This unit will be assessed in two parts:
•A presentation (equivalent to 2,000 words)
•A 2,000 word assignment. This assignment will
build upon the previous presentation, providing
opportunities for the student to demonstrate their
understanding of strategy and practice integration in
relation to the management of long term conditions
This course will focus on:
•Aetiology, epidemiology, holistic management and
prevention of a range of long term conditions which
impact on personal health and wellbeing (including
self care)
•Community profiling and health needs assessment in clients across the age range
•Consideration of the social determinants of health
and inter-agency working within the political context
•Prioritising risk and clinical decision making using
research based evidence and reflections of practice
•The journey of the service user through the disease
process, with a focus on social, physiological,
psychological and financial aspects
•Legal, ethical and clinical frameworks applied to the management of long term conditions
•The role of the multi-disciplinary team in the
management of long term conditions
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