Enterprising HR - Employee Handbook Powerpoint Presentation



Enterprising HR - Employee Handbook Powerpoint Presentation
Employee Handbook /
Personnel Policies
Doug Scott, Industrial Steel Treating Co.
The comments and advice
provided by today’s
presenters are general in
nature and are not intended
to replace legal counsel,
Quick Look
• Employee Handbook
 Advantages & Disadvantages
 Strongly Recommended Inclusions
 Things to avoid
• Summary & Conclusion
• Questions
• What is the difference between the
Employee Handbook & Personnel
 In general, the employee handbook is a
SUMMARY of your company’s personnel
policies & procedures
 The Handbook includes basic information
that employees need to know about your
 Formal personnel policies are the details,
the procedures to be followed when…
Employee Handbook
• Advantages
 Time Saver
 Answers Questions before
they are asked
Employee Handbook
• Disadvantages
 May save you too much time
and your boss may wonder why
you are needed
 May provide legal protection
that will keep you out of court –
but, you have always wanted to
be on Judge Judy
Includes, but not limited to…
The three musts…
• At-Will (Collective Bargaining Agreement)
• Contract Disclaimer
• Acknowledgement Form
Includes, but not limited to…
• At-Will:
‘Your employment with ABC
Organization is considered AtWill, meaning that it is for no
fixed term and can be terminated
by either party at any time, with
our without reason or cause, and
with or without notice.’
Includes, but not limited to…
• Equal Employment Opportunity
(EEO) & American’s with Disabilities
Act (ADA) – reasonable
Includes, but not limited to…
ABC Organization is an equal
opportunity employer and will not,
unlawfully, discriminate against any
applicant on the basis of any
characteristic that is protected by local,
state or federal law. Michigan law
requires that a person with a disability or
handicap requiring accommodation to
perform the essential duties of the job
must notify the employer in writing within
182 days of the date that the need is
known or should have been known.
Includes, but not limited to…
• FMLA (50 employees or
more), Family Military Leave
• Military Leave
• Other leaves, Jury Duty,
Bereavement, School
• Harassment (including
sexual), discrimination,
Includes, but not limited to…
• Technology: Internet, e-mail, instant
messaging, cell phones, etc…
• Electronic Monitoring
• Overtime
• Absences and Tardiness
• Tobacco use
Includes, but not limited to…
[ABC Organization is a tobacco free
workplace: only (preference will be
given to) applicants who do not use
tobacco products will be hired.] Please
select the appropriate box
 I DO
(Pre-Employment screen is required)
Includes, but not limited to…
• Solicitation
• Part-time vs. Full Time
• Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
• Rules for time keeping
• Paydays
• Hours of Work
• Break periods
Includes, but not limited to…
• Drug and Alcohol testing
• Employee Benefits:
 Health Insurance
 Dental
 Life and AD&D
• COBRA (Health insurance
Includes, but not limited to…
Retirement Benefits
Safety & Workers Compensation
Education & Tuition Assistance
Code of Ethics / Conduct
Non-Compete, Confidentiality,
Intellectual Property
Proceed with caution
• Avoid
 Implied Contract
 “ You are now part of the ABC
Organization family”
 “You can be expected to be
employed as long as you do a
good job”
 Not following procedures
 Not recording changes
(Handbook Acknowledgement)
Proceed with caution
• Avoid
 Words such as…
 Probation - Probationary
 Must, Will, Shall
 Permanent
Summary & Conclusion
• Employee Handbook is…
 Brief description of policies &
 Written in layman’s terms
 Receipt acknowledged by
 Changes are dated, recorded &
receipt acknowledged by
Summary & Conclusion
• Personnel Policies are…
 Detailed description of policies &
 Specifically for managers,
supervisors, and frontline
 Not necessarily for all employees
Summary & Conclusion
• Legal Review

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