Intelligent equipment for controlling rats and mice



Intelligent equipment for controlling rats and mice
Intelligent equipment for
controlling rats and mice
High tech environmentally friendly rodent control
WiseCon® concept
WiseCon® offers a comprehensive range of products. It is a unique 360-degree solution to prevent, combat and eliminate rats
and mice anywhere — in the sewer and on the surface, both inside and outside buildings.
Our concept is geared to meet stringent industry requirements and standards, due to several different reasons. It can be placed
in locations that are challenging to access. The digitalised solution can detect activity and kill rodents effectively without a
technician making a physical visit, thus the status of the traps and sensors is monitored remotely, while real time registrations
give the opportunity to react immediately if the situation changes. Documentation of the recorded rodent activity history can
prove to auditors and authorities that no rodents have been present in a given period of time.
• WiseTrap® eliminates rats systematically and effectively in
the sewers.
90 percent of all rats on the surface originate from the
sewer. Rats on the surface are a sign that the sewer is
infested with rats. The most effective pest control is to
fight rats in the sewer with WiseTrap® sewer traps. When
the rats are eliminated from the sewer they also disappear
from the surface. This makes WiseCon’s concept unique
since rat problems are handled where they originate.
• WiseBox® eliminates rats and mice systematically and
effectively above ground — alongside buildings both inside
and outside, as well as in parks and open areas.
• Wise-I® provides preventive control against rats and mice
through effective trapping and monitoring on the surface
— both inside and outside buildings. With an effective
surveillance, rodent activity is detected in time and the
rodent may be eliminated before becoming a problem.
• WisePlan® gather all the operating information from
WiseCon’s products in one system. Administration,
documentation and planning are centrally controlled, which
gives an overview of all upcoming, ongoing and completed
actions and activities concerning rodent control. Problem
areas can be identified and treatment can be swiftly
adapted to meet the situation.
• WiseCam® can help identify the extent of pest problems
before any action is taken. Treatment can be monitored
and adjusted as necessary and recorded continuously
throughout the process until the problem is resolved.
-- 90 percent of all rats on the surface originate from
the sewer.
-- Rats spotted on the surface in urban areas usually
indicates that the sewer is heavily infested with
rats, and some of them have been forced to the
-- Rats can easily climb up the downpipe several
floors, because they can crawl on vertical surfaces.
-- It is most effective to exterminate rats directly in
the sewer, since most of them live here.
-- In urban areas the best way to prevent against rats
is by exterminating the population in the sewer.
-- A pair of rats can, under favourable
conditions, produce over 800 offspring
in a year.
-- The female is pregnant for 20-24 days
and gives birth to between 8 and 12
WiseCon® is a Danish company which has specialised in
intelligent and long term, sustainable high-tech rodent control
solutions since 2008. WiseCon® is a world leader in high-tech
pest control and our products are used not only in Scandinavia
but are in demand by a steadily growing number of countries,
throughout the world.
All WiseCon’s products are developed, designed, manufactured
and distributed from the factory in Denmark. They are
protected by comprehensive patents. WiseCon’s products
and methods have been approved and developed in close
cooperation with experts from the National Pest Infestation
WiseCon® A/S employs approximately 50 people and has
distributors and agents worldwide.
-- The female reaches maturity 5 weeks
after birth - males after 8 weeks.
-- Rats can live for up to 4 years in captivity, but a wild rat rarely lives longer
than 1 year.
-- Rats can be up to 55 cm in length from
nose to tail and can weigh more than
WiseCon® work in close collaboration with pest control
companies, housing associations, local authorities, facilities
management companies and sewer maintenance companies.
This collaboration with experts in sewer systems and rodent
behavior is important for optaining the best results.
WiseCon® has its headquarters and production facilities in
Helsinge on Zealand in Denmark.
At WiseCon® we have a clear message:
We make a measurable difference
A rodent free
environment for all
Rats and mice are on the increase; they are a public health risk
as vectors of disease and the damage they cause to sewers,
property and goods amounts to millions each year.
People have a right to live safe and secure with no fear of coming
into contact with rodents.
WiseCon’s high-tech intelligent, rodent control programs are
used to prevent rats and mice infestations. In already infested
areas the products are used to rid areas of both rats and mice,
quickly and without the use of poisons, ensuring a sustainable
environment and allowing people to live without the fear of
coming into contact with rodents.
Animal Welfare
The development of anticoagulant rodenticides in the early
1950s revolutionised rodent control and for a few years control
was possible, however, the initial success did not continue;
throughout the world rats and mice are becoming increasingly
resistant to these toxins.
Poisons are proving to be ineffective in controlling the spread
of rodents, whilst causing suffering and a slow painful death.
According to a report from the University of Aarhus (2015)
anticoagulants have been found in an extremely high number of
birds of prey, owls and small predators.
WiseCon® use no pesticides or poisons. The traps are designed
to exploit the natural instincts and behaviour of rodents. The
products are designed to kill rodents quickly and effectively.
To ensure this, the traps have been developed in collaboration
with the National Pest Infestation Laboratory in Denmark. They
are also tested and approved by Swedish Naturvardsverket, as
well as The Federal Environmental Agency in Berlin, Germany.
In Germany, the products were declared 100 percent effective,
received official approval and are now registered under the
category of pest control traps (§18) which are deemed to be
the most effective, humane and meet the most stringent animal
welfare standards.
Environment and
The need for environmentally
friendly rodent control is high on the
agenda in Europe. Growing resistance to rodenticides in many
areas, the risk of secondary poisoning to predators and prey and
the harm caused to certain aquatic organisms are three of the
main concerns. New legislation is coming into force requiring
in some cases that second generation anticoagulants only be
used as a last resort and that rodent control in the future be
focused on a more comprehensive and modern approach.
In Scandinavia, one of the objectives of the Ministry of the
Environment is to use the latest technology to limit the use
of poison, in order to avoid resistance and reduce the risk of
unacceptable side effects.
This is crucial to the future of pest control. The use of
environmentally sound methods supports new EU-legislation
which in the coming years will be imposed on Member States
in order to reduce the use of harmful products, including
rodenticide poisons.
Sustainable solutions
Rodenticides pose a serious threat to the environment;
thousands of tonnes are used, often indiscriminately, every year.
WiseCon® focus on sustainable and long-term solutions, and see
clear advantages in combating rodents effectively without using
poison. We are continuously working to develop new products
and optimize existing ones at the most environmentally sound
Sustainable rodent control is a combination of advanced
technology and knowledge of the animals’ lives and behaviour.
Extermination takes place without a negative environmental
impact and with the greatest possible animal welfare
considerations. The result will be for the focus areas to be
permanently free of rats.
It’s all about safety
Rats and mice are carriers of over 50 diseases – some of them
fatal to humans.
The reason why it is so important to avoid attacks from rats
and mice it is not just about minimising the cost of repairing
damages, it is most of all about safety.
When rats are killed in the sewer they also disappear from the
surface, because the majority of rats live in the sewer.
Advantages of using WiseCon’s traps
• Effective and non-toxic rodent control
• Kills rats in the sewer
• Kills rats and mice on the surface
• 24/7 monitoring of property or area
WiseCon’s traps can clear rats from an area and ensure that you
do not get rats in the toilets, kitchen cupboards, school yard,
playground or other places where the rodents are undesirable.
• Digital documentation
By installing our sewer traps (WiseTrap®) in infested areas prior
to road and sewer renovation, we can remove rats that would
otherwise flee from the sewer and cause a nuisance on the
surface in nearby homes and businesses.
• Permanent infestation protection
Most importantly, the rodent problem is solved without the use of
poison that not only is a painful death for rats and mice, but also
poses a risk of secondary poisoning of predators and accidental
poisoning of e.g. dogs and children.
Whether you have problems in a housing association, an
institution, a food producing company, a hotel or a public park,
we have a solution for you.
• Data in real time
• Minimises the risk of repeated infestations
• Cost savings on damage and maintenance
• Minimises risk of infection
• Creates a healthy environment
• Peace of mind
WiseCon’s traps are tested and approved
by Naturvardsverket in Sweden, and
by The Federal Environmental Agency
in Berlin, Germany. In Germany the
products were declared 100 percent
effective, received official approval and
are now registered under the category
of pest control traps (§18) which are
deemed to be the most effective, humane
and meet the most stringent animal
welfare standards.
Rat control in the sewer
The patented high-tech WiseTrap® sets a brand new standard
for fast and effective control of rats in sewers. It is a permanent
rodent control solution which kill rats, instead of sending them to
the surface or on to the neighbour.
WiseTrap® is easily installed in a standard manhole. Two sensors
at the base of the spring loaded trap measure temperature and a
pattern of movement. The mechanism fires on identification of a
rat blunt spears from the base of the trap that kills the rat instantly.
The spears automatically retract into the cylinder housing and the
trap is re-set ready to fire again. The dead rodent is washed away
by the normal flow in the system.
The area is isolated using a
WiseTrap® permanently positioned
as a “Gate keeper.
WiseTraps are then installed in the
manholes farthest away from the
Gate keeper.
A programmed clean out with WiseTraps® provides the best basis
for rapid and effective control of even high infestations; rats in the
focus area will be eradicated and their numbers kept down.
The traps continuously monitor the situation and forwards data
and documentation via a SIM card, directly to smart phones or
computers so that a systematic control program for the sewer
system can be planned and carried out.
If a sewer system beneath an apartment block, a hospital, a retail
outlet, restaurant or a business, is to be cleared of rats, it must be
done systematically, using a clearly-defined strategy based on the
drawings of the sewer system.
Once these traps record no activity in the area they can be moved toward
the Gate keeper. This procedure is repeated until we have cleaned out the
area and we reach the Gate keeper at the main sewer line.
• To begin with the area is isolated with a WiseTrap® positioned
between the area to be cleaned out and the main sewer line.
Fig. 1 we call this trap the “Gate keeper”.
• WiseTraps are then installed in the manholes farthest away
from the Gate keeper as “Clean out” traps. Fig. 2
• Once the Clean out traps record no activity they can then be
moved in toward the Gate keeper. Fig. 3 and 4. This procedure
is repeated until we have cleaned out the area and we reach
the Gate keeper at the main sewer line. The Clean out traps
can be removed and set to work in another area. The Gate
keeper remains in position once the area has been cleared of
rats; this ensures that there can be no re-infestation from the
main sewer.The Gate keeper will always register some activity
as rats from the main sewer try to re-enter the area.
Scan the QR code to see a demonstration of a
systematic rat control solution in the sewer.
WiseTrap® fits all drain and sewer systems
with a diameter from 100 mm (internal
diameter) and up to 250 mm. The trap can
be installed in pipes of clay, concrete or PVC,
and in all manholes of over 315 mm dia. A
specially adapted “WiseTrap® Pipe” is also
available that can be installed onto metal
sewer pipes that connect buildings directly to
the main sewer.
WiseTrap® consists of a spring loaded killing
device and a control box. The trap can be
installed and removed from the surface
without the need to enter the sewer; this
is done using special installation rods. The
control box and battery are suspended close
The Gate keeper remains in position once the area has been cleared of
rats; this ensures that there can be no re-infestation from the main sewer.
to the surface on a specially designed hanger,
enabling easy access for maintenance.
• Control: Electronic
• Mounting: In the sewer pipe from the surface
• Well: From Ø 315 mm
• Power supply: 12 V
• Battery capacity:
3 months
• Weight excl. Battery: Approx. 9 kg *
• Length: 297 mm*
• Width: 364 mm*
• Height: 785 mm*
*Depending on the trap size.
For further information, please go to
-- 90 percent of all rats on the surface
originate from the sewer.
-- Urban sewers are the perfect
manmade rat habitat. Rats do not
normally live in the larger sewer
pipes but prefer the smaller branches
of the sewer, close to buildings,
food sources, benches, inspection
chambers and dryer parts of the
-- The WiseTrap® is designed to
eliminate rats quickly and effectively
in their own environment, i.e.where
they feel most secure.
-- Rats can cause serious damage to
the sewer system, eliminating them
ensures a longer service life for and
less maintenance of the sewer.
-- If you live in a rat infested area, then
install a WiseTrap® at the boundary
manhole. The investment is negligible
compared to the cost of renovation
after a rat attack.
Scan the QR code to
see a demonstration.
1. Rotten går ind1.
i fælden
Rotten går ind i fælden
og aktiverer følerne.
og aktiverer følerne.
1. Rotten går ind1.i Rotten
fældengår ind i fælden
og aktiverer følerne.
og aktiverer følerne.
Rodent control
above ground
2. Elevatoren kører
op til elektroden
2. Elevatoren
kører op til elekt
og rotten får stød.og rotten får stød.
2. Elevatoren
kører op til elekt
2. Elevatoren kører
op til elektroden
og rotten får stød.
og rotten får stød.
WiseBox® is a multi-catch surface trap, which is placed in
areas where rodents are active. Positioning the WiseBox®
requires knowledge of rodent behaviour; it’s typically placed
along the sides of buildings and other places where rodents
feel secure. WiseBox® takes advantage of rodent’s innate urge
to seek safety and protection; it is effective against both rats
and mice.
When a rodent enters the WiseBox® it activates a sensor, the
trap closes and the rodent is killed quickly and efficiently with
an electrical current. The body is deposited in a plastic bag in
a closed container; the trap then returns to the start position
and rearms ready for the next catch.
WiseBox® can be used indoors or outdoors. Rats and mice
are thought of as commensal rodents because of their close
til udgangsposition.
trap and
2. The elevator
up to the
association with human activity, in urban areas
og4. Elevatoren
4. moves
kører til udgangspo
the rotten
the rodent
is given
i afleverer
i spanden.
i spanden.
ligger i spanden.
breed in cellars, sheds, stables, factories, feed stores,
and rottenactivates
an electric shock, which makes its
apartment blocks, anywhere they can benefit from3.our
3. Elevatoren
til udgangspo
videre og kører videre og 4. Elevatoren
heart stop.
Rotten ligger i spanden.
afleverer rotten afleverer
i spanden.rotten i spanden.
Rotten ligger i spanden.
With a SIM card WiseBox® can communicate with mobile
phones, the internet and WisePlan®. Without, it requires
regular inspection. With a SIM card it can be programmed to
send an SMS when one or more rodents are captured or when
the bucket is full and ready to be emptied. Operation and
operating statistics can be followed on WisePlan® ensuring
effective and systematic treatment.
-- Rats and mice are vectors of more than 50 serious
diseases, including salmonella, hepatitis, E. coli
bacteria and influenza and rats can carry the
potentially fatal Weil’s disease. By removing rats
and mice you remove the risk of infection spreading
to humans and pets.
3. The elevator continues, the
lid opens and the dead rodent is
deposited in the bucket.
4. The elevator returns to its start
position and re-arms ready for the
next rodent.
WiseBox® now comes in a new,
improved version which detects rats
and mice with heat and motion sensors.
WiseBox® is available in several models.
With and without solar panels. Battery
or 230 V. Intelligent - with a SIM card
or unintelligent (without SIM card).
• Control:
• Location:
• Assembly: • Power supply:
• Battery capacity:
• Weight excl. Battery:
• Length: • Width: • Height: Electronic
Along the wall
Ground anchors or screws
12 V
3 months
7 kg
385 mm
230 mm
For further information, please go to
If you want to avoid problems with rats and mice and the
consequent risk of serious infection and costly damage, here are
some tips.
-- Install steel mesh over vents on waste pipes.
-- Grids over floor drains should be stainless steel and screwed in
-- Be aware that piles of rubbish, compost heaps and bird feeders
all attract rodents.
-- Make sure that doors and windows fit tightly to their frames.
-- Plug any open waste pipes when doing construction work.
-- Repair cracks and crevices in the foundation and facade.
-- Always close old unused sewer and drain pipes.
-- Check regularly that your manholes and sewer pipes are intact
and functioning. Get a TV-inspection of the system every 5 - 6
years and repair any damage immediately.
-- Always get a licensed drain engineer to carry out any sewer
-- Install a WiseTrap® in the sewer to prevent attacks from rats.
-- Follow these tips and make it difficult for rodents to thrive.
Scan the QR code to
see a demonstration.
Monitoring and infestation protection
It is more important than ever to discover rats and mice early before they enter buildings or gain foothold in an area.
Wise-I® is perfect for this purpose since it with its patented link
system uses cutting edge technology to effectively monitor the
activity of rats and mice and protect against infestation in and
around buildings 24/7.
That way you will know when to extend your rodent control
solution into a programmed clean out before your estate,
storage or production is infected by rats or mice.
Wise-I Master®
Wise-I Master® consists of a single master control box, which
connects and controls up to 50 units in a wireless grid; either
Wise-I Trap® , Wise-I Pir® or a combination of the two. Only
Wise-I Master® requires a SIM card to forward information
from traps and sensors to WisePlan® over the mobile network.
The whole system communicates in a unique manner. Traps
and sensors are linked wirelessly with each other, thus creating
an uninterrupted grid network. This gives the Wise-I® system
great flexibility and an outstanding range, allowing a single
system to cover a very wide area.
Wise-I Trap®
Wise-I Trap® functions on two levels. It can both catch and kill
rats and mice quickly, humanely and efficiently; whilst at the
same time it can detect and monitor any rodent activity in the
near vicinity of the trap, around 2 metres from the sensor.
When caught or when a rodent has activated the monitor
Wise-I Trap® forwards the information wirelessly via other
Wise-I® units in the grid to Wise-I Master®, which in turn
forwards the message by SMS, email and WisePlan® to whoever
is responsible. The trap’s ID and location is reported allowing
action to be taken immediately.
Only traps which have recorded a catch or activity need to be
emptied or inspected, reducing labour costs significantly.
Companies that are required to prove compliancy with
International Food Standards or other similar stringent pest
control standards can provide evidence of effective 24/7 rodent
control through WisePlan®.
Wise-I Pir®
Wise-I Pir® has two separate functions and can be either a
monitoring device or a range extender. It can be used as a
monitoring device to detect rodent activity in the vicinity of the
sensor, around 2 metres. Used in this way it’s ideal for, server
rooms, cable runs, electrical cabinets, ceiling and floor voids,
food or sensitive equipment stores or other areas that are only
inspected with difficulty or infrequently.
It can also be mounted directly onto traditional bait and spring
trap boxes to monitor any activity inside the box.
As a range extender it duplicates and forwards a signal between
two Wise-I® units that are otherwise outside the range of each
Create a safe environment with Wise-I® as rodent control service
solution. The system is flexible with its many applications, and it
is therefore ideally suited to use all places, where monitoring and
infestation protection against rats and mice are required 24/7.
For more information, please go to
-- Wise-I® takes advantage of rodent’s instinctive need to
seek cover and protection.
-- Wise-I® units are modern and discreet in design and
blend naturally with the surroundings without attracting
undue attention.
-- Wise-I Master® is wall mounted indoors, the SIM card
is installed and the unit connected directly to the main
230v electric circuit.
-- Both Wise-I Trap® and Wise-I Pir® use four pieces of
lithium 3,6 V AA batteries each and have very low power
consumption. Both units send an alarm by SMS, email
and to WisePlan® when it is time to change batteries.
Scan the QR code to
see a demonstration.
of the situation
WiseCam® is an infrared surveillance camera which can be
used to monitor the movement and whereabouts of rats and
mice in sewers, manholes, attics, basements - or wherever
the rodents may be.
WiseCam® can be installed before, during or after
extermination using the WiseTrap® and/or WiseBox®. The
camera continuously records rodent activity, providing a
constant overview of the situation. By using WiseCam® it’s
possible to determine the most effective strategy, allowing
quick adjustments to be made if conditions change.
Pest management based on WiseCam® recordings, together
with WiseTrap® and/or WiseBox® provides the best basis for a
swift and effective extermination of even heavy infestations.
Recordings can be viewed
WiseCam’s® built-in screen.
Rat in the sewer filmed with WiseCam®.
The camera is simple to use and easy to install. For sewer
recordings WiseCam® is hung on a hanger at the top of
the inspection well; making the camera easy to access and
For recordings above ground WiseCam® can be placed almost
anywhere e.g. in attics, cellars, warehouses, storerooms,
cable runs etc. and used to determine the whereabouts of
rodents as they forage and move around the area allowing
you to define a control strategy to suit the situation.
WiseCam® reveals the nocturnal activity of rats in a store room.
WiseCam® has a robust design, therefore it
is ideal to use in the harsh environment of
WiseCam® has a large screen,
recordings can be played directly.
WiseCam® has three recording modes;
constant, motion, or heat and motion.
All recordings are stored on a standard SD
card which can be removed and plugged into
a PC where they easily can be emailed as
documentation or evidence.
• Control: • Well: • Mounting: • Power: • Weight excl. • Length: • Width: • Height: Electronic
From Ø 315 mm
On hanger
12 V
Battery: 2 kg
255 mm
239 mm
361 mm
For further information, please go to
-- Rat’s teeth grow more than 1 cm per month
and can gnaw in anything softer than glass
and iron.
-- Both rats and mice are omnivorous and will
feed on most things we or pets consume, but
grains and seeds are their familiar and natural
foods. There are examples of rats that have
survived for a long time on a diet consisting of
canvas bags and candles.
-- Rats need 40ml. water a day to survive; using
water can be a good way to attract them to
the WiseBox®, they prefer fresh water. Unlike
rats, mice can survive with little or no free
water, although they readily drink when it’s
available. They obtain their water from the
food they eat.
-- The rat has an extremely flexible body. It can
climb, swims well, dives well, and even large
rats can get through a hole of only 2 cm wide.
Mice are quick, agile creatures and due to
their small size quite secretive, they can get
through a hole of only 1 cm wide.
Scan the QR code to
see a demonstration.
Based on information from the software program
WisePlan®, WiseCon® has collected a large amount
of data since 2008. This means that we can
continuously develop new products and improve
and optimise our existing ideas based on the latest
knowledge in the fight against rats and mice.
WiseCon® is the world leading manufacturer of
intelligent equipment for controlling rats and mice.
Digital documentation
Technology is now beginning to have a great impact on pest control, steadily
improving rodent control methods both in the sewer system as well as on the
surface. WiseTrap®, WiseBox® and Wise-I® all communicate via the mobile network.
Alarms can be programmed to be forwarded to individual technicians, offices or
customers. For example, should a trap be: Emptied? Moved to another location?
Battery charged? Trap serviced? Etc. This information together with all other data
such as the history, operating conditions and statistics are collected and stored in
the software program WisePlan® which can be accessed through an individual login
code by mobile phone, tablet or PC.
All WiseCon’s traps and sensors is connected to the online software program
WisePlan®, which is the program that all traps and units forward information to.
WisePlan® contains your entire trap and unit history e.g. shots fired, operating
conditions, battery condition, alarms and location. It’s the ideal tool for planning,
coordinating and administering your system and for scheduling future actions.
Pest control is all about controlling pests. The information you receive from WiseCon’s
traps and units allows you to work efficiently and manage time and resources in the
most effective manner. All devices are active 24/7 and have a heart beat which
means that if there is no communication you will receive an alarm. You can rest
assured that all devices are active without having to spend valuable time inspecting
poison baits every few weeks. It also means that only traps having reported activity
or are in need of service need be inspected.
GPS is built in, so that you can always see exactly on Google maps where the traps
and units are located. This is very useful as anyone; a colleague or a new technician
can inspect traps without having to spend time trying to locate them first.
A built-in modem allows you to follow and manage
the situation… On a daily basis.
History, operational data and
statistics can be sent directly
to a mobile phone, tablet or PC.
Traps and sensors forward
data via the mobile network.
Scan the QR code to
see a demonstration.
Analysis of the data gathered allows you to
optimise resources for better efficiency.
The world leading manufacturer
of intelligent equipment
for controlling rats and mice
We make a measurable difference
WiseCon A/S | Skovgaardsvej 25 | DK-3200 Helsinge
+45 48 79 93 78 | CVR 3035 0766 | [email protected] |

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