BIBLE CLUB READING FOR August 2016 Oct 2 Leviticus 19-27



BIBLE CLUB READING FOR August 2016 Oct 2 Leviticus 19-27
First Assembly of God
2401 S. High Street
Kirksville, MO 63501
October 23, 2016
Phone: 665-9905
[email protected]
Robert Fredricks, Pastor
Lorne Arber, Youth Pastor
Sunday School - All Ages 9:30 am
Morning Worship 10:40 am -
Pastor Robert Fredricks, Ministering
Pastor Israel Sepulveda - Domingo 4:00 A 6:00 pm - Servicio Evangelistico
Cell 641 – 680 – 1908
Martes 7:00 A 8:00 pm – Oraccion Y Estudio
Viernes 7:00 A 8:00 pm – Reunion en los hogares
“No queriendo que ninguno Peresca, sino que todos procedan al arrepentimiento ”
Evening Praise 06:30 pm - Rev. Josh Botello, Ministering
Monday - Chi Alpha: @ 7:00 pm-8:30 pm on campus at Violet Hall 1144
Fellowship and inspiration for college students
Wednesday - Family Night 6:30 pm
Adult Bible Study
Youth Group (6th-12th grades) ARMED & DANGEROUS
Prims & Royal Rangers meets at 6:30 pm (Wed.)
August 2016
Oct 2
Leviticus 19-27
Oct 9
1 Corinthians 1-7
Oct 16
1 Corinthians 8-16
Oct 23
2 Corinthians
Oct 30
Isaiah 1-10
A men’s Bible club meets every Monday morning, 8:00 am at Rosie’s Cafe.
A ladies’ group meets at Peggy Gray’s house (705 N.John Street), Thursday, 4 pm.
The Ladies’ Monday group meets in the Pastor’s classroom, Noon to 1 pm; it’s a brown bag
luncheon and you are invited to join them.
Check out the discussion on Facebook – Kirksville Bible Club.
BIBLE STUDY at the home of Jack & Lynnette Maize – 6:30 on Monday evenings, 713 N.
Luther Street – everyone is welcome! 2 TIMOTHY is the current study, a feature of Beth
Moore ministry.
Ladies, prayer meeting at the CHURCH,
Thursdays from 1 to 2 pm.
WHAT? Is it that time again? Actually no, but it’s hard to believe that
it’s only 9 months away – and so now’s the time to talk about raising the
funds so that our young people can attend. The cost is around $170 per
person (haven’t seen figures for next year yet), but if we raised just $20
per month for each of the students then we can fund them to go to camp.
Each student is required to raise at least $25 of their own funds. Would you help with us on this fund
raiser? Thanks in advance!
A couple corrections to the new directory: Jade McCoy’s birthday is 7-31-03, not 7-13-03; Also note
that Chauncey and Cameron are Potters, as are Keaton and Aubrey; and spelling corrections: Alexas
and Dominic. Also under McCoy (Easley) – it’s Jade, not Jude.
C.O. Wellman has taken care of mowing our property on Franklin Street all season
– and we thank him for doing that; also Kendrick Daniels has done a great job on
our church property and we are so appreciative of that!
Did you invite someone to church this week?
October Items are: Dry beans and/or Chili beans

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